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Kniko Howard Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Kniko Howard is a name that may not ring a bell to most people, but he has recently been making headlines due to his famous mother, Draya Michele. At the age of 21, Kniko Jr. is the oldest child of Draya, who gave birth to him at the young age of 17. Although there were rumors about his paternity, it was later revealed that former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is not his father.

Kniko Jr.’s real father is Kniko Howard Sr., and he has been an important figure in his life. Despite being born into the spotlight; Kniko Jr. has managed to stay out of the public eye. He is currently pursuing his career and has a net worth of his own. Standing at a height of 6 feet 3 inches, Kniko Jr. is sure to make a name for himself in the future, following in the footsteps of his famous parents.

Who is Kniko Howard?

Kniko Howard is the son of a famous lady named Draya Michele. Imagine having a mom everyone knows! Kniko has a dad too, and his name is also Kniko, which makes him Kniko Howard Jr. He was born when his mom was just a little older than a teenager, which is pretty young. Even though some people thought a basketball player was his dad, that wasn’t true. Kniko Jr. is special because he’s the oldest kid his mom has.

He’s 21 years old, which means he’s grown up now and can do a lot of things by himself. He’s very tall, like a basketball player, but he’s not playing basketball for his job. Kniko Jr. likes to keep things about his life private, which means he doesn’t always talk about what he’s doing or where he’s going. But that’s okay because everyone likes a little mystery, right? Kniko Jr. is working hard on his path, not just being known as his mom’s son.


Full Name Kniko Howard
Date of Birth Around 2002
Age (as of 2023) Approximately 21 years old
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Father Kniko Howard Sr.
Mother Draya Michele
Siblings Younger Half-Brother: Jru Scandrick
Religious Beliefs Not publicly disclosed
Zodiac Sign Not publicly disclosed
Known For Being Draya Michele’s son
Occupation Celebrity child
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed
Height 5 feet 7-inch
weight 57Kg

Early Life and Education

Kniko Howard had a pretty interesting start when he came into this big world in 2002. Imagine being a tiny baby and already having a famous mom! That’s exactly what happened to Kniko. Growing up, he went to school like all kids. Picture him sitting in a classroom, maybe drawing pictures or learning his ABCs. We don’t know every single school he went to, but we can guess he learned lots of cool stuff.

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Maybe he even shared snacks with his friends during lunchtime. Education is super important, and for Kniko, it was no different. He probably had to do homework, take tests, and maybe even felt a bit nervous on the first day of school just like any other kid. Even though he’s all grown up now, those school days were a big part of making him who he is today. Just like you, he learned and played, showing that no matter who your parents are, school is a place we all start at.

Parents and Siblings

Kniko Howard has a mommy named Draya Michele. She’s very famous and a lot of people know who she is. His daddy has the same name as him, which is pretty cool, so he is Kniko Howard Sr. That makes our Kniko the “Junior.” Kniko Jr. is the oldest child his mom has. This means he might have brothers or sisters, but talking about them would be guessing because not much is said about them. Just like in many families, being the oldest kid is a big deal.

kaniko howard Parents

It means you might have to look after your younger brothers or sisters if you have any. Imagine playing games together, sharing toys, and sometimes even arguing over who gets to pick the TV show. That’s what brothers and sisters sometimes do! But, it’s also about having fun together and taking care of each other. So, Kniko Jr.’s life with his mom, dad, and maybe siblings is like a team, where everyone has their special place.

Wife and Girlfriend

Kniko Howard is 21 years old, which means he’s an adult now. When someone is an adult, they sometimes have a girlfriend or a wife. But guess what? It’s like Kniko has a super-secret treasure map, and he hasn’t shown anyone where X marks the spot. That means we don’t know if he has a girlfriend or a wife. Kniko likes to keep his life a little bit like a mystery book, where you have to guess what’s on the next page. Just like in a game of hide and seek, he’s hiding this part of his life, and we’re all waiting to see when he’ll say, “Here I am!” So, if he has someone special, he hasn’t introduced her to the world yet. Maybe one day, he will share this part of his story with us, but for now, it’s like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Kniko Howard is 21 years old, which is a lot of years if you’re counting! He’s tall too, standing up like a giant at 6 feet 3 inches. That’s like if you stacked almost four 7-year-olds on top of each other! We’re not sure exactly how much he weighs, but with him being so tall, he’s probably got a strong build. When you look at Kniko, you might think he looks a bit like his mom because they have some features that are the same.

Imagine having a face that reminds people of someone else; that’s kind of cool, right? Kniko has a smile that can light up a room, and even though we don’t know every detail about how he looks, we can guess he’s got his unique style, just like you have your favorite outfits. Remember, it’s not just how tall you are or what you look like that’s important, it’s also about being a good person on the inside, and Kniko seems like he’s both tall and nice!

