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Jess DeSanto Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Jess DeSanto is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a loving husband to reality TV star Janelle Pierzina. He was born in 1982, making him 42 years old in 2024. Jess co-owns and operates DeSanto Investments. He does this with his brother Jake. They manage various properties across Minnesota and Wisconsin. His career has been thriving. He has done so since he graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

He met his future wife Janelle there. The couple got engaged in 2009 and tied the knot in 2010. They now live in Edina, Minnesota. They live there with their three beautiful children: Violet, Lincoln, and Stella. Jess’s hard work and dedication led to a successful career. They also led to a comfortable lifestyle for his family. Experts estimate his net worth to be in the millions, and he stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches. Jess drives herself with determination. There’s no doubt he’ll achieve great things in his personal and professional life.

Who is Jess DeSanto?

Jess DeSanto’s name reaches far beyond Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is thanks to his big achievements in real estate and investments. Jess is a co-founder of DeSanto Investments. She has played a key role in the company’s rise to fame. His entrepreneurial journey, but, is one facet of his multi-dimensional life. This is because he married Janelle Pierzina, a notable figure in reality TV. She gained recognition for appearing on shows like “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race.” This mix of work success and pop culture ties has made Jess a fascinating figure. Too to his work, Jess’s life story is about love, family, and success.

His relationship with Janelle blossomed from their college days to a committed marriage. He is also a father to three children. These things showcase the down-to-earth parts of his life. Jess’s journey illustrates a compelling narrative. He balances the hardships of starting a business with the joy and challenges of family life. This makes him a person of interest beyond his business achievements.

Early Life and Education

Jess DeSanto started her journey into entrepreneurship and property management. She did this in pretty places in Minnesota. He was born and raised there. From an early age, Jess showed a natural flair for business. He also had a keen interest in real estate dynamics. This was likely due to his surroundings and the vibrant community he grew up in. He spent his formative years absorbing the ethos of hard work. He also learned the importance of education. These were values that later became cornerstones of his career.

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Jess went to the University of Minnesota Duluth for his higher education. This choice was pivotal for his career and personal life. Here he delved deep into business studies. He gained the knowledge and skills. He needed them to navigate the tough world of investments and real estate. This academic period was also marked by the start of a big personal relationship. He met Janelle Pierzina, his future wife. This added a deep new layer to his college experience. Jess’s time at the University of Minnesota Duluth laid the foundation for his future. It wove together love and ambition into a tapestry of success and fulfillment.

Parents and Siblings

Specific details about Jess DeSanto’s parents and siblings are not publicized. But, we know that he has a close bond with his family. Jess co-owns and runs DeSanto Investments with his brother, Jake. This shows a strong family partnership and shared entrepreneurial spirit. This venture is into real estate and property management. It is with a sibling. It shows the value Jess places on family and collaboration. Jess grew up in Minnesota. She was likely raised in an environment that valued close family ties. It also stressed working together to succeed. The DeSanto family is private. But, they seem to embody unity and support. They have provided Jess with a stable foundation for both his personal life and work. This background has shaped Jess’s approach to business. He combines family values with ambitious goals. This shows how family can impact one’s career.

Wife and Girlfriend

Jess DeSanto’s heart belongs to one woman: Janelle Pierzina. She is an icon in the reality TV world. She is famous for her dynamic presence on “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race.” Their love story started in the halls of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Their paths crossed there, sparking a romance that has lasted. Jess’s dedication to Janelle is a testament to their enduring bond. They took their vows in 2010 after a year-long engagement. This union solidified their commitment. It also blended their lives in a shared journey. Love, challenges, and triumphs filled the journey.

Janelle is a reality TV star. This contrasts with Jess’s private nature. It creates a fascinating balance in their relationship. They navigate life’s complexities. Deep mutual respect and understanding underscore these. These enrich their partnership. Jess is a husband. He marks his role with unwavering support for Janelle’s endeavors. Their marriage is modern. In it, both people champion each other’s dreams.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Born in 1982, Jess DeSanto will be turning 42 in 2024. He is as commanding in physical presence as in business. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall. This detail fits his persona in both work and personal life. Specific details about his weight and body measurements are not documented. But, people often describe Jess as athletic. This reflects a lifestyle that likely values fitness and well-being. His size and tidy appearance show he values looking confident and poised. Jess’s unique features and height make him stand out in a crowd. They also mirror his place in business and family life. There, he stands tall among challenges and successes.

