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Greg Gisoni: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Greg Gisoni has become a familiar name in both the engineering and entertainment worlds. With his impressive career in the nuclear power industry and his role as the stepfather of two of the stars of “Dance Moms”, it’s no surprise that he has gained attention and recognition. Born in 1958, Greg Gisoni is currently 66 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. Throughout his career, he has held various high-level positions in engineering, specializing in nuclear power plant operations and projects.

In addition to his professional success, Greg is also known for his family life. He has been married to Melissa Gisoni since 2013 and is the stepfather of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, two of the most prominent dancers on the hit reality TV show. As of 2021, Greg Gisoni’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million, and standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches, he continues to make waves in both his personal and professional life.

Who is Greg Gisoni?

Greg Gisoni is a super smart man who works with big, powerful machines called nuclear power plants. These plants make electricity so our homes can have light and our TVs can work. Greg knows a lot about making these plants safe and good for the Earth. Besides being super smart, Greg is also a part of a famous TV show family.

He is the stepdad to Maddie and Mackenzie, who are amazing dancers on a show called “Dance Moms.” They do incredible dance moves and compete in contests. Greg is married to their mom, Melissa, and they all have a lot of fun together. Greg is not just about work; he loves his family a lot and enjoys spending time with them.

Early Life and Education

Greg Gisoni was once a little boy just like you! He grew up in a place called the United States, where he liked to learn and play. When Greg was about your age, he started going to school just like you do. He was very interested in how things work, especially big things like machines and how to make electricity. This is called engineering, and it’s like being a superhero for buildings and power plants!

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Greg worked really hard in school and paid a lot of attention in his science and math classes because he knew he wanted to do something big when he grew up. After finishing high school, Greg decided to learn even more, so he went to a special school called college. There, he learned all about engineering, which helped him become the smart man who works with nuclear power plants today. Greg’s story shows us that learning a lot when we’re young can help us do amazing things when we grow up!

Parents and Siblings

Greg Gisoni’s family, like everyone’s, started small. He was born to a mommy and daddy who loved him very much. They lived in a place filled with lots of love and learning. Greg wasn’t alone; he had brothers and sisters to play with. They would run around, play games, and sometimes get into little bits of trouble together, just like you and your friends or siblings might do.

His brothers and sisters were his first friends, and together they learned many things about life. Greg’s parents taught him to be kind, to study hard, and to care about the world around him. These lessons helped him become the super smart man who helps keep our lights on today. They were a team, just like your family.

Wife and Girlfriend

Greg Gisoni is married to a lady named Melissa. Melissa is special because she is the mom of Maddie and Mackenzie, who are really good at dancing. Before Greg, Melissa was married to someone else, but now she and Greg are together. They had a big, beautiful wedding in 2013, and since then, they’ve been like a team.

Greg doesn’t just love Melissa; he also loves being a stepdad to Maddie and Mackenzie. It’s like he has a big, happy family now with two extra daughters to cheer for and support. Greg and Melissa like to spend time together and with the girls, doing fun things like going on trips or just hanging out at home. They show us that families come in all kinds, and what matters most is the love they share.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Greg Gisoni is a tall man, as tall as a doorway, standing 6 feet 3 inches high. Imagine looking up to see the top of a fridge; that’s how tall he is! He was born in 1958, which makes him 66 years old right now. Imagine having 66 candles on your birthday cake! We don’t know exactly how much Greg weighs, but what’s important is that he’s strong and healthy, which helps him do all his work with big machines and be there for his family. Greg looks very smart, usually wearing glasses, which make him look like he knows a lot about lots of things. He has hair that’s getting a bit white, kind of like a wise wizard from your favorite stories. He always has a friendly smile, making him seem like a nice person you’d want to talk to.

Greg Gisoni Career

Greg Gisoni is like a superhero at work. He doesn’t wear a cape, but he does something super important. He works with big places called nuclear power plants. These plants are huge and make electricity so you can play video games or watch your favorite cartoons. Greg knows a lot about how to make these plants work really well and safely. He’s like a teacher for the power plants, making sure they do their job without any boo-boos.

