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Shyheim Jenkins Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Shyheim Jenkins, better known by his stage name Shyheim, is an American rapper and actor from New York. Born on November 14, 1979, Shyheim rose to fame at a young age when he released his debut album AKA The Rugged Child at just 14 years old in 1994. He quickly gained recognition for his raw talent and unique flow, catching the attention of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

Throughout his career, Shyheim has collaborated with Wu-Tang members such as Method Man and Ghostface Killah, solidifying his place within the hip-hop community. But Shyheim is not only a talented artist, he is also a dedicated father and family man. Despite facing personal struggles and legal issues, Shyheim has continued to make music and act in films and TV shows. As of 2021, he has a net worth of approximately $1 million. Standing at 5’10”, Shyheim’s career and legacy continue to inspire the next generation of hip-hop artists.

Who is Shyheim Jenkins?

Shyheim Jenkins, who we also call Shyheim, is a famous music person. He started making music when he was very young, just like some of you might start learning to play an instrument or sing. Imagine being only 14 and creating music that lots of people listen to! That’s what Shyheim did. He became friends with some really important music people called the Wu-Tang Clan. They are a big deal in music, and Shyheim got to make songs with them. Besides singing and rapping, Shyheim also acted in movies and TV shows, just like the characters you see on your favorite shows. He has a family and works hard to make music and be a good dad. Even when things got tough for him, he kept going. Isn’t that pretty cool?

Early Life and Education

Shyheim Jenkins, who everyone calls Shyheim, was once a little kid just like you. He was born in a big, busy city called New York on November 14, 1979. Growing up, Shyheim was a lot like other kids. He went to school, played with his friends, and had fun. But there was something special about him. Shyheim loved music more than anything. Even when he was young, he dreamed of making his songs. So, he started learning how to rap. Rapping is like telling a story with a rhythm. Imagine talking to your friends with a beat; that’s what Shyheim started doing when he was about your age.

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He didn’t go to a special school for music, but he learned from the world around him. He listened to other musicians, practiced a lot, and always tried his best. The school was still important, though. Just like you learn math, reading, and science, Shyheim went to school every day. He knew that understanding different things would help him become a better artist. Remember, even famous rappers like Shyheim had to do their homework and study hard when they were kids.

Parents and Siblings

Shyheim Jenkins, who makes awesome music as Shyheim, has a family just like you! Imagine having a mom and dad who support your dreams from when you’re very small. That’s how it was for Shyheim. He was born into a family that loved music, and this love helped him become the great artist he is today. Shyheim hasn’t talked much about his mom and dad or if he has brothers or sisters, just like how sometimes, you might keep things about your family just for you and your family. But one thing is sure, his family must be really proud of all the cool things he’s done, from rapping to acting, and even being a super dad. Just like your family cheers for you when you do something great, Shyheim’s family cheers for him too!

Wife and Girlfriend

Shyheim Jenkins, also known as Shyheim in his music world, keeps his heart matters pretty private. Just like in stories where some characters like to keep a secret box, Shyheim has his secret box about his heart’s stories. We don’t know if he has a special someone, like a girlfriend, or if he has been married like a prince in fairy tales. What’s important to remember is that Shyheim, with his big heart, focuses a lot on his music and being a super dad.

Just like how in some of your favorite cartoons, characters go on adventures and take care of their friends and family, Shyheim does the same in real life. He makes sure to create wonderful music that people enjoy and takes good care of his family. So, even though we don’t know if there’s a Mrs. Shyheim or a special girlfriend, we know for sure that Shyheim fills his life with love through his music and his family.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Shyheim Jenkins, our cool rapper friend, was born on a special day, November 14, 1979. This means he gets to celebrate his birthday with cakes and candles every year, just like you do! Now, if we do some quick math, we can figure out how old he is. But what’s fun about Shyheim is not just how old he is, but how he looks when he’s rapping on stage or acting in movies.

He’s not too tall and not too short, standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. That’s like stacking almost six rulers on top of each other! As for his weight, he keeps himself fit so he can perform his best, whether he’s in the studio making music or on set for a movie.

Shyheim has a cool way of dressing up and a smile that lights up the room. He often wears hats and cool sneakers, which you might like too. Just imagine him dancing and rapping, looking stylish and happy. That’s our friend Shyheim for you!

Shyheim Jenkins Career

Shyheim Jenkins, also known as just Shyheim, has a cool job – he makes music and acts in shows and movies! Imagine being able to sing your songs and also pretend to be different characters on TV or in films. Shyheim started doing this amazing job when he was just a little bit older than you, at 14 years old. That’s like if, in a few years, you started performing in front of lots of people! He made an album called AKA the Rugged Child, which is like a big book of songs he created. People liked it, and he became famous.

