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Talita Roberta Pereira Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

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Talita Roberta Pereira is a successful Brazilian Fitness Instructor and wife of renowned martial artist, Charles Oliveira. Born in the late 1980s, Talita has not shared her exact date of birth, but it is estimated that she is currently in her early thirties. She comes from a loving family, with parents named Israel and Rosangela, and four siblings.

Talita is an active user of Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life with her 7,383 followers. Her daughter, Tayla, has a larger following of 13.5 thousand, while her husband, Charles, has an impressive 2.5 million followers. Talita has been a constant support for Charles, especially during his recent victory at UFC 274 against Justin Gaethje. With her dedication and hard work, Talita has not only become a successful fitness instructor but also an inspiration to many. Stay tuned to learn more about Talita’s career, family, net worth, height, and bio in 2024.

Who is Talita Roberta Pereira?

Talita Roberta Pereira is a very strong and energetic lady from Brazil who teaches people how to exercise and stay healthy as a Fitness Instructor. Imagine your gym teacher, but she also helps grown-ups stay in shape. She is married to a famous fighter, Charles Oliveira, who fights in big competitions and wins medals. Imagine if someone you knew was a superhero; that’s how cool her husband is because he fights and wins! Talita and Charles have a family, and they support each other a lot.

Just like when you cheer for your friends at a school race, Talita cheers for Charles, and he does well because she helps him feel brave and strong. They have a little girl named Tayla, and they all share pictures and stories about their life on the Internet, where lots of people like to see what they’re doing. Talita loves being active and helping others be their best, just like a real-life hero helping everyone around her.


Real name Talita Roberta Pereira
Date of birth 1990s
Age (as of 2022) 30s
Place of birth Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil
nationality Brazilian
religion Christianity
sun sign
Physical Statistics
Height in feet inches – 5′.7” – in centimeters – 170 cm
Weight in kilograms – 62kg – in pounds – 136 pounds
shoe size 8 (USA)
hair colour Blond
eye color light brown
body type Athletic
Talita Roberta Pereira Family
Father Israel Rosa Dos Santos
mother Rosangela Dos Santos
Siblings Four (Ester, Sahara, Paulo and Alexandre)
school Unaerp Guaruja High School
Relationship status
Marital status Married
Who is Talita Roberta Pereira’s husband? Karl Oliveira
Four (Ester, Sahara, Paulo, and Alexandre) Tayla Oliviera

Early Life and Education

Imagine being a little kid in Brazil, where it’s sunny almost every day, and you love to run and play outside. That was Talita when she was just like you, a little girl with a big smile. Talita grew up with her mom, dad, two brothers, and two sisters. Her house was always full of laughter, games, and sometimes a little bit of friendly arguing over who got the last piece of cake.

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Talita went to a school not too far from her home. She loved learning about all kinds of things, but most of all, she loved PE class. That’s where she got to run, jump, and play sports with her friends. Her teachers saw that she was good at this and always encouraged her to be active. Talita loved the feeling of being strong and healthy, so she decided she wanted to help other people feel that way too when she grew up. Even as a kid, Talita knew that being active and learning new things was the secret to being happy. And guess what? She never stopped chasing that dream. Now, she teaches adults and kids just like you how to be healthy and strong.

Parents and Siblings

Talita grew up in a house that was always bustling with energy and laughter, thanks to her big, loving family. Her mom and dad, Israel Rosa Dos Santos, and Rosangela Dos Santos made sure that their home was filled with love and joy. Imagine having a family where every day feels like a special day because you’re together. That’s what it was like for Talita. She wasn’t the only child running around the house. Talita had four siblings – two brothers named Paulo and Alexandre, and two sisters named Ester and Sahara.

You can think of them as a team, always ready to play, share stories, and embark on fun adventures together. Just like in a game where everyone has a special role, each sibling brings a unique spark to the family, making their home a very special place. Growing up with so many brothers and sisters meant that Talita always had someone to play with, learn from, and look up to. It’s like having your best friends live with you! Their home was a place where everyone could be themselves, share their dreams, and grow up knowing they were part of a team that loved and supported each other no matter what.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Talita Roberta Pereira is like a superhero from one of your favorite cartoons, strong and always ready to help others stay healthy. Think of her as someone who has grown up just right, like when you try to guess how tall a tree will grow! Since she loves staying fit, Talita has a body that looks like she could be in a race and win! She’s not too tall and not too short, just the perfect height for a fitness instructor who jumps, runs, and teaches others how to be their best.

Talita Roberta Pereira with Husband and Daughter

We don’t know exactly how tall she is or how much she weighs because those are secrets she keeps, just like you might keep a secret about your favorite hiding spot. But, we can imagine she’s as tall as the tallest slide you love to go down in the park. Talita is in her early thirties, which might seem old to you, but it’s a great age for doing all the things she loves and helping others. With her always smiling face and energy that lights up a room, she makes being healthy look fun and exciting!