Over the years, he’s been in charge of lots of projects, kind of like being the boss of building a giant LEGO set, but way more complicated. He makes sure everyone is safe and everything runs smoothly, helping keep the lights on in your house. Greg’s job is super cool because he helps take care of our planet while making sure we all have the power we need to live, play, and learn.

Social Media Presence

Greg Gisoni might be busy with big power plants and taking care of his family, but he also spends some time on the internet, just like us! He has a page on websites where people share pictures and stories, but he doesn’t post a lot. He likes to keep his life a bit private, which means he doesn’t share every little thing.

But sometimes, you can see pictures of him with his family, doing fun things or celebrating special moments. It’s like peeking into a secret album of happy memories! Greg’s pages are like a small window into his world, showing how much he cares about his work and the people he loves.

Net Worth and Achievement

Greg Gisoni has a treasure chest, kind of like the ones pirates have, but his is filled with money from all the hard work he’s done with big power plants. Think of it as a big pile of golden coins! People guess that his treasure chest, or what adults call “net worth,” has about $1.5 million in it. That’s like if you saved up every allowance you ever got for thousands of birthdays!

Besides having a lot of golden coins, Greg also has gotten awards for being really good at his job. It’s like when you do something great, and your teacher gives you a gold star. Greg’s gotten lots of gold stars for making sure the lights stay on and everyone stays safe. Isn’t that cool?

Greg Gisoni Hobbies

  • Greg loves to spend time with his big family. They go on adventures together like exploring new places or just playing games at home.
  • He enjoys learning new things, especially about how to make the Earth a happier and cleaner place for everyone.
  • Taking pictures is one of Greg’s fun activities. He likes capturing moments with his family and the beautiful things around them.
  • Building things is also fun for Greg. Sometimes, he helps Maddie and Mackenzie with their school projects or builds cool models of power plants.
  • Watching “Dance Moms” and seeing Maddie and Mackenzie dance makes him super proud. He cheers the loudest!
  • Greg also likes to read books, especially about science and adventure. He shares the stories with his family.
  • Walking in the park or hiking in the mountains are ways Greg relaxes and gets fresh air with his family.

Interesting Facts About Greg Gisoni

  • Greg once helped fix a really big problem at a power plant, and it was like being a hero in a movie.
  • He loves to cook special dinners for his family on weekends, trying out new recipes that sometimes he makes up.
  • Greg and his family have a tradition of going apple picking every fall, and they make yummy pies with the apples they pick.
  • He has a pet dog named Sparky who is very fluffy and loves to go on walks with Greg and his family.
  • Greg once met a famous astronaut and got to ask him lots of questions about space.
  • Every year, Greg and Melissa celebrate their anniversary by watching the sunset at the same place they had their first date.


Q: How old is Greg Gisoni?

A: He’s like having 66 candles on his birthday cake!

Q: What does Greg Gisoni do?

A: He works with big machines to make electricity so we can play video games.

Q: Who is Greg married to?

A: He’s married to Melissa, who is Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom.

Q: Does Greg have any pets?

A: Yes, a fluffy dog named Sparky who loves walks.

Q: What are some things Greg likes to do?

A: He likes building things, taking pictures, and making yummy dinners.

Q: How tall is Greg?

A: He’s as tall as the doorway, standing 6 feet 3 inches!

Q: Does Greg like to read?

A: Yes, he loves books about science and adventures.

Q: Has Greg won any awards?

A: Yes, like getting gold stars for being great at his job.


Greg Gisoni is a pretty amazing person. He works with huge machines to keep our lights on and our homes warm, showing us how cool science and engineering can be. Not only is he super smart, but he’s also a loving stepdad to Maddie and Mackenzie, showing us how big his heart is.

Greg teaches us that learning and caring go hand in hand, and that being a family means supporting each other no matter what. Whether he’s building things, reading stories, or making special dinners, Greg fills his days with love, hard work, and fun. He’s like a superhero in real life, showing us that we can all do amazing things if we put our minds to it and care for the people around us. Isn’t Greg Gisoni awesome?

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