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Tommy Gooding Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Tommy Gooding is a multi-talented musician and director, widely recognized for being the brother of famous actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and son of legendary soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr. Born into a family of artists, Tommy developed a passion for music at a young age and went on to study it at Five Towns College in New York.

He has since made a name for himself in the music industry as a skilled bassist and musical director, working with renowned bands such as Circular Time, GQ, and JJ Sansavarino. In 2019, he tied the knot with his wife Seydurah Avecmoi. With siblings like Cuba, April, Omar Gooding, and a mother named Shirley Gooding, talent runs in the Gooding family. Tommy’s brother Cuba is an Academy Award-winning actor, known for his role in Jerry Maguire. With his impressive resume and family background, Tommy Gooding has undoubtedly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

Who is Tommy Gooding?

Tommy Gooding is a talented man who loves music a lot. He’s like a superhero in the music world because he can play the bass guitar well and he knows how to lead a band, which means he helps other musicians play together nicely. Imagine being a train conductor, but instead of trains, it’s music! Tommy learned all about music at a special school called Five Towns College.

He’s part of a very cool family where almost everyone does something creative. His dad, Cuba Gooding Sr., was a famous singer, and his brother, Cuba Gooding Jr., is a great actor who has been in movies. Tommy also married Seydurah Avecmoi, and they probably love listening to music together.

Tommy has played with different bands, and that’s like being part of several music teams. He helps make the music that people love to dance and listen to. Isn’t that awesome? He shows that if you like doing something, you can become good at it, just like him with music!

Early Life and Education

Tommy Gooding grew up in a family where music and acting were like the games they played. His dad sang beautiful songs, and one of his brothers became a movie star. When Tommy was a little boy, not much older than you, he fell in love with the sounds of music. He liked to listen to songs and even try playing instruments. Imagine having music as your best friend from the time you were very young!

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As Tommy got a bit bigger, he decided he wanted to learn even more about music. So, he went to a special school called Five Towns College in New York. It’s like how you go to school to learn about math, reading, and science, but Tommy’s school was all about music! He learned how to play the bass guitar super well and how to help bands play music together beautifully. It’s kind of like when you learn something new and exciting at school and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. That’s how Tommy felt about music at Five Towns College.

Parents and Siblings

Tommy Gooding comes from a family where everyone loves doing creative things, kind of like a family that plays together but instead of games, they create music and movies! His dad, Cuba Gooding Sr., was like a music superhero, singing songs that made people feel good. Imagine having a dad who can sing like a star!

Then, there’s his mom, Shirley Gooding. She’s like the team’s cheerleader, always supporting everyone in the family to do their best, whether it’s in music or acting.

Tommy also has brothers and a sister. His brother Cuba is like a magician in movies, making characters come to life on the big screen. Then there’s April and Omar, who are also super talented, making the Gooding family like a team of superheroes, each with their own special power.

Imagine having a family where everyone is good at something cool, like singing, acting, or playing music. That’s what Tommy’s family is like, and they all cheer for each other, making sure everyone shines in what they love doing!

Wife and Girlfriend

In 2019, Tommy Gooding decided to share his life with someone very special, just like when you decide to share your favorite toy with your best friend because they make playtime twice as fun. He got married to Seydurah Avecmoi. Imagine having a big party where you promise to be best friends forever with someone you like. That’s what Tommy and Seydurah did! They had a wedding, which is a big celebration where two people promise to be each other’s best friends for life.

Just like in fairy tales where princes and princesses have big parties and everyone is happy, Tommy and Seydurah have a happy beginning. Seydurah is now Tommy’s wife, which means she’s his family, kind of like how your mom and dad are family. They don’t just listen to music together; they share all the fun and not-so-fun parts of life, always helping each other, just like teammates.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Tommy Gooding is a grown-up man, much taller and older than your teachers at school. When we talk about how tall people are, we use something called feet and inches, kind of like how we use a ruler to measure things in class. Tommy is taller than most people you know, but we don’t know exactly how tall. He weighs about as much as a big dog, not too heavy but not too light, just right for someone his height. Imagine looking at your dad or a tall uncle; that’s what Tommy is like.

For his age, Tommy has been around for more years than you’ve been in school, which means he’s had lots of birthdays with lots of candles to blow out! His hair and eyes are the kind you see in people who have lots of stories to tell, kind of like your favorite book characters. Tommy looks just like someone who makes music and loves being on stage, with a big smile that shows he’s happy doing what he loves. Just picture a friendly giant who knows how to play all kinds of fun tunes on his bass guitar!

