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Blue French Bulldog Info, Appearance, History, Care 2024

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You may have heard about the Blue French Bulldog if you are looking for a new furry friend. These adorable dogs have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason! They have a friendly and laid-back personality, making them a great choice for families. Did you know that more Blue French Bulldogs are registered with the American Kennel Club than ever before?

This means their numbers are growing, and it’s not hard to see why. These dogs are gentle and easy to love, and they bark less than other breeds. That’s why so many people love them! However, their popularity also comes with a high price tag. In this blog post, we will learn more about Blue French Bulldogs, including their appearance, history, and how to take care of them. So, let’s dive in and discover everything there is to know about these charming and lovable dogs.

What is a Blue French Bulldog?

Imagine a small, cuddly dog with a smooth coat that shines like the sky on a clear, sunny day. That’s a Blue French Bulldog! They are special because of their unique coat color, which looks blue. These dogs are not very big, making them perfect pals for snuggling and playing. Even though they are small, they have strong, muscular bodies and a very friendly face that always seems to smile at you.

Blue French Bulldogs have big, bat-like ears that stand up straight, which makes them look super cute and alert. Their eyes are round and can melt your heart with just one look. They are called “French” because they first became popular in France, but now people all over the world love them. These dogs are known for being great friends. They love to spend time with people, especially kids and are always ready for a gentle play session or a relaxing nap by your side. They’re not just pets; they become a part of the family with their loving and cheerful nature. Isn’t that amazing?

History and Appearance

Long ago, in a place called England, people had big, tough dogs called Bulldogs. They were strong and did lots of hard work. But then, some people wanted a smaller, friendlier dog to keep them company inside their homes. So, they made a little Bulldog by mixing them with some other small dogs. This is how the French Bulldog, the cute little buddy we know today, came to be! When these little Bulldogs went to France with English workers, the French fell in love with them.

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That’s how they got the name “French” Bulldogs. Among these, some had a very special blue-gray coat, looking like the color of the sky at twilight. That’s the Blue French Bulldog! Blue French Bulldogs are small dogs with short, smooth coats that feel nice to pet. They have round, sparkling eyes and big, pointy ears like bats. Their face always looks like they’re smiling, making everyone around them happy. Even though they are little, they are strong and can play and cuddle with you. That’s what makes them so special and loved by everyone.

Age, Weight & Size of Blue French Bulldog

When we talk about Blue French Bulldogs, it’s like talking about tiny, muscly superheroes in the dog world. Imagine a small, sturdy bundle of joy that fits perfectly on your lap or by your side. These little buddies usually weigh around 16 to 28 pounds, which is not too heavy but just right for cuddles.

They’re not very tall either, standing proud at about 11 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder when they’re all grown up. As for how long they stick around to be our friends, Blue French Bulldogs usually live for about 10 to 12 years. That’s a lot of years for walks, games, and snuggles! They grow up from being tiny, adorable puppies to fully grown adults in just about a year.

So, you’ll have a full-sized, blue-coated friend pretty quickly, but they’ll always be your baby at heart. Remember, every Blue Frenchie is unique, so some might be a tiny bit smaller or a smidge bigger, but all of them are equally lovable.

Cost and Price of Blue French Bulldog

Getting a Blue French Bulldog is like buying a very special toy that is hard to find. Because they are so special and not many of them are around, they cost a lot of money. Imagine you have a big piggy bank full of coins. You might need to empty it all, and maybe even save up more, to get one of these blue puppies. Usually, a Blue French Bulldog puppy can cost as much as $2,000 to $4,000!

Sometimes, if they are even more special, they might cost more than that. This is because taking care of them before they come to your home costs a lot. Their moms need to see the vet to make sure the puppies are healthy, and they need to eat good food to grow big and strong. So, if you want a Blue Frenchie to be your buddy, start saving your allowance now. Remember, having one of these dogs is like having a precious gem, so it makes sense they have a big price tag.


Imagine having a friend who is always happy to see you, loves to play quietly, and doesn’t get mad when things get a bit loud or busy. That’s what it’s like to have a Blue French Bulldog! They are super friendly and love being around people, kids, and even other pets. These little dogs are like your shadow, following you around because they just love being with their human family. They don’t bark much, which is nice if you like things more on the quiet side.

