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Nevis Gahunia: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Nevis Gahunia, the daughter of famous singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado, has been a topic of curiosity for many due to her mother’s immense popularity in the music industry. Born on September 20, 2003, Nevis is now 17 years old and has grown up somewhat in the public eye. However, unlike her mother, she has chosen to maintain a relatively private life, which has led to limited information about her personal endeavors or career aspirations.

As we enter the year 2024, fans are eager to know more about Nevis’ current age, possible career path, and family life. Despite the lack of public information, it is safe to say that she has a strong musical background, with her father being a musician and sound engineer. Her net worth and height are also unknown at this time, but one thing is for sure, Nevis Gahunia is definitely a name to keep an eye out for in the future.

Who is Nevis Gahunia?

Nevis Gahunia is someone people are curious about because her mom, Nelly Furtado, sings beautiful songs that many enjoy. Nevis was born on a day in September, which is when leaves start to change colors. She has a dad named Jasper, who loves music just like her mom. Even though Nevis has famous parents, she likes to keep things about her life private, which means she doesn’t talk much about herself.

This makes her interesting and mysterious. Nevis is growing up and might think about what she wants to be when she gets older. People wonder if she will love music like her mom and dad. For now, she’s just living her life, going to school, and maybe enjoying hobbies like any other kid.

Early Life and Education

Nevis Gahunia grew up in a house filled with music, like a garden filled with different flowers. Her mom sings, and her dad plays with sounds, making her home a special place. When she was a little kid, probably when she started walking and talking, music was always around her, like a friend that never goes away.

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Nevis went to a school where she learned more than just music. She learned about numbers, words, and the world, just like you! She probably carried a backpack, sat in a classroom, and raised her hand to ask questions, just like you do at school. School helped Nevis learn many things, not just from books but also about being a good friend and how to share. Imagine her learning to play an instrument or singing a song for the first time. School for Nevis was a place to grow, just like a plant in sunlight.

Parents and Siblings

Nevis Gahunia has a mommy named Nelly Furtado who sings songs that might make you want to dance or sing along. Her daddy, Jasper Gahunia, is also into music, but he plays with sounds in a way that makes other people’s music sound even better. They both love music a lot, just like how some families might all love soccer or painting pictures.

Nevis might sing songs with her mommy or learn how to make cool sounds with her daddy. It’s like having the best teachers for music at home! She doesn’t talk much about having brothers or sisters, so she might be the only kid at home. This means she gets all the hugs and bedtime stories to herself. Imagine having your mommy sing you to sleep with beautiful songs. That’s Nevis’ life, growing up with music and love from her mommy and daddy.

Husband and Boyfriend

Nevis Gahunia is still very young, like a student who has just started to explore the big world of high school. When we talk about having a husband or a boyfriend, it’s like talking about a chapter in a book that Nevis hasn’t read yet. Just like you might dream about becoming an astronaut, a doctor, or a superhero when you grow up, Nevis might also be dreaming about many things.

But right now, she’s probably more focused on school, her friends, and her hobbies. Remember, stories about princes and princesses finding love are beautiful, but they are just one part of a much bigger adventure. And right now, Nevis is on her own adventure, finding out who she wants to be.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Nevis Gahunia is like a friend who is 20 years old if you’re reading this in 2024. Imagine someone who is as tall as your big brother or sister, but we don’t know exactly how tall Nevis is because she likes her secrets. We also don’t know how much she weighs, which is okay because everyone is different and that’s what makes us special.

When you look at pictures of Nevis with her mom, Nelly Furtado, you can see she has a big smile that probably lights up the room, just like yours does! Nevis might have hair that dances in the wind and eyes that sparkle like stars. Remember, it’s not about how tall you are or what you look like; it’s about the laughter and joy you bring, just like Nevis.

Nevis Gahunia: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

Nevis Gahunia Career

As of now, Nevis Gahunia hasn’t stepped into the big world of work like adults do. Think of how you might play pretend jobs at home or in school – a doctor, a teacher, or even a space explorer. Nevis is at a stage where she’s exploring, learning, and maybe dreaming about what she wants to be when she grows up.

