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Kandy Fenty: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Kandy Fenty may not be a household name like her famous half-sister Rihanna, but she has certainly gained attention for being part of the singer’s family. Born in 1979, Kandy is the older half-sister of the Barbadian superstar. She shares a father with Rihanna, Ronald Fenty, who has fathered a total of eleven children.

Despite being related to one of the biggest names in the music industry, Kandy has chosen to keep a low profile, away from the spotlight. Not much is known about her career or personal life, but with the recent surge in interest in her family, people are curious to know more about her. In this blog post, we will delve into Kandy Fenty’s age, career, family, net worth, and height, giving readers a glimpse into the life of Rihanna’s elusive half-sister.

Who Is Kandy Fenty?

Kandy Fenty is a special person because she is the older half-sister of a very famous singer named Rihanna. This means that Rihanna and Kandy have the same dad but different moms. Kandy was born in 1979, which makes her older than Rihanna. Even though Rihanna sings songs and is on TV a lot, Kandy likes to stay away from all the cameras and bright lights.

We don’t hear about her singing or acting, but that’s okay because not everyone likes to be famous. Kandy and Rihanna share the same dad, and they have more brothers and sisters too! Being part of a big family can be really fun because you have lots of people to talk to and play with.


NameKandy Fenty
Date of BirthAugust, 1971
Known ForRihanna’s Half-Sister
Marital StatusMarried
CareerSuccessful pharmacy assistant
Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionPharmacy Assistant
SiblingsJamie, Samantha, Rajad, And Rorrey, Rihanna
RelationshipsStrong connection with father and siblings

Early Life and Education

Kandy Fenty grew up in a place called Barbados, which is a beautiful island with lots of beaches and sunshine. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school there. Schools in Barbados might look different from yours, but kids there also learn reading, writing, and math, just like you do! Kandy was once a student, sitting in a classroom, listening to her teacher, and playing with friends during recess.

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We don’t know what her favorite subject was, but maybe she liked art or music, especially since her sister loves music so much. Kandy learned a lot of things in school that helped her as she got older. School is important because it teaches us so many things we use every day!

Parents and Siblings

Kandy Fenty’s dad is named Ronald Fenty. He is the same dad that Rihanna, the singer, has! That makes Kandy and Rihanna sisters from the same dad but they have different moms. Ronald Fenty has a big family because Kandy and Rihanna have more brothers and sisters too. This means Kandy is one of many children; she has a lot of siblings to play and talk with.

It’s like having a party with your family every day because there are so many of them! They all share the same dad, which makes them a special part of each other’s lives. Even though Kandy likes to stay quiet and away from the cameras, she has a big, interesting family with lots of stories.

Husband and Boyfriend

Kandy Fenty keeps her heart matters like a secret treasure map; not many people know where the X marks the spot. Just like in stories where princesses have special secrets, Kandy has her own. We don’t see pictures of her with a prince charming, and she hasn’t told the world if she has a husband or a boyfriend.

It’s like she has a hidden garden, and only she knows who is invited to visit. Imagine having a secret clubhouse where only your best friends can come in. That’s sort of like how Kandy keeps her love life: special and just for her to know. It’s important to remember that everyone’s story is different, and Kandy chooses to keep this chapter of her life a mystery.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Kandy Fenty was born in the year 1979, which makes her much older than some of you reading this! When we talk about how tall someone is, or how much they weigh, it’s just like when you compare how tall you’ve gotten since your last birthday. For Kandy, we don’t know exactly how tall she is or what the number on the scale says when she steps on it. That’s because Kandy likes to keep things like that private, which is totally okay.

Just like everyone, Kandy looks unique in her own special way. Maybe she has hair that sparkles under the sun, or eyes that remind you of your favorite marble. Since Kandy chooses to stay out of the big spotlight, we use our imaginations to think about how she might look, celebrating that everyone is special in their appearance, just like characters in a storybook.

Kandy Fenty Career

Kandy Fenty likes to keep things about her job and what she does every day a bit of a secret, just like a hidden treasure that only she knows about. Unlike her sister Rihanna, who sings and performs for many people around the world, Kandy chooses to do things away from the bright lights. We don’t hear her on the radio, and she’s not in movies or TV shows that you might watch. But that doesn’t mean she’s not doing important things!

