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Andrés Garcia Lorido: Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Andrés Garcia Lorido may not have the same level of fame as his father, the renowned actor and director Andy García, but he has certainly inherited his talent and passion for the entertainment industry. Born in 2002, Andrés is the youngest son of Andy and his wife Marivi Lorido Garcia. Despite being the son of a Hollywood icon, Andrés has managed to maintain a relatively low profile, with little information available about his personal life.

However, as he enters his early twenties, fans are curious to know more about him, including his age, career plans, family dynamics, net worth, and height. In this post, we will take a closer look at Andrés Garcia Lorido and all the details we could gather about this young rising star in the making.

Who is Andrés Garcia Lorido?

Andrés Garcia Lorido is the son of a famous movie star, Andy García, and his mom, Marivi Lorido Garcia. His dad has been in some really cool movies that lots of people love. Andrés was born in the year 2002, which makes him a young adult now. He has three siblings, which means he’s not alone; he has a big family with two sisters and a brother.

Andrés is special because his family is known by many people, but he likes to keep things about himself a bit secret. People are very interested in him because his dad is so famous. Andrés is growing up and might do some exciting things soon, just like his dad.

Early Life and Education

Andrés Garcia Lorido grew up in a big, loving family with his dad, Andy García, his mom, Marivi, and his three brothers and sisters. Even though his dad is a big movie star, Andrés had a normal childhood. He played games, had fun with his siblings, and went to school just like other kids. Andrés went to some cool schools where he learned a lot.

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He worked hard in his classes and made his parents proud. Even as a little boy, Andrés liked to learn new things, whether it was about books, music, or sports. Growing up, he also learned a lot about making movies from his dad but always in a fun way, like telling stories or pretending. Andrés is still learning every day and finding out what he loves to do most.

Parents and Siblings

Andrés Garcia Lorido has a very special family full of love and talent. His dad is Andy García, a famous actor who has been in lots of big movies. His mom’s name is Marivi Lorido Garcia, and she’s awesome too. Andrés isn’t the only kid in his family; he has three siblings. He has two sisters named Dominik and Daniella, and they are very cool. He also has a brother named Alessandra.

They all have a lot of fun together, playing games and sharing stories. Andrés’ family is really important to him, and they all support each other in everything they do. They’re a team, always cheering each other on and being there for one another.

Wife and Girlfriend

Andrés Garcia Lorido is pretty private about who he is dating or if he has a special someone, like a girlfriend. Since he is still very young, he might not be thinking about getting married yet. Andrés is focusing on his dreams and maybe learning new things every day. Just like you and your friends might talk about favorite games or movies, Andrés might also talk with his friends about fun stuff.

But he keeps things about girlfriends or getting a wife one day more secret. That’s okay because everyone has things they like to keep to themselves. Andrés enjoys spending time with his family and maybe one day, he’ll share stories about having a girlfriend or getting married when he’s ready.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Andrés Garcia Lorido is 22 years old, born in 2002. We don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but he looks healthy and strong like someone who plays a lot and has fun. Andrés is quite tall, making him look a bit like a hero from the movies his dad is in. His hair is dark, just like his dad, Andy García’s, and he has a smile that makes you think he’s always having a good time.

Even though Andrés doesn’t talk much about how tall he is or what he looks like, when we see pictures of him, he looks like someone who is always ready to go on an adventure, play sports, or maybe act in a movie one day. He has a cool look that many kids might think is awesome!

Andrés Garcia Lorido Career

Andrés Garcia Lorido is just starting to think about what he wants to do when he grows up. Since his dad is a famous actor, Andrés might decide to be in movies too, or maybe he will choose a different adventure. Right now, we don’t know what his job is because he’s still learning and trying new things.

Imagine if you could be anything you want, like a firefighter, a teacher, or even an astronaut. That’s kind of where Andrés is right now. He’s dreaming about the future and all the fun things he could do. Maybe one day soon, he’ll pick something really cool, and we’ll get to see him doing it. For now, he’s enjoying life and all its possibilities.

Social Media Presence

Andrés Garcia Lorido is a bit like a mystery when it comes to the internet and social media. Unlike many people who love sharing pictures and stories online every day, Andrés chooses to keep his life more private. This means we don’t see him posting selfies, what he eats for breakfast, or fun videos of him playing or hanging out with his friends and family on places like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

It’s kind of like when you have a secret hideout or a special toy that you only show to your very best friends. Andrés seems to enjoy keeping parts of his life just for him and the people he loves, which is pretty cool and special.

Net Worth and Achievement

Talking about Andrés Garcia Lorido’s money and big wins is a bit tricky since he’s just starting out on his journey. We don’t have a number to tell you how much money he has because he’s still figuring out his path. Imagine saving up your allowance to buy something big one day; that’s kind of like what Andrés is doing. He’s collecting experiences and learning lots, which is super important.

Andrés hasn’t grabbed any big awards or trophies yet, but that’s okay. Just like when you try your best at something, like drawing or soccer, the biggest win is having fun and getting better at it. So, Andrés is still on his way to finding his special thing that might bring him awards and make his piggy bank heavier in the future.

Andrés Garcia Lorido Hobbies

  • Andrés likes to play sports. He thinks it’s fun to run, jump, and kick balls.
  • He loves watching movies. His dad shows him cool films that make him dream big.
  • Andrés enjoys playing video games with his friends. They laugh and have a good time together.
  • He finds reading books really cool. Stories take him to places he’s never been.
  • Music makes Andrés happy. Sometimes, he tries to play songs on a guitar.
  • Drawing pictures is something Andrés does when he feels creative. He draws everything from superheroes to animals.
  • Exploring nature is a big adventure for him. He loves walks in the park and looking at the stars at night.

Interesting Facts About Andrés Garcia Lorido

  • Andrés has a big family who all love movies just like he does.
  • Even though his dad is super famous, Andrés likes to have fun and be normal.
  • He has a cool name that comes from both his mom and dad.
  • Andrés might not be in movies yet, but he knows a lot about them from his dad.
  • He has pets that he loves to play with and take care of.
  • Andrés has been to some amazing places because of his dad’s movie work.
  • He really likes to learn new things, not just in school but from the world around him.
  • Holidays are a big deal in his family, and they have special traditions they do together.


Q: What is Andrés’s favorite thing to do?

A: He likes playing sports and watching movies.

Q: Does Andrés act in movies?

A: Right now, he’s thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up.

Q: How many brothers and sisters does Andrés have?

A: He has three siblings, two sisters and one brother.

Q: Is Andrés on social media?

A: He likes to keep his life private, so he’s not much on social media.

Q: What kind of books does Andrés enjoy?

A: He loves reading books that take him on adventures.

Q: Does Andrés have any pets?

A: Yes, he has pets that he loves to play with and take care of.

Q: Where has Andrés traveled because of his dad’s job?

A: He’s been to amazing places for his dad’s movie work.


In the end, Andrés Garcia Lorido is a young guy with a big heart and dreams just like any of us. He has a cool family that loves movies and each other a lot. Andrés is still figuring out what he wants to do when he grows up, but that’s okay because he’s got lots of time and lots of ideas.

Whether he’s playing sports, watching movies with his dad, or just hanging out, he’s always learning and having fun. Maybe one day we’ll see him on the big screen or doing something else amazing. No matter what, Andrés is going to do great things because he’s got a good head on his shoulders and a great family cheering him on. Keep dreaming big, Andrés!

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