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Pamela Hilburger Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Pamela Hilburger is a successful jeweler, designer, and painter from America. She has worked with many famous fashion brands and has built an empire in the jewelry business. Her ex-husband was Hiroaki Aoki, the owner of the popular Benihana restaurants in the US. After their divorce, Pamela focused on her career and also raised her daughter, Devon Aoki, who is now a well-known Hollywood actress and model. As of 2024, Pamela is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million and earns $70,000 annually. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and has a body weight of 154 pounds. With her brown eyes and hair, she has a charming appearance. Despite being a successful businesswoman, Pamela prioritizes her family and has a close bond with her daughter.

Who is Pamela Hilburger?

Pamela Hilburger is a very talented lady who makes beautiful jewelry, designs fancy things, and creates lovely paintings. Imagine someone who can make a necklace, draw a picture, and also design a dress – that’s Pamela! She used to be married to a man named Hiroaki Aoki, who started a bunch of restaurants called Benihana, where chefs cook food right in front of you! After they decided to not be married anymore, Pamela worked even harder on her jewelry and became good at it. She has a daughter named Devon, who is famous for acting in movies and modeling for fashion brands. Pamela is not just talented; she’s also a caring mom. She lives in America and has done a great job of making beautiful things for people to wear and enjoy.


Brown Eye color Pamela Hilburger
Nickname Pamela Hilburger
Gender Female
Place of birth Germany
Current residence Canoga Park, California
Nationality German-American
Ethnicity Caucasian-white
Religion Christian
Hair colour Brown Eye colour
Shoe size 6 (US)
Relationship status Divorced
Partner Hiroaki Aoki
Children Devon Aoki, Kyle Aoki, and Echo V. Aoki

Early Life and Education

Pamela Hilburger was once a little girl just like anyone else. When she was younger, she went to school where she learned to read, write, and do all sorts of interesting things. Pamela was very creative and loved to make art even as a kid. She liked to draw pictures, paint beautiful scenes, and even try her hand at making her jewelry out of anything she could find, like beads and strings.

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School was a place where she discovered how much she loved creating things with her hands. As she grew up, Pamela paid a lot of attention to her art classes, where she got even better at her crafts. She didn’t stop learning when she left school. She kept learning new ways to make her art and jewelry even more special. Pamela’s love for design and creativity started when she was very young and it helped her become the successful jeweler and designer she is today.

Parents and Siblings

Imagine having a family tree, like the kind you might draw in school. Everyone has one, even Pamela Hilburger. But, the story about her family tree, like who her mom, dad, brothers, or sisters are, isn’t something we hear much about. It’s like when you’re playing hide and seek, and there’s that one friend who’s good at finding the perfect hiding spot.

Pamela Hilburger Parents and Siblings

Pamela’s family details are kind of like that friend – they’re super good at hiding because we don’t have much information about them. What we do know is that Pamela grew up to love making things, which means her family might have been supportive of her playing with beads, drawing, or painting, helping her to become the amazing jeweler and artist she is now. So, even though we can’t tell you their names or what they’re like, we can imagine they’re proud of all the cool things Pamela has done and done.

Husband and Boyfriend

Pamela Hilburger was married to a man named Hiroaki Aoki, who was famous for creating a restaurant called Benihana, where chefs cook food in front of you like a magic show. Imagine watching your dinner being flipped and chopped like a circus act; that’s what Hiroaki’s restaurants are like. But sometimes, grown-ups decide that they can’t stay married, and that’s what happened with Pamela and Hiroaki.

They chose to go their separate paths, which means they are not husband and wife anymore. After that, Pamela focused a lot on making her jewelry, which is like tiny treasures you can wear. We don’t hear much about Pamela having a boyfriend after Hiroaki, because she likes to keep her life private, which means she doesn’t share those details with everyone. Just like in stories where there are secrets that make you curious, Pamela’s life has some secrets too, but that’s okay because everyone deserves a little bit of mystery.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Pamela Hilburger is just like a character from a storybook, but she’s a real person! She’s not too tall and not too short, standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is like stacking five and a half rulers on top of each other! Pamela weighs 154 pounds, which is like if you picked up a big dog or a couple of heavy suitcases.

She has lovely brown hair that probably shines in the sunlight, and her eyes are brown too, like chocolate chips! Imagine her wearing shoes that are size 6, pretty small, right? Like the shoes you might see in a fairy tale! Pamela’s body measurements are 33-23-34 inches, but that’s just numbers that grown-ups use to make clothes fit better.

What’s special about Pamela is how she smiles and the sparkle in her eyes when she’s happy, especially when she’s making her jewelry or spending time with her family. She sounds like someone who could be a character in one of your favorite stories!

Pamela Hilburger Career

Pamela Hilburger has a very exciting job! She gets to play with sparkly gems and shiny metals to make beautiful jewelry. Imagine sitting at a big table, surrounded by all kinds of colorful stones and shiny things. That’s what Pamela does! She carefully picks each gem and designs how it should look on a necklace or a bracelet. It’s like she’s a treasure creator, making things that people wear to feel special. Not only does she create amazing jewelry, but she also draws and designs things.