Just like everyone has their own special job, whether it’s being a teacher, a doctor, or even a superhero, Kandy has her own special role that she plays. She might be helping people, creating things, or working on projects that make her happy. Even if we don’t know exactly what her job is, we can guess that she’s doing something she loves, just like when you pick your favorite game to play at recess.

Social Media Presence

Kandy Fenty is like a ninja on the internet; she’s there but really hard to find! Unlike her sister Rihanna, who shares pictures and stories online for all her fans, Kandy prefers to be like a secret agent, keeping her life away from the big world of social media. You won’t find her posting selfies or showing what she had for lunch on Instagram or Twitter.

Imagine playing hide and seek in a huge park, and Kandy is so good at hiding that you hardly ever spot her. That’s how she treats her online life. She decides to keep her adventures and memories just for herself and not share them on the internet where everyone can see. It’s like having a diary with a lock on it, and Kandy is the only one who has the key!

Net Worth and Achievement

Talking about how much money someone has can be a bit like guessing the number of jellybeans in a big jar at the candy store. For Kandy Fenty, it’s hard to say exactly how many “jellybeans” she has, because she likes to keep things like that a secret. But, just like finding a treasure chest in a pirate story, we can imagine it’s something she’s proud of.

Even though we don’t know the exact number of jellybeans in her jar, Kandy has achieved a lot by being a wonderful sister and keeping her life filled with happiness and love. Achievements aren’t always about winning a race or having the most toys; sometimes, they’re about the quiet, happy moments and the love you share with your family. And in that way, Kandy is very rich indeed!

Kandy Fenty Hobbies

  • Kandy Fenty has hobbies that are fun and special, just like when you play with your favorite toys or draw pictures.
  • She might love to read books, diving into stories of faraway lands and magical creatures.
  • Maybe Kandy enjoys cooking, mixing ingredients to make delicious treats that smell amazing.
  • She could like painting, using bright colors to create pictures that look like they come from a dream.
  • Going for walks might be one of her hobbies, exploring places with beautiful trees and singing birds.
  • Kandy possibly loves listening to music, maybe even dancing around when her favorite song plays.
  • Gardening could be a hobby too, planting seeds and watching them grow into pretty flowers or yummy vegetables.
  • Playing sports or doing puzzles might also be fun for her, challenging her body and mind to learn new things.

Interesting Facts About Kandy Fenty

  • Kandy Fenty has a famous sister named Rihanna, who sings songs and dresses up pretty for the camera.
  • She was born in a year when lots of people loved disco music, 1979.
  • Kandy has a big family with many brothers and sisters to play with.
  • She lives on an island named Barbados, which has lots of beaches and is very sunny.
  • Kandy and Rihanna share the same dad, but they have different moms.
  • Even though her sister is super famous, Kandy likes to keep her life quiet, like a secret garden.
  • She doesn’t like to be on TV or the internet like her sister.
  • Kandy has a special heart map that she keeps to herself, which means she doesn’t tell people about her boyfriend or husband.


Q: What makes Kandy Fenty special?

A: She’s Rihanna’s older half-sister.

Q: How are Kandy and Rihanna related?

A: They share the same dad.

Q: Where did Kandy grow up?

A: On the sunny island of Barbados.

Q: Does Kandy like to be famous?

A: No, she prefers a quiet life away from cameras.

Q: Who is in Kandy’s family?

A: She has a big family with many brothers and sisters.

Q: Does Kandy share pictures online?

A: Not really, she’s like a ninja on the internet.

Q: What kind of things does Kandy like to do for fun?

A: She might enjoy reading, cooking, or painting.


In this adventure about Kandi Fenty, we’ve learned a lot! Kandi is a special part of her family. She has the same dad as her sister Rihanna. But, she likes her life like a quiet, secret garden. She went to school in sunny Barbados. She grew up with many brothers and sisters. It made every day like a big family party.

We don’t see her sing on stage or share her life online. But, Kandy does things she loves, like you do with your favorite games and toys. Remember, everyone’s story is unique. They are like different books in a library. Kandy’s story is full of quiet moments, hidden treasures, and love. Isn’t it fun to imagine all the adventures she has?

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