Shyheim didn’t stop there; he kept making more music and even worked with some famous friends called the Wu-Tang Clan. They are a group of musicians who are very good at rapping, which is a way to tell stories with music. Shyheim also acted, which means he pretended to be different people in movies and TV shows, making believe world seem real. Isn’t it cool to think about doing something like that when you grow up?

Social Media Presence

Shyheim Jenkins, who you know as the cool rapper Shyheim, also likes to share bits of his life on the internet, just like how you might enjoy showing your friends and family the cool things you do. He uses special apps on his computer and phone, like Instagram and Twitter, where he can post pictures, videos, and messages. It’s like when you draw a picture or write a story and want to show it to everyone.

Shyheim shares about his music, the shows he’s in, and sometimes even what he does every day! It’s a way for him to say “hi” to all his fans without having to be in the same room. Think of it like sending a digital high-five to people all over the world. And the best part? His fans can send him messages back, telling him how much they love his music or movies. It’s a fun way for Shyheim to keep in touch with people who like his work, kind of like how you keep in touch with your friends and family.

Net Worth and Achievement

Shyheim Jenkins, also known as our rapper friend Shyheim, has done some amazing things in his music and acting career. Imagine having a big treasure chest; that’s kind of like what Shyheim has, but instead of gold and jewels, it’s filled with songs, albums, and movies he’s made. People enjoy his music and movies, which has helped him earn a lot of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. If you put all those coins together, it’s like having a big mountain of money! They say his mountain of money is around $1 million. That’s like if you saved up all your birthday money for a long time!

Shyheim didn’t just make music and act; he also got to work with some super famous music friends, the Wu-Tang Clan, and that’s a big deal! It’s like being part of a superhero team but in the music world. He got special awards and lots of claps and cheers for being so good at what he does. Even though we didn’t talk about every single award or pat on the back he got, just know Shyheim has a lot to be proud of, and so many people think he’s done an awesome job.

Shyheim Jenkins Hobbies

  • Shyheim loves making music, kind of like how you might enjoy playing games or drawing pictures. It’s his favorite thing to do, even when he’s not doing it for work!
  • Playing basketball is another fun thing Shyheim likes. Imagine running and jumping with the ball, trying to score points against your friends.
  • Watching movies is something Shyheim enjoys too. It’s like when you watch your favorite cartoons or movies and feel super happy or excited.
  • Shyheim also likes spending time with his family. Playing games, going to the park, or just hanging out at home makes him happy.
  • Reading books can be a hobby as well. Shyheim might read stories that take him on adventures, just like the ones you love to hear before bedtime.
  • Writing is not just for songs. Shyheim writes down thoughts and stories, kind of like keeping a diary or making up your tales.

Interesting Facts About Shyheim Jenkins

  • Shyheim was only 14 years old when he made his first music album. That’s like being in 8th grade and already being a music star!
  • He has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan, a group of very famous music artists. Imagine being part of a team with some of the coolest rappers around!
  • Shyheim also acts in movies and TV shows. It’s like being a superhero in music and then turning into a movie star too.
  • Even though he is super busy, Shyheim loves spending time with his family. Family time is just as important to him as making music.
  • He started showing his talent in music at a very young age, almost as young as you are now! That shows you can start following your dreams at any age.
  • Shyheim has a big heart and uses his music to share his feelings and stories with the world.
  • He likes to share bits of his life on social media, just like sharing your favorite drawings or stories with friends.


Q- How did Shyheim start making music?

A- Shyheim began creating tunes when he was super young, almost your age because he loved music a lot.

Q- Is Shyheim friends with the Wu-Tang Clan?

A- Yes, he made songs with them and they are like a music family.

Q- Can Shyheim act in movies too?

A- Absolutely! Besides singing, he pretends to be different people in movies and TV shows, just like a game of make-believe.

Q- How tall is Shyheim?

A- He’s as tall as six stacked rulers, or 5 feet 10 inches.

Q- Does Shyheim like to play basketball?

A- Yup, he enjoys playing basketball just like you might like playing at the park.

Q- What does Shyheim do for fun besides music?

A- He watches movies, hangs out with his family, reads books, and even writes stories.

Q- Did Shyheim go to a special school for music?

A- No, he learned music by listening and practicing a lot, not at a special school but from the world around him.


Shyheim Jenkins, who we know as Shyheim the rapper, is like a superhero in the world of music and movies. He started sharing his music with the world when he was just a little older than you, showing us that you can chase your dreams at any age. He’s part of a cool music team with the Wu-Tang Clan and makes his songs that tell stories.

Plus, he pretends to be different people on TV and in movies, which is super fun. Shyheim also loves to play basketball, watch movies, hang out with his family, read books, and write his own stories. He reminds us to keep doing what we love, share our talents with others, and always spend time with our families. Shyheim’s story is like a big adventure book, full of music, acting, and fun times with family and friends. Let’s learn from him and remember to follow our dreams, be kind, and always keep smiling and sharing our stories, just like Shyheim does.

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