Just like when you imagine being a superhero or an artist, Nevis might be thinking about music because of her mom and dad, or something totally different that she loves. We don’t know yet what path she’ll choose for her career, but it’s like a story that’s just starting, and she can be anything she wants to be when she’s ready.

Social Media Presence

Nevis Gahunia is like a secret garden on the internet; she doesn’t share much on websites like Instagram or Twitter. Imagine you have a treasure chest, but you keep it hidden under your bed where only you know about it. That’s like Nevis with social media. She might have accounts where she posts pictures or thoughts, but she keeps them away from the public eye, like a secret diary.

So, if you’re trying to find her online, it’s like looking for a hidden treasure without a map. Nevis chooses to share her life with her close friends and family, instead of the whole world. It’s like when you draw a picture and only want to show it to your best friend. This makes Nevis special because she reminds us that some things are nice to keep just for ourselves.

Net Worth and Achievement

Section Text: Talking about Nevis Gahunia’s net worth is like guessing how many candies are in a big, hidden jar. Since Nevis is still young and figuring out her path, she hasn’t started a big job like her mom, Nelly Furtado, to earn lots of money. Nevis hasn’t told us about any awards or big achievements yet, but that’s because every day she’s learning and growing, just like you!

Imagine you’re learning to ride a bike or draw; every small step is a big win. So, for now, Nevis might not have a “net worth” like grown-ups talk about, but she has a family that loves music and each other, and that’s a pretty cool achievement on its own. Remember, achievements aren’t just about money or trophies; they’re about learning, having fun, and being happy.

Nevis Gahunia Hobbies

  • Nevis might like to play with music because her mom and dad love it too
  • She could enjoy singing just for fun or playing an instrument like a piano or a guitar
  • Drawing or painting might be something she does when she feels creative
  • Reading books could be a way for her to learn new things or go on adventures without leaving her room
  • Playing sports or going for walks might help her stay active and healthy
  • She may like to watch movies or listen to stories that make her imagine different worlds
  • Spending time with her friends and family could be her favorite thing, doing things like playing games or just talking

Interesting Facts About Nevis Gahunia

  • Nevis was born when the leaves start to turn colors in fall.
  • Her mom sings songs that might make you want to dance.
  • Her dad can make music sound even cooler with his skills.
  • Even though her parents are famous, Nevis likes to keep things about her life just for her.
  • She might learn music from her mom or how to play with sounds from her dad.
  • Nevis has grown up around music, making her home a very special place.
  • She might like doing things that other kids do, like drawing, playing, or reading.
  • Just like you have secrets, Nevis has her own secrets that she doesn’t share with everyone.


Q: Who is Nevis Gahunia’s mom?

A: Her mom is a singer who sings songs you might dance to.

Q: Does Nevis have a dad who loves music too?

A: Yes, her dad makes music sound cool.

Q: How old is Nevis if you’re reading this in 2024?

A: She would be like a friend who is 20 years old.

Q: Does Nevis sing or play music?

A: She might, because her mom and dad both love music.

Q: Is Nevis the only kid in her family?

A: She doesn’t talk about brothers or sisters, so she might be.

Q: Does Nevis like to keep secrets?

A: Yes, she keeps her life private, like a treasure chest.

Q: What might Nevis like to do for fun?

A: She might enjoy music, drawing, reading, or playing with friends.


In this article, we talked about Nevis Gahunia, who is a special person because her mom, Nelly Furtado, is a famous singer. Nevis was born on September 20, 2003, which makes her a young adult now. She has grown up with music all around her because her dad, Jasper Gahunia, loves music too.

Nevis likes to keep her life private, which means she doesn’t share a lot about herself with the whole world. It’s important to remember that Nevis is her own person, not just the daughter of someone famous. We hope she finds happiness in whatever she decides to do in the future. Thanks for reading about Nevis!

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