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Malika Kinison Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

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Malika Kinison was born Malika Souiri in 1959. She is a Moroccan-born actress and make-up artist who has made a name for herself in entertainment. She reached her career’s peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Then, Malika moved to the United States to follow her passion for acting. She started as a model and later joined improv groups in Texas before making the big move to Los Angeles. Yet, it was her marriage to the famous comedian Sam Kinison in 1992 that brought her into the spotlight.

Six days after their wedding, Sam died in a car accident. The crash left Malika injured. But, she remains determined to continue her career. Despite the hard times, Malika appeared in several films. She found love again by marrying actor and director Paul Borghese in 1995. Together, they have maintained a private life away from the public eye. As of 2024, we don’t know Malika Kinison’s net worth, height, and other personal details. But, her legacy lives on. She was a talented actress and a resilient person.

Who is Malika Kinison?

Malika Kinison emerged in entertainment as a makeup artist and actress. She gained notable recognition in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She was born in Rabat, Morocco. Her journey to fame began with a move to the United States. There, she transitioned from modeling and improv to serious acting in Los Angeles. Her personal life put her in the public eye. This was especially true of her marriage to the comedian it’s Sam Kinison. They faced adversity. This included the tragic loss of Sam Kinison shortly after their marriage. But, Malika showed great resilience. She did this by continuing her career in entertainment. She has been in many films. In them, she showed her skill and dedication. Malika’s life story shows her tenacity in the face of challenges. She has also kept her privacy while dealing with the complexities of fame.

Early Life and Education

Malika Souiri spent her early years in Rabat, Morocco. She was born and raised there. She grew up in Morocco’s capital. It gave her a rich environment. It influenced her early interest in the arts. Details of her family’s background are private. They include her parents’ jobs and her siblings, if any. They reflect Malika’s habit of keeping her personal life away from the public eye.

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Her education details aren’t public. They include where she went to school. Did she study more in Morocco before moving to the US? Yet, we know that her early life in Morocco set the stage for her journey to the United States. There, she sought to expand her horizons and delve deeper into her passions for acting and makeup. This move was a big turning point in her life. It set the foundation for her future career in entertainment.

Parents and Siblings

We know little about Malika Kinison’s early family life. We don’t know the identities or professions of her parents, or if she has any siblings. Malika was born in the vibrant city of Rabat, Morocco. Her family background remains private. This is a testament to her discretion. She values keeping personal details private. Malika has faced fame and scrutiny. This is due to her marriage to Sam Kinison and her entertainment career. But, she has kept this part of her life out of the limelight. This choice underscores a clear boundary between her professional endeavors and personal heritage. Details about her upbringing are missing from public records. They include how her family influenced her early interest in the arts. The same is true for how her Moroccan roots may have shaped her views and career.

Husband and Boyfriend

Malika Kinison’s personal life received a lot of attention. The comedian Sam Kinison married her. Their union was short-lived. Tragedy marred it. Sam Kinison died in a car accident six days after their wedding. This event put Malika in the spotlight. People didn’t see her only as a grieving widow but also as a figure of public fascination. Amidst this tumultuous period, Malika’s strength and resilience became evident. She managed her grief. She did so while facing the intense scrutiny that came with her husband’s public persona.

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Years after Sam’s death, Malika found love again. She married Paul Borghese in 1995. He is an actor and director known in the industry. This relationship marked a new chapter in her life. It gave her stability and companionship. It was away from the earlier chaos after Sam Kinison’s death. Malika and Paul have kept their relationship private. They’ve avoided public scrutiny and living away from the media’s glare.

Age, weight, height, and physical appearance.

As of 2024, Malika Kinison was born on September 1, 1959. She’s 65 years old. She shows the timeless elegance and grace that often comes with fame. Specific details about her weight and height are not public. But, Malika has always exuded poise and struck a striking figure, both on and off the screen. Her looks are distinctive. She’s got expressive eyes. She has often highlighted them in her acting roles and public appearances. People know Malika for her classic beauty. She carries herself with confidence and style. These traits complement her artistic talents. Her looks reflect her Moroccan heritage. They also show the polished style common in entertainment. These traits help explain her lasting appeal and presence in the public memory.

Malika Kinison Career

Malika Kinison has played a variety of roles throughout her entertainment career. She has been an actress and makeup artist. After moving to the United States from Morocco, she modeled and did improv. These laid the foundation for her future in acting. In Los Angeles, her dedication and talent led to appearances in several films. These were in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They showcased her versatility as an actress. She acted in “The Arrogant.” There, she added depth to her role. She was also in “The Dangerous” and “Perfect Lies.”

