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Noel J Mickelson: Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Noel J Mickelson was a prominent figure in the arts and environmental activism scene, best known for being the first wife of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. Born in 1961, Noel was an accomplished artist and passionate activist who dedicated her life to making a positive impact on the world. She and Woody married in 1985 and had three daughters together before divorcing in 1993.

Despite their separation, Noel’s influence and contributions to activism continued to be recognized and celebrated. In this blog post, we will delve into Noel J Mickelson’s life, including her age, career, family, net worth, and height, to shed light on her remarkable journey and legacy. Join us as we take a closer look at the inspiring life of Noel J Mickelson and her enduring impact on the world.

Who is Noel J Mickelson?

Noel J Mickelson is a lady who loved art and helping our planet. She was married to Woody Harrelson, a famous actor, a long time ago. They had three daughters, which means Noel is a mom to three girls! She worked hard to make our Earth a better place by being an activist, which is like being a superhero for important causes.

Noel cared a lot about making art and protecting nature. Even though she and Woody aren’t married anymore, many people still remember her for the good things she did. Noel shows us that you can do great things like help the environment and be creative with art!

Early Life and Education

Noel J Mickelson was born in a year that makes her special, 1961. When she was a little girl, just like you, she loved to play, learn, and discover new things every day. She went to a school where she made lots of friends and learned about numbers, letters, and art. Art was her favorite because she could draw and paint her dreams. She loved colors and making beautiful pictures.

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As she grew up, Noel kept loving school and learning. She became very smart and knew a lot about taking care of our planet. She learned how important it is to recycle, save water, and plant trees. Even when she was young, like you, Noel wanted to help the Earth and make it a happy place for everyone. Her love for learning never stopped, and it helped her do great things later in life.

Parents and Siblings

Noel J Mickelson grew up in a family that was very loving. She had a mom and a dad who cared about her a lot. Just like in your family, her parents helped her learn to be kind and to care about the world around her. Noel wasn’t an only child, which means she had brothers or sisters to play with.

Imagine having fun playing games, sharing toys, and sometimes even arguing, just like you might with your siblings. Her family liked to spend time together, enjoying nature and maybe even making art. Noel learned a lot from her family, like how to share and how to listen to others. They were a big part of her life and helped her become the amazing person she was.

Husband and Boyfriend

Noel J Mickelson had a very special person in her life named Woody Harrelson. Woody is a man who acts in movies, which is like playing make-believe for grown-ups. He pretends to be different people on TV and in movies. Noel and Woody decided they liked each other so much that they wanted to be a family. So, they got married in 1985, which is like having a big party to celebrate love. They were husband and wife, which means they promised to take care of each other.

Together, they had three daughters, who are their children. Daughters are girls, just like some of you might be. Later, Noel and Woody decided to live apart, which means they weren’t husband and wife anymore. But they both still loved their daughters very much. Noel didn’t talk about having a boyfriend after Woody because she liked to keep her life private, which means she didn’t share everything with everyone.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Noel J Mickelson is like a character from a storybook, with her own unique look that makes her special. Born in 1961, she has lived lots of days and nights, making her wise like a grand storybook queen. We don’t talk about how much someone weighs because everyone’s body is their own kind of beautiful, no matter the number.

Noel stands tall, not too tall like a giant but not super short either, just right for her. She has a smile that lights up a room, and eyes that sparkle with kindness and fun stories. Her hair and the way she dresses show the world she loves art and the Earth. Just by looking at her, you can tell she’s someone who creates beautiful things and cares a lot about our planet.

Noel J Mickelson Career

Noel J Mickelson had a job that was all about helping our planet and making beautiful things. She loved art so much that she decided to make it part of her work. Noel would paint and create lovely things that remind us of how important nature is. She also stood up for the Earth, telling people why we should take care of our home.

Think of Noel like a superhero whose power is to protect trees, animals, and the ocean with her art and voice. She didn’t just make art for herself; she wanted everyone to see it and think about how they could help the Earth too. Noel’s job was really special because she made the world a prettier and better place with what she loved to do.

Social Media Presence

Noel J Mickelson is like a secret garden on the internet – she isn’t very easy to find! Unlike many people today, Noel doesn’t share her life on websites like Instagram or Facebook. It’s like she has a magical invisibility cloak that keeps her hidden away from the busy online world. Imagine having a treasure chest full of secrets and stories, but you only share them with close friends and family, not with the whole world through a screen.

That’s kind of what Noel does. She prefers to live her life outside of the computer, creating art and helping the Earth, away from the buzzing of phones and clicks of cameras. So, if you try to look for her on social media, it’s like playing hide and seek with someone who’s really good at hiding!

Net Worth and Achievement

Noel J Mickelson might not be someone you hear about when people talk about how much money they have, like in stories with pirates and treasure chests, but she is rich in a different way. She has done a lot of good things for the Earth and for art. You know, like when you help someone and feel really happy inside? That’s a kind of treasure too.

Noel worked hard to protect nature and to make the world a more beautiful place with her art. Even though we might not know how many coins she has in her treasure chest, we know she has done some amazing things. Just like when you get a gold star for doing something great, Noel has earned lots of gold stars for all her hard work and for caring so much about our planet.

Noel J Mickelson Hobbies

  • Noel loves to make beautiful pictures by painting. She uses bright and happy colors to show what she feels inside her heart.
  • She enjoys spending time outside in nature, walking in parks, and looking at all the trees and flowers.
  • Playing with her three daughters is one of her favorite things to do. They play games, tell stories, and laugh a lot together.
  • Noel likes to learn about our planet and how we can take care of it.
  • She reads books and watches shows that teach her new things about the Earth.
  • Making crafts out of things that we might throw away is fun for her.
  • She turns them into art to show that everything can be beautiful.
  • She has a big love for animals. Sometimes, she helps take care of them and learns how to protect them.

Interesting Facts About Noel J Mickelson

  • Noel has a talent for turning old things into beautiful art, showing us that everything can have a second chance.
  • She once made a big painting using only leaves and flowers, which looked like a colorful forest.
  • Noel loves to go on treasure hunts in her own backyard, looking for special rocks and leaves to use in her art.
  • She can name all the different kinds of trees in her neighborhood because she loves nature so much.
  • Noel has a special dance she does when she finishes a piece of art, celebrating her hard work.
  • Her favorite snack is apples with peanut butter, which she says gives her energy to create and play.
  • Noel teaches her daughters to be kind to bugs and animals, telling them that every creature has a part in our world.


Q: How did Noel and Woody meet?

A: They found each other like characters in a story, becoming friends and then family.

Q: What movies is Woody in?

A: Woody pretends to be different people in stories shown on TV and in movie theaters.

Q: Does Noel like to paint?

A: Yes, Noel loves to create pictures with colors and her imagination.

Q: What is an activist?

A: An activist is like a hero who stands up for what they believe in, like taking care of our Earth.

Q: How many kids do Noel and Woody have?

A: They have three daughters, just like three stars shining bright in their lives.

Q: Can I see Noel’s art?

A: Noel’s art is special, like hidden treasures. You might see it if you look around for beauty in the world.


Noel J Mickelson is a true hero for art and our planet. She shows us that with creativity and care, we can make a big difference. Her life story teaches us to love nature, make art, and be kind to all living things. Remember, just like Noel, you can help the Earth and create beautiful things every day.

Even though she likes to keep her life private, her actions inspire many people. Noel’s adventures as a mom, artist, and activist tell us that every day is a chance to learn and help. Let’s keep our eyes open for beauty around us, just like Noel does with her art and love for the planet.

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