Jess DeSanto Career

Jess DeSanto’s career trajectory shows the height of entrepreneurial spirit and skill. She works in real estate and investments. With his brother Jake, Jess co-founded DeSanto Investments. The company has grown. It has become a notable name in managing an impressive set of properties. These include hotels and rental properties across Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has taken a strategic approach to property management in his time in this industry. He has used market trends to expand the company’s reach and profits.

Jess oversees the day-to-day operations, financial planning, and growth plans of the company. It showcases his versatility and dedication as a businessman. His efforts have not only lifted DeSanto Investments to new heights. They have also helped the economies of Minnesota and Wisconsin. He did this by creating jobs and fostering community development. Jess has a knack for finding profitable investments. He dedicates himself to providing excellent service. These qualities have been key drivers of the company’s success. They underscore his big impact on real estate.

Social Media Presence

Jess DeSanto prefers a private life away from the limelight. But, his social media presence, though not as large as his wife’s, shows his work and personal moments. He shares updates about DeSanto Investments and family life. They offer followers a peek into the balance he keeps between his business and being a family man. He supports his wife’s ventures online. They share their experiences as parents. This shows his grounded personality. This is all despite his success as an entrepreneur.

Net Worth and Achievement

Jess DeSanto was an entrepreneur. He founded and grew DeSanto Investments. It has boosted his net worth. The exact figure is not disclosed. But, experts speculate that it is in the millions. This shows the success of his real estate ventures. They were in property management across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Jess’s achievements go beyond financial success. They include creating jobs and developing the local economy. He can navigate complex real estate investments. He has strategic foresight in growing his company’s portfolio. This shows his skill and determination as a businessman. Jess’s professional accomplishments show his career is not about money. His career is also about the positive influence he has on those around him. This is clear from his commitment to his family and community.

Jess DeSanto Hobbies

  • Jess DeSanto’s life isn’t all work and family commitments.
  • He has a vibrant array of hobbies. They offer a glimpse into his personal and leisure interests.
  • Jess is an avid outdoorsman.
  • He enjoys exploring the beauty of Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • He often goes hiking and fishing.
  • These activities let him disconnect from his entrepreneurial work.
  • These outdoor trips are also family time.
  • He often brings his wife and children.
  • He shares his love for nature with them.
  • Besides his outdoor pursuits, Jess loves classic cars.
  • He spends time restoring and maintaining a collection of old cars.
  • It also offers a hands-on escape from the digital world.
  • Jess’s engagement in these activities shows a well-rounded lifestyle.

Interesting Facts About Jess DeSanto

  • Jess DeSanto leads a multifaceted life.
  • Intriguing tidbits pepper it, adding depth to his public persona.
  • Despite his strong ties to real estate, Jess is passionate about environmental conservation.
  • This value guides both his personal and work decisions.
  • For example, he ensures that his properties keep standards.
  • Jess is good at languages.
  • He is fluent in Spanish, a skill he learned in college.
  • He has since used it in both travel and business.
  • An unexpected fact about Jess is his cooking talent.
  • He excels at Italian cuisine, a hobby he picked up from his love for family gatherings.
  • He wanted to use food to bring people together.


Many people have questions about Jess DeSanto’s life, career, and interests. Here are some of the most asked questions answered:

Q: How did Jess DeSanto and Janelle Pierzina meet?

A: They met at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Their relationship blossomed there during college.

Q: What type of properties does DeSanto Investments manage?

A: DeSanto Investments manages many properties. They include hotels and rental properties. The properties are across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Q: Is Jess DeSanto active on social media?

A: Jess has a private life. But, he shares updates about his work and life on social media. He does so less often than his wife, Janelle.

Q: What are Jess DeSanto’s hobbies?

A: Jess enjoys outdoor activities. She likes hiking and fishing. Jess also enjoys restoring classic cars and cooking. She especially likes Italian cuisine.

Q: Does Jess DeSanto have any siblings?

A: Yes, he has a brother named Jake, with whom he co-owns DeSanto Investments.

These FAQs offer a glimpse into Jess DeSanto’s life beyond his professional accomplishments. They highlight what makes his journey unique and inspiring.


Jess DeSanto went from a university student to a successful entrepreneur. He is also a devoted family man. His journey showcases a life led by determination and heart. His story mixes work wins with personal joys. It is an inspiring tale of balancing both. Jess’s ventures with DeSanto Investments show his dedication to work. His life with Janelle Pierzina and their children shows his dedication to family. Jess continues to face the challenges and rewards of his varied life. His story remains a strong testament to the power of perseverance, love, and ambition.

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