Each let her hone her craft. Malika did more than act. She also applied her artistic skills as a make-up artist. She worked behind the scenes on many projects, adding to their visual storytelling. Malika faced personal challenges. They included the loss of her husband Sam Kinison right after their marriage. But, she kept pursuing her career. She did so with resilience and built her reputation in the industry. Her work shows a blend of talent and perseverance. It exemplifies her commitment to her craft and her ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

Social Media Presence

Malika Kinison keeps a low-key presence on social media. It reflects her preference for a life away from the public eye’s constant scrutiny. She is unlike many of her peers in entertainment. They often share personal lives and career updates online. But, she chooses not to do so. She and her family avoid social media. This fits with their private and discreet approach. Her life and career interest fans and followers as a result. They will learn about her from interviews and appearances. They are less likely to learn from social media.

Net Worth and Achievements

The exact figures on Malika Kinison’s net worth are not public. But, her career in the entertainment industry, as an actress and a make-up artist, has made her rich. Her work on many film projects over the years has helped her succeed. Besides financial measures, Malika has achieved personal resilience and professional dedication. She survived a tragic accident that took her first husband, comedian Sam Kinison.

She continued her career after that, showing a remarkable level of strength. Malika can navigate the complexities of fame. She does this while keeping privacy and normalcy in her personal life. This also speaks volumes about her achievements. They go beyond the usual measures of success. In a broader sense, Malika Kinison’s achievement is her lasting presence. The industry has a reputation for being transient. She also inspires through her story of overcoming hardship.

Malika Kinison Hobbies

  • Malika Kinison’s interests go beyond her job in entertainment.
  • She doesn’t often highlight specific hobbies in public.
  • They also do artistic things. Malika is a make-up artist.
  • She has a professional background.
  • She may like exploring the latest trends in makeup and beauty.
  • She does this outside of work.
  • Additionally, her on-screen roles suggest she has an interest in cinema and theater.
  • She sees them not as an actress.
  • She also sees them as an enthusiast who appreciates film’s artistry.
  • Malika may also love cultural exploration.
  • She feels this way because of her Moroccan heritage.
  • This includes the culinary arts, traditional Moroccan crafts, and travel.

Interesting Facts About Malika Kinison

  • Malika Kinison’s journey is from Rabat, Morocco to the heart of American entertainment.
  • It’s a story of cultural change and strength.
  • Her background contrasts with Hollywood.
  • It gives her a unique perspective on her work and life.
  • Malika has risen to fame and faced tough times.
  • But, she’s shown an admirable ability to keep a private life.
  • This is a rare feat in the age of digital exposure.
  • Malika’s Moroccan heritage often shows in her style and public appearances.
  • It blends traditional grace with modern flair.
  • Her marriage to Sam Kinison was brief but marked a big chapter in her life.
  • It wove her story with the comedy world in an unexpected tragedy.
  • Malika’s decision to continue her career after Sam’s death shows her deep strength.
  • It also shows her dedication to her craft.
  • Also, her second marriage to Paul Borghese shows her belief.
  • She believes in finding love after loss.


Q: Who was Malika Kinison married to?

A: Sam Kinison, the comedian, married Malika. Their union was brief. He died in a car crash in 1992, six days after his wedding. She later found love again and married Paul Borghese in 1995, an actor and director.

Q: How did Malika Kinison enter the entertainment industry?

A: Malika began her career in the United States as a model before transitioning into acting. She joined improv groups in Texas, which paved the way for her move to Los Angeles to pursue acting more.

Q: Does Malika Kinison have any children?

A: There are no public records or mentions of Malika Kinison having children. She’s kept her personal life, especially family matters, private.

Q: What is Malika Kinison known for?

A: People know Malika for her acting and makeup artistry. She appeared in notable films such as “The Arrogant”, “The Dangerous”, and “Perfect Lies.” Her marriage to Sam Kinison also brought her much public attention.

Q: Has Malika Kinison written any books or autobiographies?

A: There are no records of Malika Kinison writing books or autobiographies. These books would detail her life and career in entertainment.


Summarizing Malika Kinison’s journey, it’s clear that her life has been a rich tapestry. It’s full of triumph and tragedy. She had early beginnings in Morocco. Then, she had days in the limelight alongside Sam Kinison. She showed perseverance in the face of personal loss. Malika’s story is one of resilience and determination. She has made contributions to the film industry. She did this both in front of and behind the camera. Her mark is indelible. She may have stepped away from the public eye in recent years. But, it’s her legacy in entertainment that remains. Malika Kinison’s life serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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