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Marguerite MacIntyre Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

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Marguerite MacIntyre is a talented American actress who has captured the hearts of many with her roles on popular TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Kyle XY. Born in 1965, Marguerite is currently 59 years old and continues to shine in her career. She comes from a family of actors, with her father being a Broadway performer. Marguerite has also ventured into writing, penning episodes for The Originals. Despite a minor setback due to a leg injury, she has proven her resilience and dedication to her craft.

Who is Marguerite MacIntyre?

Marguerite MacIntyre is an awesome actress from America. You might know her as the cool Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes in “The Vampire Diaries” or as Nicole Trager in “Kyle XY.” She’s not just great at acting; she also writes episodes for a show called “The Originals.” Even when she hurt her leg and couldn’t be on TV for a bit, she kept going strong. Marguerite’s talent isn’t just in her family; it shines bright in everything she does, making her a real star on and off the screen.

Early Life and Education

Marguerite MacIntyre grew up with a pretty cool background that a lot of us might dream about. Picture this: being part of a family where acting is in your blood. That’s right! Her dad was a Broadway star, which is kind of like being a superhero in the theater world. Imagine all the stories and behind-the-scenes action she must have heard about growing up! When it came to school, Marguerite was just like any of us, attending classes and probably dealing with homework and tests. But, she had this burning passion for acting and storytelling that made her stand out.

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While most details about her early education are a bit like a mystery movie (we don’t have all the clues), we do know that her love for acting took her to some pretty awesome places later on. She didn’t just stop after learning the ABCs of acting from her family and school. Marguerite pushed forward, diving deeper into the world of drama and creativity. This journey wasn’t just about learning lines or how to cry on cue. It was about understanding people, emotions, and the stories we all share. This early start and education helped shape Marguerite MacIntyre into the talented actress and writer she is today. Showing us that learning and chasing your dreams is a pretty epic adventure.

Parents and Siblings

Marguerite MacIntyre grew up in a pretty unique and exciting household, where the sparkle of showbiz was a big part of everyday life. Her dad was a star on Broadway, which is like being a superhero but in the theater world. Can you imagine having a dad who performs on one of the biggest stages in the world? That’s like having constant access to live performances right at your dinner table! Because of her dad, Marguerite got to see the magical world of acting up close from a very young age.

We don’t know much about her mom or if she has any brothers or sisters. Sometimes, families of celebrities like to keep things private, which is understandable. But, we do know that having a dad in the spotlight helped Marguerite catch the acting bug early on. It’s like the love for acting was a special family tradition passed down to her. Growing up in such an environment, it’s no wonder Marguerite turned out to be such an amazing actress and writer herself. She got to learn from the best – her dad – and carry on the family legacy of storytelling and captivating audiences.

Husband and Boyfriend

Marguerite MacIntyre is not only famous for her acting and writing but also for keeping her personal life pretty private, especially when it comes to her relationships. What we know for sure is that she was married to T.J. Thyne, an actor you might recognize from the TV show “Bones.” They got married back in 2000 but ended up going their separate ways.

Since then, Marguerite hasn’t shared much about her love life with the public. It’s like she has a secret garden that only a few people get to see, which is cool because everyone deserves their privacy. So, if you’re curious about who she’s dating now or if she has a boyfriend. The answer is a bit like a mystery book without the last page. Marguerite prefers to keep that part of her life away from the cameras and spotlight, focusing more on her amazing career and talents. This makes her kind of like a superhero who keeps her true identity secret, only in this case, it’s her love life that’s under wraps.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Marguerite MacIntyre has an interesting look that many fans admire. Born in 1965, that makes her 59 years old! Just like characters in movies who go on adventures, Marguerite has journeyed through life and her career, looking fabulous all the while. We don’t have the exact numbers on her height or weight, but when you see her on screen, you can tell she carries herself with confidence. She has a welcoming smile that makes you think of her as a friendly character in your favorite storybook.

Marguerite’s hair color changes sometimes for different roles, showing off her ability to transform and bring various characters to life. Her physical appearance, including her style and how she presents herself, truly makes her stand out as a star, not just in acting but also as someone young fans can look up to. Remember, Marguerite shows us that being true to yourself is what shines through and makes you beautiful.

Marguerite MacIntyre Career

Marguerite MacIntyre’s career is like a cool adventure story that keeps getting more exciting. After growing up with a love for acting thanks to her Broadway star dad, she decided to chase her dream of becoming an actress. She started on this path by acting in plays, just like her dad, and then moved on to TV shows and movies. Marguerite became super famous for playing Nicole Trager in “Kyle XY,” a show about a boy with no belly button who has special powers.

