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Olivia Namath Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Meet Olivia Namath, the daughter of NFL legend Joe Namath. Born on December 11, 1990, in Florida, U.S.A., Olivia had a far from ordinary childhood. Growing up with her father, mother, and older sister Jessica, Olivia’s life was constantly in the spotlight due to her father’s fame. Despite her family’s high profile, not much is known about Olivia’s education. However, in 1998, her parents went through a public divorce after her father discovered her mother’s infidelity. Since then, Olivia has been raised by her father and has likely grown into a strong and independent woman.

Who is Olivia Namath?

Olivia Namath is someone special because her dad was very famous for playing football. Imagine having a dad that everyone knows because he can throw and catch a football well! That’s what it’s like for Olivia. She was born when the calendar said December 11, 1990, which means she gets to celebrate her birthday during a time when a lot of people are also celebrating holidays.

Olivia didn’t just grow up in any place, but in a sunny part of America called Florida. She has a sister named Jessica, and they grew up together. Sometimes, families go through tough times, like when Olivia’s mom and dad decided they couldn’t be married anymore. But Olivia’s dad made sure she and her sister were taken care of. Olivia’s life is interesting not just because her dad is Joe Namath, but also because she has her own story. Even though we don’t hear about her as much as we hear about her dad, Olivia is also doing important things with her life, just like you and me!


Full Name Olivia Rose Namath
Date of Birth November 15, 1991
Place of Birth New York City, USA
Age 33 years old
Occupation Actress, Model
Known for The Wolf of Wall Street, Baywatch

Early Life and Education

Olivia Namath grew up in a sunny place called Florida. Imagine going to school where it’s almost always warm outside! That’s how it was for Olivia. She went to a school near her home for her first lessons, just like how you might walk or take a short drive to your school. This is where she learned things like reading, writing, and maybe even how to count high.

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We don’t know every class she took or all the books she read, but we do know she finished all the grades she needed to in her local high school. Think of all the friends she made and all the fun days she had, maybe even playing on the playground or having lunch with her sister. School is a place where you learn a lot, not just from books, but from being with other kids too. And Olivia did all of that in Florida, under the sun, growing up with her family and friends around her.

Parents and Siblings

Olivia Namath has a family that’s a bit like yours and mine but also very different. Her dad is Joe Namath, a super famous football player. Imagine if your dad was known by almost everyone because he was good at sports! That’s how it is for Olivia. Her mom’s name is Deborah, and she used to be married to her dad. But, like in some families, Olivia’s mom and dad decided not to be married anymore when Olivia was a little girl.

Olivia has a sister named Jessica, who is her big sister. Having a big sister can be fun because you have someone to play with and who can show you cool stuff. Olivia and Jessica had to stick together, especially when their mom and dad were going through tough times. Just like in your family, Olivia’s family has people who love her, like her dad and her big sister Jessica. They all have their own stories and adventures, but they’re a family, through thick and thin.

Husband and Boyfriend

Olivia Namath has a special someone in her life who is more than just a friend. Imagine having a best friend who you want to spend all your time with; that’s kind of what it’s like for Olivia. She found someone she cared a lot about, and they decided to get married. Getting married is when two people have a big celebration because they promise to be best friends forever.

Olivia and her special someone had a beautiful wedding, where she wore a pretty dress, and they both said, “I promise to be your best friend forever.” Now, Olivia’s husband is not just her best friend but also a part of her family. Together, they’re like a team, sharing adventures and taking care of each other. Just like how you might have a best friend at school or someone in your family you love to play with, Olivia has her husband to share her life with. It’s pretty cool to have someone like that, someone who is always there for you, through fun times and not-so-fun times. Olivia found her someone, and they’re living their own happily ever after.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Imagine you’re playing a game where you get to design a character. You get to choose how tall they are, what they look like, and even how old they are! Now, let’s talk about Olivia Namath like she’s the character we’re designing in our game. Olivia was born when the calendar said 1990, so if you’re good at math, you can figure out how old she is each year.

She’s grown up now, just like the grown-ups you know, but still enjoys celebrating her birthday every December 11th with cake and candles, just like you! In our game, we don’t know exactly how tall Olivia is or how much she weighs, which is okay because everyone is different and special in their way. What’s important is that Olivia, just like your favorite storybook character, has a unique look that makes her Olivia. Maybe she wears her hair in cool styles or picks out fun outfits that make her happy. Remember, it’s not about the numbers or the details; it’s about being healthy and happy with who you are. Olivia, with her unique look and style, reminds us to be proud of who we are, just like in our game.

Olivia Namath Career

When we think about what Olivia Namath does for her job, it’s like imagining what you want to be when you grow up. Olivia’s dad, Joe Namath, was good at football, which made him famous. But Olivia chose to have her kind of adventure. We don’t have all the details about where she goes every day, like a secret mission, but it’s her very own path. Just like when you decide whether to be a firefighter, a teacher or maybe even an astronaut, Olivia made choices about her career that make her happy.