Talita Roberta Pereira Career

Talita is like a superhero, but instead of fighting bad guys, she helps people become the best versions of themselves through exercise! She’s a Fitness Instructor, which means she teaches adults and kids how to stay healthy and strong. Imagine going to a class where instead of sitting down, you get to move around, jump, and learn fun exercises. That’s what Talita does! She shows people how to stretch, run, and lift weights in ways that are good for them. It’s a bit like being a coach for a sports team, but instead of just one game, she knows lots of ways to play and stay fit. Helping others be happy and healthy is what she loves to do, making her job special. Just think, by teaching others how to take care of their bodies, she’s making the world a happier place, one workout at a time!

Social Media Presence

Talita loves to share parts of her life online, just like when you show your friends your coolest drawings or toys. She uses a place on the internet called Instagram, which is a bit like a photo album that the whole world can see if you let them. Imagine having a magic book where you put pictures, and then your friends from all over the playground can see them and give you stickers saying they like it. That’s what Talita does with her Instagram! She has a lot of people who follow her, more than 7,000! Imagine if every seat in a big movie theater was filled with people who came just to see your drawings – that’s how many followers she has.

Talita shares pictures of her being a fitness instructor, of her family, and all the fun they have together. It’s a way for her to tell her story without using a lot of words, using snapshots instead. Her daughter Tayla and her husband Charles also share their stories in this magic book, but Charles has a lot more followers, like a whole big football stadium full of people! It’s like they each have their special book of life that they let everyone read one picture at a time.

Net Worth and Achievement

Talita is like a superhero who doesn’t just save the day; she also collects treasures along the way, kind of like when you play a video game and earn points or find coins. Imagine every time she teaches a class or helps someone get stronger, she gets a gold star. Those gold stars add up, making a big pile of treasure. We don’t know exactly how big her treasure pile is. But we do know she has a lot because she works very hard. This treasure isn’t just in coins or stars; it’s in the happiness she brings to others, which is a very special kind of treasure.

Besides her treasure, Talita has earned something like a superhero medal, too. When her husband, Charles, won his big fight, he said she was a big reason why he did so well. It’s like when you help your friends in a game, and they win because you gave them the best advice. Talita’s biggest achievement isn’t a trophy you can put on a shelf, but the love and support she gives her family and everyone she teaches. It’s like she wins the best helper award every day!

Talita Roberta Pereira Hobbies

  • Talita loves spending time outside, just like when you go to the park and feel the sun warming your face. She enjoys walking and running, making her feel fast like a superhero.
  • She’s really into cooking healthy meals. Imagine playing chef in your kitchen but making real dishes that make you strong and happy.
  • Dancing is one of her favorite ways to stay active. It’s like when you hear your favorite song and just can’t help but move and groove.
  • Playing with her daughter, Tayla, and spending family time is super important to her. Think of your best playdates, but it’s every day with people you love.
  • She also likes reading books that teach her new things, kind of like when you find a book in the library that’s so interesting you don’t want to put it down.
  • Talita enjoys traveling to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people. It’s like going on an adventure in your backyard but in the big wide world.

Interesting Facts About Talita Roberta Pereira

  • Talita loves animals, especially fluffy puppies that wiggle their tails and give the best cuddles.
  • She can do a cool trick where she stands on one leg like a flamingo without falling over!
  • Sometimes, Talita listens to music and dances around the house, pretending she’s in a big, fancy concert.
  • She’s learning how to paint pictures of flowers and trees. Her paintings are so colorful, like a rainbow!
  • Talita has a secret recipe for making the yummiest smoothies that taste like ice cream but are super healthy.
  • When she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a superhero. Now, she helps people differently by keeping them healthy and strong.
  • Talita and her family once went on a camping trip and they pretended they were explorers in a magical forest.
  • She loves watching funny movies that make her laugh out loud, almost like she can’t stop!
Talita Roberta Pereira Career and Profession


Q- How does Talita help people?

A- She teaches them fun exercises to be strong and healthy.

Q- Is Talita married?

A- Yes, she is married to a superhero-like fighter named Charles.

Q- Do they have any kids?

A- Yes, they have a daughter named Tayla who is super fun.

Q- How tall is Talita?

A- We’re not sure, but imagine her as tall as your favorite slide!

Q- What does Talita like to do for fun?

A- She loves running, cooking yummy food, and dancing to cool music.

Q- Can Talita paint?

A- Yes, she’s learning to paint beautiful flowers and trees.

Q- Does she like animals?

A- Especially fluffy puppies that love to cuddle.

Q- What’s a cool trick Talita can do?

A- She can stand on one leg just like a flamingo!

Q- What was Talita’s dream as a little girl?

A- She dreamed of being a superhero, and now she is one in her special way by helping people stay healthy.


So, friends, we’ve been on a big adventure learning all about Talita Roberta Pereira, haven’t we? She’s like a real-life superhero who helps people become strong and healthy, teaching them fun exercises. Imagine having a friend who always encourages you to play outside, eat delicious, healthy foods, and teach you cool dance moves—that’s Talita for you! She also loves spending time with her family, making every day a special adventure. Whether she’s running like the wind, cooking up a storm, or exploring new places, Talita shows us that being healthy and happy is the best kind of treasure. And remember, just like Talita, you can do amazing things and help others, turning every day into a super fun, healthy adventure!

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