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Gina Capitani Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Gina Capitani, also known as Jeanne Martin, was the beloved ex-wife of the iconic entertainer Dean Martin. Her marriage to the legendary singer, actor, and comedian lasted over two decades and produced three children. However, despite being in the public eye due to her famous husband, Gina kept a low profile and focused on raising their family.

In 2016, the world lost this remarkable woman when she passed away at the age of 89. As we approach 2024, let’s take a closer look at Gina Capitani’s life, career, family, net worth, and height, and celebrate her legacy as a devoted wife, mother, and member of the entertainment industry.

Who is Gina Capitani?

Gina Capitani, who most people know as Jeanne Martin, was once married to a famous singer named Dean Martin. She was a special lady who, instead of chasing fame, chose to take care of her family. Gina and Dean had three kids together, and they were a happy family for many years. Even though she was married to a star, Gina liked to keep things quiet and not be in the spotlight too much. She was more than just someone’s wife; she was a caring mom and a kind person who ensured her family felt loved. Gina lived a long life filled with memories and passed away when she was 89.

Early Life and Education

Gina Capitani, who we also know as Jeanne Martin, was born a long time ago, on March 27, 1927. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school and learned lots of interesting things. Gina grew up in a place called Coral Gables in Florida, which is very sunny and pretty. As a young girl, Gina liked to play and learn, just like kids today.

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She didn’t become famous for singing or acting, but she was very good at taking care of her family and making sure her children were happy and learned well too. Even though Gina didn’t talk much about her school days when she grew up, it’s important to remember that she was once a kid who went to school, and had hobbies, and dreams, just like you!

Parents and Siblings

Gina Capitani, who is also known as Jeanne Martin, grew up with her family a long time ago. Her mom and dad loved her very much and took good care of her. Gina wasn’t the only child in her family; she had brothers and sisters too! Just like you might play games, share toys, and sometimes argue with your siblings, Gina did the same with hers.

They had fun together, laughed a lot, and learned many things from each other. Imagine having a brother or sister to play hide and seek with or to tell your secrets to. That’s what Gina’s life was like with her siblings. They were a team, helping each other grow up and be happy.

Husband and Boyfriend

Gina Capitani, who most people know as Jeanne Martin, found love with a man named Dean Martin. He wasn’t just any man; he was like a superhero without a cape, making people laugh and sing with his movies and music. Dean Martin was very famous, like the stars in the sky. Gina and Dean decided to become a team, not just in games or adventures, but in life.

They got married in 1949, which is a very long time ago! Together, they created a beautiful family, bringing three children into the world. They were together for many years, sharing adventures and making memories, until 1973 when they decided to go on different adventures separately. Even though they didn’t stay together forever, their story is like a fairy tale with its ups and downs.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Gina Capitani, or Jeanne Martin as many knew her, was a lady who lived a full life. When she was a young girl, she had a smile that could light up a room. As she grew older, she kept that beautiful smile, showing it off to everyone she met. Gina was not very tall, but she stood out because of how gracefully she carried herself.

She had a way of dressing and looking that was both pretty and elegant, making people admire her whenever she walked into a room. Even though we don’t know exactly how tall she was or how much she weighed, it’s clear she was lovely in every way. She aged gracefully, always looking as charming as she felt.

Gina Capitani Career

Gina Capitani, who many people called Jeanne Martin, didn’t chase the bright lights of fame like her famous husband, Dean Martin, did. Instead, her most important job was being the best mom to her three kids. She made sure their home was a place full of love, where laughter was heard every day.

Gina believed in the beauty of simple things and chose to make her family her career. While Dean was singing on big stages and acting in movies, Gina was the star of their home, making sure everyone was happy, healthy, and loved. She showed the world that taking care of your family is a wonderful job too.

Social Media Presence

Gina Capitani, who many people know as Jeanne Martin, didn’t use Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook like we do today. Remember, when Gina was around, the internet and social media weren’t things people had. Instead of sharing photos or stories online, Gina shared her love and memories in person with her family and friends.

She liked to keep her life private and simple, focusing on spending time with her loved ones rather than posting on the internet. So, if you try to find her on social media, you won’t see pictures or posts from Gina herself. But, you can still find lots of beautiful photos and stories about her shared by people who remember and celebrate her life.

Net Worth and Achievement

Gina Capitani, also known to many as Jeanne Martin, wasn’t famous for making lots of money or having a big job like her husband, Dean Martin. She didn’t work in movies or make music that you could dance to. Instead, her biggest achievement was her family. She took care of her three kids and made sure they were happy, which is a very important job.

Even though we don’t talk about how much money she had, it’s because being a wonderful mom and taking care of her family was more important than any amount of money. Gina showed us that love and family are the biggest treasures anyone can have, and that makes her very special.

Gina Capitani Hobbies

  • Gina Capitani loved to spend time with her family. She found joy in simple things like picnics in the park and family game nights.
  • She enjoyed cooking and was known for making delicious meals that brought everyone together around the dining table.
  • Gardening was another hobby of Gina’s. She liked planting flowers and taking care of her garden, making her home look bright and beautiful.
  • Reading books was something Gina loved to do in her quiet time. She believed in the magic of stories and shared this love with her children.
  • Gina also had a creative side, enjoying arts and crafts. She liked to make handmade gifts for her friends and family, putting love into every piece.
  • Music filled Gina’s home too. Even though she wasn’t a singer like Dean, she loved listening to music and sometimes sang along with her children.

Interesting Facts About Gina Capitani

  • Gina’s real name is Jeanne, but many people call her Gina.
  • She married a very famous singer, Dean Martin, and they had three kids.
  • Gina loved to keep her life private, away from lots of cameras and interviews.
  • Her favorite thing to do was taking care of her family and making them happy.
  • Gina and Dean Martin were married for a long time, from 1949 until 1973.
  • She lived a long and happy life, reaching the age of 89 before she passed away.
  • Even though Gina wasn’t on TV or in movies, she was still very important to her family.
  • She had a beautiful smile that made people feel welcomed and loved whenever they saw her.


Q: How did Gina Capitani meet Dean Martin?

A: They met before Dean was super famous. They fell in love and got married.

Q: What did Gina do for a job?

A: Gina didn’t work like we think of jobs. Her main job was being a great mom to her kids.

Q: Did Gina like being famous?

A: Gina didn’t like being in the spotlight. She enjoyed a quiet, happy life with her family more.

Q: What were Gina’s favorite things to do?

A: Gina loved cooking, gardening, reading, and making crafts. She also enjoyed music and spending time with her family.

Q: How many children did Gina have?

A: Gina and Dean Martin had three children together.

Q: Why did Gina and Dean Martin get divorced?

A: They decided to live separately after many years together but still cared about each family member.


As we come to the end of our story about Gina Capitani, also known as Jeanne Martin, we’ve learned so much about a lady who was full of love and kindness. She showed us that being a great mom and taking care of your family is a very important and special job. Gina didn’t need to be on TV or have lots of followers on the internet to be amazing.

She was happy to make her home a place full of joy, where everyone felt loved and cared for. Remembering Gina’s life helps us understand that being kind, loving your family, and enjoying simple things like gardening, reading, and making crafts can fill our lives with happiness. Gina’s story is like a warm hug, reminding us that love and family are the most precious things we have.

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