Blue Frenchies are very smart too, so teaching them tricks or how to be good house dogs can be a fun game for both of you. They enjoy a good cuddle and are very good at making you laugh with their silly faces and funny poses. Having a Blue Frenchie means you’ve got a buddy who’s always up for a gentle play or a quiet time together. They are just the best little friends you could ask for!

Health and Care

Taking care of a Blue French Bulldog is like being a superhero for a tiny, adorable creature! These little dogs need your help to stay happy and healthy. Think of them like a special plant that needs the right amount of sunlight and water. Blue Frenchies need to eat good food that’s just right for small dogs. They also love to play and walk, but not too much because they can get tired easily. It’s important to keep them cool, especially on hot days, because they can get too hot very quickly.

Imagine wearing a thick coat in the summer; that’s how they feel! They also need baths, but not too many, to keep their blue coat shiny and clean. Plus, brushing their teeth and taking them to the vet for check-ups is super important. The vet is like a doctor for dogs, making sure they are growing strong and healthy. Remember, loving a Blue Frenchie means making sure they are well taken care of, just like how you take care of your favorite toys or games. They depend on you to make the best choices for them.

Living Needs

Blue French Bulldogs love to be where their families are. They are happy in both big houses and small apartments. They need a comfy spot to nap, like a cozy bed or a warm blanket. These little dogs don’t need a big yard, but they do like short walks and playtime. Keep them cool when it’s hot outside. They enjoy being part of family activities and should not be left alone for a long time. Make sure they have toys to keep them busy and happy. They’re like your shadow, always wanting to be by your side, making everyday fun.

Blue French Bulldog Habits

  • Blue French Bulldogs have some fun habits that make them even more special.
  • Just like how some people have habits of reading before bed or having a cup of hot chocolate in the morning, these cute dogs have their little routines too.
  • They love taking short, happy walks in the morning or evening when it’s not too hot outside. After walks, they often have a burst of energy and might play around for a bit before settling down.
  • Nap time is a big deal for them; they’ll curl up in their favorite cozy spot and snooze away.
  • These dogs also enjoy meal times a lot. They eat their food with such excitement, wiggling their little tails. And when you sit down to relax, don’t be surprised if they hop up next to you to snuggle close, wanting some gentle pets and cuddles.
  • Watching TV with their family is something they find very fun. They’re also known for making funny noises and faces when they’re happy or want attention, which can make anyone’s day brighter.

Remember, each Blue Frenchie has its cute habits that make it a joy to be around.

Food and Feeding

Feeding a Blue French Bulldog is like being a chef for a very special customer! They need yummy and healthy food to grow strong and stay happy. Think of it like this: if you love eating fruits and veggies because they make you strong, your Blue Frenchie loves their food for the same reason. But, they can’t eat people’s food; they need special dog food that’s just right for their tiny tummies and muscles. It’s like making a puzzle.

Each piece of the puzzle is a different kind of food they need. Some pieces are for making their bones strong, some are for shiny fur, and others make sure they can run and play without getting tired. You’ll want to give them a little bit in the morning and a little bit at night, so they have energy all day. Remember, no sneaking them too many treats, even if they give you puppy eyes! Too many treats are not good. Just like too much candy isn’t good for you, it’s the same for your Blue Frenchie. Feeding them right is how you show them you love them a whole bunch!


Q- Can my Blue Frenchie swim?

A- Nope! Their bodies aren’t made for swimming. They love splashing in a little water but always keep an eye on them.

Q- Do they need a lot of walks?

A- They need some walks but not too long. Short walks are fun for them!

Q- Can Blue Frenchies eat human food?

A- It’s best to stick to dog food made just for them to keep their tummies happy.

Q- Are they good with kids?

A- Yes! They love playing and cuddling with kids.

Q- How often do they need baths?

A- Not too often. A bath when they get really dirty is enough to keep them clean.

Q- Do Blue Frenchies bark a lot?

A- No, they’re pretty quiet, which makes them great buddies if you like a peaceful home.

Q- Can they live in apartments?

A- Absolutely! They’re happy as long as they’re with their family, big house or small apartment.


In the end, Blue French Bulldogs are like little bundles of joy. They love being with their families, making everyone laugh, and getting cozy cuddles. They’re small but have big hearts, full of love for everyone. Taking care of them is important, just like taking care of a precious toy. They might cost a lot, but they bring so much happiness that they’re worth every penny. Remember, if you have a Blue Frenchie, you’ve got a friend for life. They’re not just dogs; they’re part of the family. So, give them lots of love and care, and they’ll do the same for you!

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