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Noree Victoria: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Noree Victoria is a multi-talented individual, hailing from the bustling city of Baltimore. With a strong passion for storytelling, Noree has pursued a career in writing, acting, and filmmaking. Her love for the written word was evident from a young age, as she wrote her first book at the mere age of 7 and went on to win two national poetry writing competitions in middle school.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Noree’s determination and intelligence led her to bypass her senior year of high school and enter college at just 16 years old. Now, in 2024, Noree’s career has flourished, and she continues to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a closer look at Noree Victoria’s age, family, net worth, height, and bio to learn more about this remarkable individual.

Who is Noree Victoria?

Noree Victoria is someone very special who comes from a place called Baltimore. Imagine being so good at telling stories that you decide to make it your job! That’s Noree for you. When she was just a little older than you, at 7 years old, she wrote an entire book. Can you believe that? And she didn’t stop there.

She was so good at writing poems that she won not one, but two big competitions when she was in middle school. Noree is like a superhero of stories. She went to college at 16 by skipping her last year of high school. She did this because she was that smart. Now, she acts in movies, writes more stories, and even makes films. Isn’t that amazing?


NameNoree Victoria
AgeLate 30s
Height5 feet 3 inches (1.60m)
Weight105 lbs.
ProfessionActor, Producer
Net Worth$1 million -$5 million
FacebookNoree Victoria

Early Life and Education

Noree Victoria was a very smart and curious child, growing up in a place full of stories, Baltimore. From when she was very little, Noree loved to play with words, creating her own stories and poems. She was so good at it that she even won big prizes for her poetry when she was in middle school, making everyone around her super proud.

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Because she loved learning and was good at school, Noree did something not many kids do: she skipped her last year of high school. This means she didn’t go to 12th grade like her friends. Instead, she went straight to college when she was only 16 years old. College is a place where grown-ups go to learn even more after they finish high school, and Noree got to go there early because she was so smart and hardworking.

Parents and Siblings

Noree Victoria grew up in a big, loving family in Baltimore. She has parents who always encouraged her to follow her dreams, even when she decided to write a book at the age of 7! They were her biggest cheerleaders, especially when she won those poetry contests in middle school.

Noree also has brothers and sisters. They probably played together a lot, shared secrets, and helped each other with homework. Just imagine having a sister who writes books and acts in movies! That would be pretty cool, right? Noree’s family sounds like they were always there for her, cheering her on from the sidelines, and helping her become the amazing storyteller she is today.

Husband and Boyfriend

Talking about Noree Victoria’s personal life is like peeking into her secret diary. It’s not very nice to talk about who she might be dating or if she has a husband. You might have a best friend you love to share your toys and secrets with. Noree might have someone special too. But like we keep our little secrets safe and sound, it’s important to respect her privacy.

What we know for sure is that Noree loves sharing her talents and stories with the world, and that’s the most exciting part about her. Whether she’s making movies or writing books, she’s always busy creating new adventures that we can enjoy. Let’s focus on the fun stories and magical worlds she brings to life for us!

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Noree Victoria is not just super smart and talented, but she also looks amazing! Picture this: she has a big, bright smile that lights up every room she walks into. Just like characters from your favorite storybooks, she has a unique look that makes her stand out in movies and pictures.

We don’t talk about people’s weight because it’s not polite, but we can say that Noree is healthy and strong, which helps her do all the cool things she does. She’s taller than a lot of kids, but not too tall – just right for an adult. Noree loves to dress up in beautiful clothes that make her feel good and show off her style. Imagine wearing your favorite outfit; that’s how she feels every day!

Noree Victoria Career

Noree Victoria is like a magician, but instead of using magic wands, she uses her talent in acting, writing, and making movies to create magic. She started showing the world her special skills when she was very young, just like some of you might be good at drawing or playing sports. Noree has been in movies, which is like being part of those amazing stories you see on TV but in real life.

She also writes her own stories and makes her films, which means she tells the camera where to look and helps actors know how to act out the story. Just imagine if you could create your movie; that’s what Noree does! She has turned her love for stories into a wonderful adventure, showing everyone how powerful and fun imagination can be.