Think of her as an artist who can make her drawings come to life as pretty things you can wear. She works with big fashion brands, which means her creations are seen and worn by lots of people, even famous ones! Making jewelry and designing isn’t just a job for Pamela; it’s like she’s playing and creating magic every day, turning simple things into beautiful treasures that make people smile.

Social Media Presence

Pamela Hilburger is like a secret garden on the internet – she’s there, but not everyone knows where to look. She doesn’t share pictures or stories every day like some parents do. Instead, Pamela likes to keep her life a bit like a hidden treasure map. You won’t find her posting selfies or what she had for lunch.

It’s as if she uses the internet like a quiet library, picking and choosing when to share a special moment, maybe a beautiful sunset or a new piece of jewelry she’s proud of making. Imagine having a box of secret treasures; Pamela treats her social media kind of like that box – only showing some things to people, keeping most of it just for herself and her close friends. So, while she might not be super famous on the internet, she’s there, sprinkling little bits of her day like magic dust when she feels like it.

Net Worth and Achievement

Pamela Hilburger is like a treasure hunter, but instead of looking for gold, she creates beautiful things that become treasures for others. She has made lots of jewelry that shines and sparkles, making many people happy and feeling pretty. Because she has made so many special treasures, she has saved up a big treasure chest for herself, like a pirate! Imagine having a chest filled with shiny coins; that’s kind of what Pamela’s hard work in making jewelry has done for her.

She has saved up 1 million dollars, which is a big number! It’s like if you saved every allowance you ever got for doing chores, but times a million! Pamela didn’t just keep this treasure for herself; she also shared it with the world by making more and more beautiful things. She didn’t win a race or get a gold medal, but creating treasures that make people smile and feel special is a big win for her. So, Pamela’s big achievement isn’t just the money; it’s all the happiness and beauty she has spread around with her art.

Pamela Hilburger Career and Profession

Pamela Hilburger Hobbies

  • Pamela loves to play with colors and shapes, making her art. It’s like when you use crayons to fill in a coloring book, but she creates the pictures from her imagination.
  • She enjoys finding old things and making them look new and shiny again, kind of like turning a rusty, old bike into a sparkly one.
  • Pamela likes spending time in nature, walking through parks, and looking at flowers and trees. Imagine a treasure hunt for pretty leaves and cool rocks.
  • Cooking fun and yummy meals is another thing Pamela enjoys. It’s like being a chef in your kitchen, making a magic potion that ends up being dinner.
  • She also likes reading stories that take her on adventures to faraway lands without ever leaving her cozy chair. It’s like having a magic carpet that flies through the pages of a book.
  • Playing with her pets is something Pamela does to relax. It’s like having fluffy friends who always want to play and cuddle.
  • Lastly, Pamela loves designing jewelry, which is like playing dress-up but with the beautiful things she makes that can be worn every day.

Interesting Facts About Pamela Hilburger

  • Pamela once was married to a man who started a restaurant where chefs do fun tricks while cooking. It’s called Benihana.
  • She makes jewelry, which means she gets to play with sparkly stones and shiny metals to create treasures that people wear.
  • Her daughter, Devon, is famous! She acts in movies and models, which is like being a princess in real life.
  • Pamela is good at painting too. It’s like when you draw or color, but she makes big art pieces that can hang on walls.
  • She is not very tall, about as tall as five and a half rulers stacked up.
  • Pamela doesn’t share a lot on the internet, kind of like keeping a diary that only she reads.
  • She enjoys turning old things into new treasures, like magic!
  • Walking in nature and cooking are things she loves, just like going on an adventure or making a magic potion.
  • Playing with her pets is one of her favorite ways to relax, kind of like having real-life stuffed animals that move and playback.


Q- What’s Pamela’s favorite thing to do?

A- Pamela loves making jewelry. It’s like when you play with your toy building blocks and create something awesome, but she uses shiny gems and metals to make pretty things you can wear!

Q- Does Pamela have any pets?

A- Yes, she has fluffy friends at home! Imagine having a furry buddy who’s always ready to play and give cuddles. That’s what her pets are like for her.

Q- Can Pamela cook?

A- Oh, yes! Pamela enjoys cooking. It’s like being a magician in the kitchen, mixing ingredients to make delicious magic happen. It’s fun, just like when you help make cookies and get to lick the spoon.

Q- Does Pamela like to read?

vAbsolutely! Reading takes her on adventures to faraway places without leaving her comfy chair. It’s like flying on a magic carpet through the pages of a book, visiting new worlds.

Q- How tall is Pamela?

A- She’s as tall as five and a half rulers stacked on top of each other! Not too tall, not too short, just right for her.


So, after going on this fun adventure learning about Pamela Hilburger, we found out she’s like a real-life magic maker. She turns ordinary things into beautiful treasures that make people smile. Imagine being able to create sparkly jewelry just like a wizard makes potions! Pamela is not just talented in making things look pretty; she’s also a super mom to her daughter, Devon, and loves her fluffy pets a lot. It’s like she has a magical life filled with colors, sparkles, and lots of love. Even though we can’t see her magical world every day because she likes to keep it a bit secret, we know it’s filled with amazing things. Just remember, like Pamela, you can create your magic every day, whether it’s drawing, playing, or helping around the house. Everyone has a little bit of magic inside them, ready to shine!

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