Sometimes, grown-ups choose jobs that aren’t as famous as being a football player, but they are still very important. Olivia’s job is part of her story, just like your dream job is a part of yours. Remember, everyone has something they’re good at, and finding what you love to do is like unlocking a special talent only you have. Olivia’s doing just that, living her life and working hard, just like her dad did, but in her special way.

Social Media Presence

Think about when you play hide and seek and sometimes you want to be found, but other times you hide so well that no one can find you. Olivia Namath is kind of like the best hide-and-seek player when it comes to social media, which is like the internet’s way of playing show and tell. She likes to keep her life a bit secret, not showing everything online, which is pretty cool because it’s like she has her secret garden that only special friends can see.

So, if you try to look for Olivia on websites where people share pictures and stories, like Instagram or Twitter, you might not find her. It’s like she’s chosen to play the game in a super-secret mode. But that’s okay! It means she likes to keep her moments special and not share them with the whole world. Just imagine having fun times that are just yours, not for sharing, but for remembering and smiling about. That’s what Olivia does with her social media – she keeps it as her special treasure chest of memories.

Net Worth and Achievement

Talking about money can be a little tricky, but when we talk about what someone is worth, we’re not just talking about the coins in their piggy bank. We’re talking about all the things they’ve done that are valuable, not just to them, but maybe to others, too. Olivia Namath, just like any character in your favorite storybook who goes on adventures and learns lots of lessons, has her treasure chest of achievements.

Now, Olivia’s treasure chest might not be filled with gold and jewels, but it has something just as cool. It’s filled with all the special things she’s done and the hard work she’s put into being the best Olivia she can be. We don’t know the exact number of coins in her piggy bank because that’s her secret. But remember, the most important treasures are the adventures you have and the fun you share with family and friends. And Olivia, with her unique story, reminds us that being kind, loving your family, and working hard are the best achievements anyone can have. So, think of Olivia’s net worth as a secret map that leads to a chest full of priceless adventures and lessons learned along the way.

Olivia Namath Hobbies

  • Olivia loves spending time with fluffy friends. Imagine having a dog or cat to run and play with; that’s fun for Olivia!
  • Since Olivia grew up in Florida, she enjoys going to the beach. Picture building sandcastles and splashing in the waves!
  • Olivia likes to read stories. Think about diving into a book and going on adventures without leaving your room.
  • She enjoys making delicious treats. Imagine cooking up a storm in the kitchen and tasting all the yummy results.
  • Olivia has fun growing plants. Picture planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables.
  • She loves being creative with art and crafts. Imagine drawing, painting, or making something cool out of clay.
  • Olivia enjoys listening to music. Think about dancing and singing along to your favorite songs, just like she does.

Interesting Facts About Olivia Namath

  • Olivia was born on a chilly winter day, December 11th, but in Florida where it’s usually sunny and warm.
  • Her dad is super famous because he is good at playing football.
  • Olivia has a big sister named Jessica, and they grew up together like best friends.
  • When she was little, her family changed, and she lived with her dad and sister.
  • Olivia has someone special in her life, and they have a big party to celebrate becoming best friends forever.
  • She loves animals and might have fluffy pets to play with.
  • Going to the beach is super fun for Olivia since she grew up in Florida.
  • She enjoys reading books and diving into stories of faraway places and exciting adventures.
  • In the kitchen, Olivia can cook yummy treats that make everyone smile.
  • She also likes to get her hands dirty in the garden, growing plants and beautiful flowers.
  • Creating arts and crafts lets Olivia show her creative side, making colorful and fun things.
  • Dancing and singing to music are some of Olivia’s favorite things to do.


Q- What’s Olivia’s favorite thing to do?

A- Olivia loves playing with her pets and going to the beach where she can build sandcastles.

Q- Who is Olivia’s daddy?

A- Her dad is Joe Namath, a very famous football player.

Q- Does Olivia have a sister?

A- Yes, she has an older sister named Jessica. They are like best friends.

Q- Did Olivia go to school?

A- Yes, she went to a school in Florida, just like you, but we don’t know all the classes she took.

Q- Is Olivia married?

A- Yes, she has a special someone she calls her best friend forever, and they had a big party to celebrate.

Q- What kind of books does Olivia like?

A- Olivia loves reading stories that take her on adventures without leaving her room.

Q- Can Olivia cook?

A- Yes, she enjoys making delicious treats that make everyone smile.

Q- What does Olivia like to make?

A- She loves art and crafts, creating colorful and fun things.

Q- What music does Olivia listen to?

A- Olivia enjoys dancing and singing to her favorite songs.

Q- Does Olivia like gardening?

A- Yes, she has fun growing beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables in her garden.


So, kids, we’ve learned a lot about Olivia Namath together. She’s not just famous because her dad was great at football, but also because she’s a cool person with her own fun life. Olivia likes doing lots of stuff like hanging out at the beach, playing with pets, and making art. She reminds us that everyone has their own story, just like you and me. Plus, she shows us it’s awesome to be kind and work hard. Remember, being happy and having fun with family and friends is super important. That’s the end of our adventure with Olivia. Thanks for joining!

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