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Finley Elaine Griffin: Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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At just 8 years old, Finley Elaine Griffin has already captured the attention of the media and the public. As the daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin and his ex-fiancée Brynn Cameron, Finley’s life has been in the spotlight since her birth on September 26, 2016. With two older siblings and a famous last name, Finley has become a household name in the world of celebrity children.

However, despite her young age, Finley is already making headlines for her parents’ highly-publicized legal battle and the large sum of child support her father was ordered to pay. With a net worth estimated at over $30 million and standing at 4 feet 2 inches tall, Finley’s future looks bright and promising as she continues to grow and make her mark on the world. Keep reading to learn more about Finley Elaine Griffin, her upbringing, and what the future holds for this young star.

Who is Finley Elaine Griffin?

Finley Elaine Griffin is a little girl with a big smile and lots of love around her. She was born on a special day, September 26, in 2016, which makes her a fun and curious 7-year-old now. Imagine, she’s probably in second grade, just like some of you! Finley has a mommy named Brynn and a daddy named Blake, who is really good at playing basketball.

She also has two brothers; Ford is her full brother, and Cole is her half-brother. They have a lot of fun playing and spending time together. Even though Finley is very young, many people know about her because her parents are famous. But just like you, she loves to play, learn, and spend time with her family.

Early Life and Education

Finley Elaine Griffin is growing up in a world filled with love and lots of interesting things to learn. Being only 7 years old, she’s just started exploring the big world of school. Right now, she might be learning how to read better, solve math problems, make art, and play with friends during recess.

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School is a place where she gets to learn new things every day, just like many kids around her age. Finley goes to school like other boys and girls, where she learns to write her name, count numbers, and discover new stories. Imagine going to school and learning something new that you can tell your family about when you get home! That’s what Finley is experiencing in her early life and education.

Parents and Siblings

Finley Elaine Griffin has a family that’s a bit like a team! Her mom, Brynn, used to play sports in college, just like a superhero. Her dad, Blake Griffin, is super tall and plays basketball, where he jumps and scores points. Imagine your dad flying like a superhero to score! Finley also has two brothers.

Ford is her buddy who shares the same mom and dad. Then, there’s Cole, her half-brother, who has a different dad named Matt Leinart, who also plays sports but in football. Imagine having a big brother who could teach you how to throw a football and another to shoot hoops with. That’s Finley’s fun and sporty family!

Husband and Boyfriend

Given that Finley Elaine Griffin is just a child, discussions surrounding husbands and boyfriends are entirely inappropriate and not applicable to her current stage of life. Finley is at an age where her focus is on growing, learning, and playing, much like any other child her age. The emphasis on her life at this point revolves around her family, schooling, and the simple joys of childhood.

Speculating or discussing romantic relationships in the context of a young child’s life does not align with respectful and responsible discourse. As such, we’ll respect her privacy and innocence by focusing on age-appropriate topics that celebrate her growth and achievements as a young individual.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Finley Elaine Griffin is a 7-year-old girl with a bright smile and sparkling eyes. She’s about as tall as the classroom door handle, standing at 4 feet 2 inches! When she hops on the scale, it might show a number that’s just right for a girl her age. Finley has lovely hair that shines in the sunlight, and her laughter is like music. She looks a lot like her mommy and daddy, with a mix of both their best features. Imagine being 7 and already having such a kind and fun look that makes everyone around you smile. That’s Finley for you!

Finley Elaine Griffin Career

Finley Elaine Griffin is still a little girl, so she doesn’t have a job like grown-ups do. Instead of going to work, she goes to school where her job is to learn new things, play, and have fun with her friends. Can you imagine having fun with your friends as your job? That’s what Finley gets to do! She learns about numbers, letters, and how to share with others.

Right now, her biggest job is being the best 7-year-old she can be. Maybe when she grows up, she’ll decide to be a basketball player like her dad or maybe something completely different. But for now, her career is all about being a happy and healthy kid.

Social Media Presence

Finley Elaine Griffin is very young, so she doesn’t have her own social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter that big people use. Her parents, Blake and Brynn, sometimes share cute pictures and fun moments of her and her brothers on their accounts, letting everyone see a little bit of their family fun. Remember, it’s important for kids to play, learn, and spend time with family instead of worrying about social media. Just like Finely, you can have lots of adventures in the real world, making great memories every day!

Net Worth and Achievement

Finley Elaine Griffin might be just 7 years old and not have her own money from a job because she’s still learning and playing. But, because her dad, Blake Griffin, is really good at basketball, he has earned a lot of money. Sometimes, when adults talk about how much money someone has, they call it “net worth.” Finley’s dad makes sure she has everything she needs, like toys, books, and a nice place to live.

Finley’s biggest achievement isn’t about money; it’s about growing up to be a kind and smart girl. She’s doing great in school and having lots of fun with her family. Every day, she learns something new, which is a big deal when you’re 7! So, even though she doesn’t have her own net worth, Finley is achieving a lot by just being her amazing self.

Finley Elaine Griffin Hobbies

  • Finley loves to play outside with her brothers, running around and playing tag.
  • She enjoys drawing and coloring, making beautiful pictures for her family.
  • Finley likes reading books, especially fairy tales and stories about animals.
  • Playing with dolls and setting up tea parties is one of her favorite things to do.
  • She also likes to help her mom in the kitchen, baking cookies or making simple snacks.
  • Finley enjoys swimming and splashing in the pool during summer.
  • She has fun playing dress-up, pretending to be a princess or a superhero.
  • Building with blocks and creating tall towers is something she finds really exciting.
  • Finley loves to dance around the living room to her favorite songs.

Interesting Facts About Finley Elaine Griffin

  • Finley has two older brothers who she loves to play with.
  • Her daddy is famous for playing basketball and can jump really high.
  • Finley’s mommy used to play sports in college, which is super cool.
  • She was born in September, which makes her a Libra, just like some of your friends might be.
  • Finley’s favorite color might be pink or blue, just like many kids her age.
  • She has a big smile that can light up the whole room.
  • Even though she’s young, she has traveled to lots of fun places with her family.
  • Finley gets to celebrate her birthday with lots of cakes and presents every year.
  • She has a special day all about her every September 26th.


Q: How old is Finley Elaine Griffin?

A: She’s 7 years old.

Q: Who are Finley’s parents?

A: Her mom is Brynn and her dad is Blake, a basketball player.

Q: Does Finley have any brothers or sisters?

A: Yes, she has two brothers, Ford and Cole.

Q: What does Finley like to do for fun?

A: She enjoys playing outside, drawing, reading books, and having tea parties.

Q: Is Finley in school?

A: Yes, she goes to school where she’s learning new things every day.

Q: Can Finley play sports?

A: She’s still very young, but she might play sports like her parents when she grows up.

Q: Does Finley have a favorite color?

A: We don’t know for sure, but many kids love pink or blue.


In wrapping up, we’ve shared a bunch about Finley Elaine Griffin, a joyful little girl with a big family full of sports stars. At just 7 years old, she’s got a life filled with learning, playing, and growing up with her brothers. Finley shows us that being young is all about having fun and discovering new things every day.

Whether she’s in school, playing outside, or spending time with her family, there’s always something exciting happening. Remember, even without a career or social media, kids like Finley can have a huge impact by just being themselves. Let’s celebrate Finley for being a wonderful kid, learning and laughing every day. Here’s to more adventures for Finley as she grows!

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