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Theresa Harrison Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Have you ever heard of Theresa Harrison? She is the Founder and President of GEORGE STREET Services, Inc. which helps companies with technology and management services. Theresa is a successful businesswoman who is focused on growing her company and making sure her employees and clients are happy. She has a strong vision for the future and works hard to make it a reality. Theresa is also a mom and takes care of her family while running her business. She is an inspiration to many people, especially women who want to be leaders in the business world. In 2024, she will be even more successful and her company will continue to thrive. Keep an eye out for Theresa Harrison and her amazing accomplishments!

Who is Theresa Harrison?

Theresa Harrison is a super smart lady who made her own company called GEORGE STREET Services, Inc. Imagine you have a big box of Legos. Now, imagine building something cool with those Legos that help people do their jobs better. That’s kind of what Theresa does but with technology and helping businesses! She’s like the captain of a ship, guiding her team to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy. Not only does she make sure her company is doing great things, but she also cares a lot about her team and the people they help. Plus, Theresa is a mom! She balances taking care of her family and running her big company. She shows us that with hard work and caring for others, you can achieve your dreams. Isn’t that awesome?

Early Life and Education

Theresa Harrison was once a little girl with big dreams. Just like how some kids love to play with puzzles, Theresa loved solving problems and coming up with cool ideas. When she was about your age, she probably went to a school much like yours. Imagine sitting in a classroom, learning about numbers, reading stories, and maybe even playing with some tech gadgets. That’s how Theresa started to learn about the world. As she grew up, she didn’t stop learning.

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She went to a bigger school called a college, where she learned even more about how to use technology to help people. It’s like going from playing with small Lego sets to building a huge Lego castle! Theresa worked very hard in school, studying lots of subjects that helped her become the smart lady she is today. She learned not just about computers and tech stuff but also about how to work with other people and make good plans. All of this learning helped Theresa to build her own company and become a leader, showing that doing your homework and paying attention in class really can help you achieve your dreams!

Parents and Siblings

When Theresa Harrison was just a little girl, she had a family just like you might have. Think of your mom, dad, and maybe brothers or sisters you play with, or have fun talks with during dinner time. Theresa’s family was her first team. Her mom and dad were like her first teachers, showing her how to be kind, work hard, and believe in her dreams. Just like how you might learn to share your toys or help out around the house, Theresa learned important lessons from her family that helped her become the leader she is today.

If Theresa has brothers or sisters, they were probably her first friends and teammates. Imagine playing games, building forts, or doing homework together. That’s how Theresa started learning about teamwork and caring for others. Every family is unique, but it’s the love and lessons they share that help us grow. Theresa’s family helped her to be strong, smart, and ready to make her big dreams come true, just like your family helps you learn and grow every day!

Husband and Boyfriend

Theresa Harrison, the lady who makes technology and management feel like building with the coolest Lego set, also has a heart full of love! Just like in your favorite fairy tales where princesses and princes find their best friends, Theresa has someone special in her life too. Think of your best friend, the one you share your snacks with, tell your secrets to, or laugh with until your belly hurts. That’s kind of like having a boyfriend or a husband when you’re all grown up.

It’s about finding your favorite person to share big dreams, fun times, and even not-so-fun times. We don’t know much about this part of Theresa’s life because she likes to keep some things just between her and her closest ones, like a treasure chest of personal jewels. Just like how some stories are just for you and your best friend, Theresa keeps her love story special and just for them.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Talking about someone’s age, how much they weigh, or how tall they are can be kind of like guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar—it’s not the most important thing about them, but it’s something people are curious about. When it comes to Theresa Harrison, imagine she’s like your favorite teacher or a superhero from your best-loved cartoon. What matters is how she uses her brain and heart to make her company a cool place and help others, not exactly how tall she is or the number on a scale.

For her physical appearance, think of Theresa as having a big smile that lights up a room, just like when your best friend or mom smiles at you. That smile is her superpower—it makes her and everyone around her feel happy and ready to take on big challenges. Theresa shows us that being kind, smart, and hardworking shines brighter than anything else. Remember, it’s not about how many inches tall someone is, but how big their dreams are and how they work to make them come true.

Theresa Harrison Career

Theresa Harrison has a cool job, just like a superhero who helps people with her magic powers! But instead of a cape, she uses computers and her brain to solve problems. She started a company named GEORGE STREET, where she and her team make sure computers and other tech stuff work great for people who need them. It’s like when you build something awesome with your toys and share it with friends to play together. Theresa is the leader, making sure everyone is happy and everything runs smoothly, just like when you’re the captain of your soccer team, leading your friends to have fun and win the game!

