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Maximillian Fuse Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Maximillian Fuse was born on January 6th, 1983. He is the second child of Olivia Hussey and her second husband, Akira Fuse. He also has two half-siblings from his mother’s previous relationships and marriages. Maximillian has made a name in art. His 2010 project “Necessary Discomforts” has made him known.” It paid tribute to the late musician Rozz Williams.

Now in 2024, at 41 years old, Maximillian Fuse still pursues his art passion. He has succeeded in the industry. Along with his talent and dedication, he also comes from a family with a strong background in acting and art. His accomplishments are not surprising. That’s why Maximillian Fuse’s net worth and height are also impressive. Keep an eye out for this rising star. She is sure to make even bigger waves in entertainment in the years to come.

Who is Maximilian Fuse?

Maximilian Fuse is a figure of artistic talent and creativity in entertainment. He made his mark through his distinctive contributions to the art world. Maximilian was born into a family with strong ties to Hollywood and the broader realm of art. But, he has managed to carve out his path beyond the shadow of his famous mother, Olivia Hussey.

He is well known for his work “Necessary Discomforts.” It is an artistic tribute that shows his deep understanding and love for the arts. It honors the late Rozz Williams. Maximilian grew up in a celebrity household. He faced pressure from it. But, he has embraced his heritage while making his own identity as an artist. His work is in entertainment and art. It shows his commitment to exploring and expanding artistic boundaries. As of 2024, Maximilian’s journey in the arts continues to grow. It promises more contributions and exploration in his chosen field.


Full NameMaximillian Fuse
Date Of BirthJanuary 6th, 1983
Age 41 years old
Family NameFuse
Birth Country United States
Height 5 Feet 7 Inch

Early Life and Education

A unique mix of cultural and artistic influences shaped Maximillian Fuse’s early years. This was thanks to his diverse family. Maximillian is the son of actress Olivia Hussey and singer Akira Fuse. From a young age, he experienced a world full of the arts. This early immersion in the arts influenced his education and career.

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His family’s life is public. But, they do not publicize details about his education. Yet, we know that Maximillian embraced his mixed heritage. It played a key role in his growth as an artist. He likely had a mix of traditional and artistic schooling. It gave him a solid base in both academic and creative fields. These influences have given Maximillian a broad view of the arts. They let him explore and innovate in his art.

Parents and Siblings of Maximillian Fuse

Maximillian Fuse comes from a lineage rich in cultural diversity and artistic talent. His parents are Hollywood starlet Olivia Hussey and renowned Japanese singer Akira Fuse. His life story has threads of both Western and Eastern heritage. They give him a unique view of the art and entertainment world. Maximillian has two half-siblings. They extend his family tree across continents and cultures. His older sibling is Alexander Martin. He is from Olivia Hussey’s first marriage to actor Dean Paul Martin. He has also made a mark in the acting world, showing the family’s shared artistic inclination.

Maximilian Fuse Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

Maximillian is from his mother’s third marriage to David Glen Eisley. He has a younger half-sister, India Eisley. She has followed in their mother’s footsteps into acting and is making waves in Hollywood. This complex family tree highlights a mix of artistic and cultural backgrounds. It also shows a legacy of talent. This talent spans many generations and places. Maximillian is the middle child in a vibrant family. This has shaped his art and identity.

Wife and Girlfriend

Maximillian Fuse has a notable lineage and has done well in the art world. But, he has kept details about his personal life, especially his romances, secret. Unlike many celebrities, they are always in the media spotlight. They are in it for their love lives. Maximillian has chosen privacy. As of 2024, there has been no public confirmation of a wife, girlfriend, or partner. This fits with Maximillian’s low-profile approach to his personal affairs. He wants the public to focus on his achievements and art, not his private life. This choice reflects a growing trend. People in entertainment seek to keep a clear boundary. They do so between their public images and their personal lives.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

As of 2024, Maximillian Fuse is 41. He stands as a testament to his enduring presence in the art and entertainment sectors. Exact details about his weight are not disclosed. But, it’s known that Maximillian has a physique that matches his artistic persona. It reflects a balance between his creative spirit and physical form. His height matches his demeanor. It gives him a commanding presence. He has it whether he’s at an art exhibition or a casual setting.

Maximillian’s looks reflect his rich heritage. He has features from many cultures. Many describe his aesthetic as distinctive and thoughtful. It matches the depth of his art. He has the appearance of both his Eastern and Western lineage. Maximillian stands out in any crowd. This is not for his looks but for the aura of creativity around him. His style blends traditional and contemporary. It mirrors the many influences that have shaped his life and career.