Before Fame

Before Noree Victoria became a star, she was a little girl with big dreams in Baltimore. She loved stories so much that she carried around her favorite books and a little notebook for writing her tales. Just like how some kids love to play with toys, Noree loves to play with words. She was always the star in school plays, making everyone laugh and clap.

Even when she was just a kid, not much older than you, she had this magical way of making words dance and paint pictures in your mind. She was not just good at writing; she was amazing at it! Imagine being so good at something you love that it leads you on an adventure to become a famous writer, actor, and filmmaker. That’s the kind of journey Noree started on, long before the world knew her name.

Social Media Presence

Noree Victoria loves to share parts of her adventures on social media, kind of like how you might show off a cool drawing or a fun day out with friends. She uses the internet to post pictures and stories about her life, especially the exciting parts of making movies and acting. Think of it as her online scrapbook where she keeps all her favorite memories so she can share them with people all around the world.

Just like you might watch videos or look at pictures online, people look at Noree’s posts to see what new and exciting things she’s up to. It’s a way for her to say “hello” and share a piece of her day with everyone, even if they’re far away.

Net Worth and Achievement

Noree Victoria isn’t just amazing because she writes stories and acts in movies, but she has also worked very hard to be where she is today. People are always curious about how much money she has made from all her cool jobs. While it’s not polite to peek into someone’s wallet, it’s known that Noree has made a good amount of money because she’s very good at what she does.

Besides money, she has won awards that are like gold stars for grown-ups, showing everyone how awesome she is at telling stories and acting. These awards are her treasures, just like how you feel proud when you get a gold star in class. So, Noree Victoria isn’t just rich with money but also with achievements that make her smile.

Noree Victoria Hobbies

  • Noree loves to read all kinds of books, from fairy tales to adventures.
  • She enjoys writing her own stories, just like when she was your age.
  • Making movies is not just her job, it’s also a fun hobby. She plays around with cameras and actors.
  • Noree likes to go on walks, explore new places, and imagine new stories.
  • Drawing and painting are ways she makes the scenes in her head come to life on paper.
  • Playing music helps her think of new ideas for her books and films.
  • Noree also spends time with her family and friends, sharing stories and making memories.

Interesting Facts About Noree Victoria

  • Noree loves the color purple because it reminds her of magic and adventures.
  • She has a pet cat named Whiskers who sometimes appears in her social media posts.
  • Noree can speak two languages, English and a little bit of Spanish, which she learned in school.
  • She once made a movie with her friends using just a smartphone and some costumes from her closet.
  • Her favorite snack is popcorn, especially while watching movies or writing stories.
  • Noree’s first book was about a space adventure with aliens and astronauts.
  • When she was little, she wanted to be an astronaut and explore space.
  • She loves to visit the beach and collect shells to remember her trips.
  • Noree has a big map in her room where she marks all the places she wants to visit one day.


Q: How old was Noree when she wrote her first book?

A: Noree was 7 years old, just like you might be!

Q: Did Noree go to college early?

A: Yes, she went to college when she was only 16 because she’s super smart.

Q: Does Noree have any brothers or sisters?

A: Yes, she grew up with siblings in Baltimore.

Q: What does Noree do for a job?

A: She acts in movies, writes stories, and makes her films.

Q: Is Noree on social media?

A: Yes, she loves to share her adventures online.

Q: What are some things Noree likes to do?

A: She enjoys reading, writing, making movies, going on walks, and drawing.


Noree Victoria is a true inspiration, showing us that if you love stories and work hard, you can achieve your dreams. From writing her first book at 7, winning poetry contests, to acting in movies, and making her films, Noree has done so many amazing things. She teaches us to always believe in ourselves, no matter how big our dreams are.

Whether she’s exploring new places or sharing her adventures on social media, Noree continues to show the magic of imagination to the world. Remember, like Noree, you too can reach for the stars and make your dreams come true if you keep believing and working hard. Isn’t that an exciting thought?

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