Social Media Presence

Theresa Harrison is like a treasure hunter, but instead of searching for gold, she looks for friends and ideas online! She uses places on the internet called social media to share stories about her adventures in helping people with technology. Imagine posting pictures of your LEGO creations or fun times at the park – that’s what Theresa does with her work and happy moments. She likes to connect with others, showing how her big brain and kind heart make the world a better place. So, if you’re curious, you can peek into her online treasure chest and see the cool stuff she shares!

Net Worth and Achievement

Imagine you’re playing a video game where you start with just a few coins, and as you get better and go on more adventures, you collect more and more coins. That’s a bit like Theresa Harrison’s journey with her company, GEORGE STREET. She started with a small idea, like a tiny seed, and worked very hard, watering it with her smarts and care, until it grew into a big, strong tree with lots of fruits and leaves. The fruits are like the money her company makes because it does such good work helping people with technology.

People think Theresa’s tree of success has grown so big that it might be filled with millions of coins! But remember, it’s not just about the coins; it’s about how many people she helps and the good things she does. Theresa also collects achievements like shiny stars in a game. She has been recognized for being a super leader and for making her company a great place where people love to work. Each award is like a badge of honor. Showing how amazing she is at solving puzzles in the business world and helping her team and clients to be happy. Just like when you do something great and get a gold star. Theresa’s stars shine bright because of her hard work and big heart.

Theresa Harrison Hobbies

  • Theresa Harrison loves to read big books full of adventures and mysteries, just like the stories you hear before bedtime. She imagines herself going on these adventures too!
  • She enjoys playing games that make her think hard, like puzzles you might do on a rainy day. These games help her solve big problems at work too.
  • Theresa likes to go on long walks, almost like a treasure hunt where she discovers new things around her neighborhood or in parks.
  • She’s also a fan of painting and creating beautiful art. Kind of like when you color in your favorite coloring book. But she makes her pictures from scratch.
  • Cooking is another fun activity for Theresa. She experiments with recipes, mixing ingredients like a scientist to make yummy treats for her family and friends.
  • Lastly, Theresa loves spending time with her family, playing games, and having picnics. It’s like having your best friends over for a playdate, but it’s with the people she loves the most.

Interesting Facts About Theresa Harrison

Did you know Theresa Harrison has some super fun secrets? First off, she loves to dance when no one is watching, just like you might in your room! She turns up her favorite music and dances like she’s in her music video.

  • Imagine spinning around and jumping with joy, that’s Theresa! Theresa also has a special talent for telling stories.
  • She can make up tales that sound like they’re from a magical book, full of adventures and mysterious lands.
  • Picture sitting around a campfire, hanging on to every word as she takes you on an imaginary journey.
  • Here’s a cool fact: Theresa is good at building things out of LEGO, not just businesses.
  • She once built a giant castle that had its drawbridge and towers. It’s like she brings her work skills home and creates awesome stuff for fun.
  • And guess what? Theresa has a secret recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
  • She says it’s a secret ingredient that makes them so yummy, but she won’t tell anyone what it is! It’s like she’s a chef with magic cooking powers.
  • Lastly, Theresa loves to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, just like you! She believes that you’re never too old to enjoy some fun stories and cool characters on TV.
  • It’s a little reminder that she keeps her inner child alive and laughing.


Q- What does Theresa Harrison do?

A- She’s like a superhero who uses her brain to solve puzzles with computers and technology, making her company and people happy.

Q- How did Theresa start her company?

A- Think of planting a tiny seed and taking care of it every day until it grows into a big, strong tree. That’s what Theresa did with her smart ideas and hard work.

Q- Does Theresa have any special talents?

A- Yes! She’s great at dancing like no one’s watching, telling magical stories, building cool stuff with LEGO, baking yummy cookies with a secret ingredient, and even watching cartoons!

Q- What kinds of things does Theresa like to do for fun?

A- She loves reading adventure books, solving puzzles, walking like on a treasure hunt, painting beautiful pictures, cooking tasty treats, and having picnics with her family.

Q- Why does Theresa keep some things private?

A- Just like how some treasures are just for you, Theresa keeps her love story and special moments to herself because they’re very special.


Theresa Harrison’s biography fills in as a demonstration of the force of flexibility and assurance in defeating difficulty. From her modest starting points to her astounding accomplishments, Harrison’s process epitomizes the quintessence of constancy and fortitude. All through her life story, we witness the extraordinary effect of enthusiasm and commitment in forming one’s fate.

Harrison’s steadfast obligation to her objectives, combined with her capacity to explore difficulties with elegance, moves incalculable people to constantly seek after their fantasies. As we consider her life’s account, we are reminded that achievement isn’t just characterized by awards and achievements. But by the strength of character and the profundity of one’s effect on others. Theresa Harrison’s inheritance reaches out a long way past the pages of her life story. Making a permanent imprint on the hearts and psyches of the people who hope against hope strongly and live truly.

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