Imagine being the mom of a super-powered kid! But that’s not all. She also played Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes in “The Vampire Diaries,” a show filled with vampires, witches, and lots of drama. It’s like she went from being a superhero mom to a law-enforcing sheriff in a town with a secret vampire problem. Marguerite didn’t stop at acting; she also started writing episodes for “The Originals,” which is like “The Vampire Diaries” but focuses on a family of original vampires. It shows she’s not just good at pretending to be different characters; she’s also great at creating stories for them. Her career is a mix of acting and writing, making her journey in Hollywood pretty awesome.

Before fame

Before she became a big star, Marguerite MacIntyre was just like any other kid who had big dreams. Growing up in a family where acting was a big deal, she got to see first-hand what the acting world was like. But before all the TV shows and writing gigs, Marguerite had to start somewhere. She worked hard, learning everything she could about acting. This meant not just performing in front of her family but taking on small roles wherever she could find them. It was her passion and dedication from a young age that set her on the path to becoming the beloved actress we know today.

Social Media Presence

Marguerite MacIntyre likes to keep some things private, but she does pop up on social media now and then. On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, she shares bits of her life, work, and sometimes, fun behind-the-scenes photos from her shows. If you’re curious about what she’s up to or want a sneak peek into her world, checking out her social media is the way to go. Just don’t expect to know everything—Marguerite likes to keep a little mystery in the air!

Net Worth and Achievement

Marguerite MacIntyre has done some pretty cool stuff in her career, and because of that, she’s managed to save up a good amount of money. Though we don’t have the exact numbers, reports suggest that her net worth might be somewhere around a couple of million dollars! That’s a lot of money, right? This money comes from all the hard work she’s done on TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Kyle XY“, and from writing episodes for “The Originals“.

Besides the money, Marguerite has achieved a lot of other awesome things. She’s made a name for herself in the acting world, becoming someone that lots of people look up to. Plus, by writing for TV shows, she’s shown that she’s not just talented in front of the camera but behind it too. Although we don’t have a list of awards or trophies to talk about, just being able to do what she loves and making a living from it is a huge achievement. Marguerite MacIntyre shows us that with passion and hard work, you can reach your dreams and even inspire others along the way.

Marguerite MacIntyre Hobbies

  • Marguerite loves diving into different worlds through films.
  • She enjoys getting lost in books, especially mysteries and adventures.
  • Not just for TV shows, Marguerite also writes stories for fun.
  • Exploring nature trails is one of her favorite ways to relax.
  • Trying new recipes and cooking for friends and family brings her joy.

Interesting Facts About Marguerite MacIntyre

  • Marguerite MacIntyre once hurt her leg and had to take a break from TV, showing even stars face challenges.
  • She not only acts but writes episodes for TV shows, proving her talent doesn’t stop at acting.
  • Marguerite has a love for mysteries and adventures, both in books and in writing her own stories.
  • Despite being a famous actress, she enjoys simple pleasures like cooking and hiking.
  • Marguerite’s dad was a Broadway star, which inspired her passion for acting from a young age.
  • She keeps her love life private, making her personal life a bit of a mystery to her fans.
  • Marguerite has a unique way of connecting with her fans through social media, sharing bits of her life and work.
  • She was married to T.J. Thyne, known from the TV show “Bones,” but they are no longer together.
  • Marguerite’s journey in Hollywood includes both highs and lows, teaching us that perseverance is key.


Q- How old is Marguerite MacIntyre?

A- As of now, she is 59 years old, since she was born in 1965.

Q- What shows has Marguerite MacIntyre been in?

A- She’s famous for “The Vampire Diaries” and “Kyle XY.” She also wrote episodes for “The Originals.”

Q- Did Marguerite MacIntyre ever get injured?

A- Yes, she hurt her leg once, which made her take a short break from TV.

Q- Does Marguerite MacIntyre have any family in the acting world?

A- Her dad was a Broadway performer, which inspired her love for acting.

Q- Is Marguerite MacIntyre married?

A- She was married to T.J. Thyne, but they are not together anymore. She keeps her current relationship status private.

Q- What are some of Marguerite MacIntyre’s hobbies?

A- She enjoys watching movies, reading, writing, hiking, and cooking.

Q- How can fans learn more about Marguerite MacIntyre?

A- Checking out her social media is a good way to see bits of her life and work, but she likes to keep some things private.


In the end, Marguerite MacIntyre shows us all how cool and exciting the acting world can be. From her start in a family filled with love for the stage to becoming a star on TV shows and even writing stories, her journey is super inspiring. She teaches us that with hard work and keeping your dreams alive, you can achieve amazing things. Plus, she reminds us to enjoy the little things in life, like reading a good book or spending time in nature. Marguerite’s story is not just about being famous; it’s about following your heart and creating your path.

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