Maximillian Fuse Career

Maximillian Fuse has charted a course in the arts that is both distinct and influential. His career took a turn with the project “Necessary Discomforts.” It was an artistic tribute that showcased his talent and paid homage to the late Rozz Williams. It showed how Maximillian blends artistic innovation with personal expression. He has done significant work.

Maximillian has also engaged with the art world through various mediums. He explores themes that connect with his experiences and broader culture. He has participated in exhibitions, collaborations, and projects. They span the visual and performing arts, reflecting his many-sided creativity. His full body of work details remains public. But, Maximillian pushed the boundaries of traditional art. He is clear about that. His career reflects continuous change and a deepening exploration of artistic possibilities.

Social Media Presence

Maximillian Fuse has a low profile on social media. This differs from the trend seen among celebrities and artists of his caliber. He takes a selective approach. He shares glimpses of his work and passions. But, he keeps personal details private. He is not everywhere, but his presence lets followers peek into his creative world. It highlights his projects and art. This approach to social media reflects Maximillian’s desire for privacy. He wants to focus on his professional output, not personal details.

Net Worth and Achievement

Maximillian Fuse marks his achievements in art with his unique contributions. He also continues the legacy of his family’s art. The exact figures on his net worth are not public. But, people think that Maximilian has earned a lot from his art projects. They also think he has earned a lot from his collaborations. He may have also earned from his family’s ties to Hollywood and the music industry. His most notable achievement is the project “Necessary Discomforts.” It shows his creative skill and ability to honor art world leaders.

Maximillian’s artistry brings financial success. It also wins critical acclaim in artistic circles. This solidifies his position as a respected figure in contemporary art. He dedicates himself to exploring and expressing complex themes through his work. This dedication underscores his achievements in the industry. It has made him a distinguished artist of his generation. Net worth can measure financial success to some extent. But, Maximillian’s true achievement lies in his impact on the art world. He innovated within his medium and still influences both peers and admirers.

Maximillian Fuse Hobbies

  • Maximillian Fuse’s life outside his job and art is full of interests. They mirror the depth and diversity of his creative pursuits.
  • Maximillian is an outdoor fan. He often finds peace and inspiration in nature.
  • He enjoys hiking and exploring. Nature also inspires his art.
  • His love for travel complements his love for the outdoors. It lets him to dive into many cultures and art traditions around the world.
  • This cultural exploration enriches his life. It also informs his art. It lets him draw upon many influences.
  • Maximillian also loves photography. He uses it to capture fleeting moments and details that inspire his work.
  • He often shares his photography with close friends and collaborators.
  • It showcases his eye for beauty in both the mundane and the magnificent.

Interesting Facts About Maximillian Fuse

  • Maximillian Fuse shows interest in art and entertainment beyond his projects.
  • He is also an avid collector of vintage art pieces and memorabilia related to Rozz Williams.
  • Maximillian comes from a celebrity family. But, people know him for his down-to-earth manner.
  • He prefers small gatherings to big Hollywood events.
  • He is fluent in both English and Japanese. This skill reflects his diverse background.
  • It has also influenced his art. It lets him merge cultural perspectives in his work.
  • Maximillian supports many charitable causes.
  • He is especially interested in those related to the arts and mental health.


Many fans and followers of Maximillian Fuse often have questions. They ask about his life, career, and interests. Here are some of the most asked questions:

Q: Has Maximillian Fuse won any awards for his art?

Maximillian Fuse has not disclosed the art-specific awards. But, art circles have acclaimed his project “Necessary Discomforts.” It shows his respected status in the contemporary art scene.

Q: What inspired Maximillian to pursue an art career?

Maximillian grew up in an artsy family. His mother was a famous actress and his father was a celebrated singer. From a young age, many artistic influences exposed him. This led him to a career in art.

Q: Does Maximillian Fuse collaborate with other artists?

Yes, we know Maximillian collaborates with other artists and creative minds. He often works with many mediums and talents. This reflects his open and explorative approach to art.

Q: How does Maximillian’s multicultural background influence his work?

Maximillian’s diverse heritage informs his art. It lets him blend Eastern and Western views in unique ways. You can see this in the themes and looks of his projects.


Maximillian Fuse’s journey through art and entertainment is a compelling story. It’s about individuality, creativity, and legacy. He is Olivia Hussey’s son. He has navigated the shadows of his heritage to carve a unique path. It blends his multicultural background with his vision. He dedicates himself to his craft. He is quiet but has a big impact on the art world. His presence says a lot about his character and ambitions. In a world where celebrity often overshadows talent, Maximillian is proof. He shows the enduring power of true art. He also shows the quiet strength of building a legacy on one’s terms.

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