Kniko Howard Career

Kniko Howard, being 21 years old, is just starting to make his path in the world. Kind of like when you start a new level in a video game. Unlike his mom, Draya Michele, who is famous for being on TV and making clothes, Kniko is figuring out what he wants to do. It’s like when you’re deciding whether to build a castle or a spaceship with your blocks. We’re not sure exactly what job he has because he keeps it a secret, like a hidden treasure.

Maybe he’s learning to do something cool, like making video games, or maybe he’s going to school to learn more about how to start his own business. It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities he could choose from! Just like when you dream about what you want to be when you grow up. Kniko is at the beginning of his career journey, and there’s a whole world of choices out there for him to explore.

Social Media Presence

Kniko Howard likes to keep his life like a secret adventure. He doesn’t share much online, kind of like a ninja moving quietly in the shadows. If you try to find him on places like Instagram or Twitter, it’s like going on a treasure hunt without a map. This means Kniko doesn’t post pictures or stories about what he’s doing every day. He chooses to keep his adventures and moments to himself, which makes many people even more curious about him. So, if you’re looking for Kniko’s social media, it’s like trying to find a hidden door in a castle—it might be there, but it’s not easy to find.

Net Worth and Achievement

Kniko Howard is like a young explorer on his big adventure, and while he’s just starting, he has some treasure in his pocket. When we talk about “net worth,” it’s like counting all the gold coins a pirate has. For Kniko, since he’s still beginning his journey, we can’t say exactly how many coins he has, but it’s safe to say he’s got a nice little chest starting to fill up because of his hard work and maybe a little help from the treasure maps his mom and dad have given him.

Achievements are like special badges you earn in a game for doing something awesome. Kniko is still collecting these badges, and each new day is a chance to earn more. He’s working on cool stuff that’s all his own, which means he’s starting to pin those badges onto his vest, one by one. Just imagine him on a quest, picking up gems and badges along the way. That’s what Kniko’s doing in his big world of adventures.

kaniko howard siblings

Kniko Howard Hobbies

  • Kniko loves playing video games, just like you might enjoy playing with your friends.
  • He enjoys reading books, which can take him on adventures without leaving his room.
  • Kniko likes to draw, creating pictures from his imagination.
  • Playing sports is fun for him, especially basketball, even though we don’t know if he wants to be a pro player.
  • He listens to music, which might make him dance or feel happy.
  • Kniko spends time with his family, playing games or watching movies together.
  • Exploring new places can be exciting, like going on a treasure hunt.

Interesting Facts About Kniko Howard

  • Kniko was born when his mom was still in her teens, which is pretty young to be a mom!
  • Even though people thought a famous basketball player was his dad, it’s someone with the same name as him, Kniko Howard Sr.
  • He’s got a super tall height for a 21-year-old, standing at 6 feet 3 inches! That’s like stacking a lot of pizza boxes on top of each other.
  • Kniko has a secret about whether he has a girlfriend or not. It’s like a mystery story that hasn’t been told yet.
  • He’s not super active on social media, which means he likes keeping some things about his life a surprise.
  • Kniko has hobbies just like you! He loves playing video games, drawing, and even playing sports.
  • His mom is famous, but Kniko is making his path in life, which is pretty cool because it’s like he’s on his adventure.


Q- Who is Kniko Howard?

A- Kniko is the son of a famous mom, Draya Michele, and his dad’s name is Kniko too!

Q- How old is Kniko Howard?

A- He’s 21 years old, like a big brother to many!

Q- Does Kniko Howard play basketball?

A- He likes playing basketball for fun, but we’re not sure if he wants to be a pro player.

Q- Who thought a famous basketball player was Kniko’s dad?

A- Some people thought so, but his real dad is Kniko Howard Sr., not a basketball player.

Q- Is Kniko on Instagram or Twitter?

A- He’s like a ninja, very hard to find because he likes to keep things private.

Q- What does Kniko like to do for fun?

A- He enjoys video games, reading books, drawing, playing sports, listening to music, and exploring new places.

Q- Does Kniko have any brothers or sisters?

A- We don’t know for sure, but being the oldest, he might have some!


So, what have we learned about Kniko Howard? He’s like a character in your favorite storybook, full of mysteries and adventures. At 21 years old, he’s taller than most people, with a smile that could light up the darkest room. He’s not telling us everything about his life, which makes us even more curious about him.

Imagine him as a treasure hunter, keeping his map hidden, but still sharing little pieces of gold with us through what we do know. Kniko likes to draw, play video games, and spend time with his family, just like you might enjoy doing too. He’s on a big adventure, creating his path, and showing that even if your mom is famous, you can still be your hero. Remember, life is like a book, and Kniko is writing his chapters, one day at a time. Isn’t that exciting? Let’s keep cheering him on as he discovers new treasures and maybe, just maybe, shares more of his story with us.

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