Tommy Gooding Career

Tommy Gooding loves music so much that he made it his job. Imagine if you could play with your favorite toys and get snacks for it; that’s how Tommy feels about music. He plays the bass guitar, which is like the deep voice you hear in songs, making your feet want to dance. Tommy is also the leader when bands play music, kind of like how a captain leads a pirate ship, making sure everyone works together. He learned all these cool things at a special music school and then showed everyone how great he could make music sound. Tommy has played with different music groups, helping them sound their best. It’s like being part of a team in sports, but for Tommy, the game is making amazing music. Just like you have fun playing with friends, Tommy has fun making music with his bands.

Social Media Presence

Tommy Gooding likes to share bits of his music and life online, kind of like how you might show your friends your favorite toys or drawings on a playdate. But instead of a playground, he uses places on the internet called social media. Imagine having a magic book where you can put pictures and videos, and then all your friends and family can see them, even if they live far away. That’s what social media is like for Tommy.

He posts about the cool music he’s making, sometimes about the fun times with his wife Seydurah, and even cool things he does with his family and friends. It’s like he’s inviting us to a big, online party where we can all enjoy the music and smile together. So, if you’re curious about what a musician’s day looks like or just want to see some fun videos. Tommy’s social media is like a window into his world of tunes and smiles.

Net Worth and Achievement

Tommy Gooding is like a treasure hunter in the world of music, and his treasure is all the cool things he has done and the money he has made by doing what he loves. Imagine you have a piggy bank where you keep coins and bills from doing chores. Tommy has something like that, but for playing music and leading bands. We don’t know exactly how many coins Tommy has in his big musician’s piggy bank. But we do know he’s been very busy making music that lots of people enjoy.

Just like when you get a gold star for being super good at something in school. Tommy has gotten lots of pats on the back for his music. He’s helped bands sound their very best and worked with his dad’s band too, which is a pretty big deal! Even though we can’t see a trophy shelf like you might have for sports or spelling bees. Tommy’s achievements are like invisible trophies that show he’s good at making music and bringing people together with his tunes.

Tommy Gooding Hobbies

  • Tommy loves to explore new places with his wife, Seydurah. Think of it as going on treasure hunts in different parks or cities, always finding something new and exciting.
  • Playing video games can be super fun, and Tommy enjoys doing this too. It’s like when you play your favorite game and try to beat your high score or finish a new level.
  • Watching movies with his family is another hobby of Tommy’s. Imagine having a movie night where you pick a cool film. Grab some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch with your family.
  • Tommy also likes cooking. Picture being a chef in your kitchen, mixing ingredients to make a delicious meal everyone loves.
  • Reading books is something Tommy enjoys when he’s not making music. It’s like going on adventures in your mind, visiting new places, and meeting interesting characters without leaving your room.
  • Lastly, Tommy loves taking pictures and capturing memories like you might do with a camera or phone. And keeping special moments to look back on later.

Interesting Facts About Tommy Gooding

  • Tommy has a big family full of people who love to sing, act, and make music. It’s like having your team of superheroes at home!
  • He got married in 2019 to Seydurah, and they had a big party to celebrate, just like in fairy tales.
  • Tommy went to a special school just for learning music called Five Towns College. Imagine going to a school where you can play music all day!
  • He plays the bass guitar, which makes the deep sounds in songs that can make your feet want to dance.
  • Tommy has worked with different bands, helping them to sound their best. It’s like being a part of a music team.
  • He also helps lead bands, making sure everyone plays together nicely, kind of like a captain of a ship but with music.
  • Tommy loves to share parts of his life and music on the internet, like showing off your favorite toys or drawings to your friends.


Q- What does Tommy Gooding do?

A- He makes music, plays the bass guitar, and helps bands play together.

Q- Is Tommy Gooding related to anyone famous?

A- Yes, his brother is Cuba Gooding Jr., a famous actor, and his dad is Cuba Gooding Sr., a great singer.

Q- Where did Tommy learn music?

A- He went to a special school called Five Towns College.

Q- Who is Tommy married to?

A- He is married to Seydurah Avecmoi.

Q- Does Tommy like to do things other than music?

A- Yes, he likes exploring new places, playing video games, watching movies, cooking, reading books, and taking pictures.

Q- Can I see what Tommy is up to?

A- Yes, he shares fun stuff about his music and life on social media.


Tommy Gooding is a very talented person who loves music a lot. Imagine being able to play the bass guitar and lead a band, making everyone play together in harmony. That’s what Tommy does! He comes from a family that’s like a superhero team, where everyone does something cool like acting or singing.

Tommy went to a special school just for music, and now he makes lots of people happy with his songs. He also shares his adventures on social media, like pictures and videos, so we can all see the fun things he’s doing. Plus, he’s married to Seydurah, and they do lots of fun stuff together. Tommy shows us that if you really love something and work hard at it, you can do amazing things, just like him with his music. Isn’t it exciting to think about what you love and how you can share it with the world, just like Tommy does?

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