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Cleo Kinnaman: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Cleo Kinnaman is a renowned Swedish tattoo artist and model who has captured the attention of the public with her unique black-and-grey tattooing style. Born as Cleo Wattenström, she rose to fame through her marriage to actor Joel Kinnaman but has made a name for herself in the tattoo industry with her artistic talent and passion for the craft.

As of 2024, Cleo has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry, admired by fans and fellow artists alike. Her social media presence, where she shares her artwork and personal life, has also contributed to her popularity. Despite her divorce from Joel in 2018, Cleo continues to thrive in her career and has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. Standing at a height of 5’8″, Cleo’s journey to success and her unique approach to tattooing make her a highly sought-after artist in the industry.

Who is Cleo Kinnaman?

Cleo Kinnaman is like a wizard, but instead of using a magic wand, she uses her tattoo machine to create amazing pictures on people’s skin that stay there forever. Just like in your favorite storybook where characters go on adventures, Cleo has gone on her adventure from being a little girl in Sweden to becoming a famous tattoo artist and model.

She’s kind of like a superhero of the art world because she can transform plain skin into beautiful stories. Cleo has lots of friends on the internet who love to see the art she makes and the fun places she goes. She’s not just good at drawing on skin; she also looks great in photos and loves to share parts of her life with people from all around the world.

Early Life and Education

Cleo Kinnaman’s story starts in a place far away called Belgium, where she was born. When she was still a little girl, she moved to Sweden, a country known for its beautiful forests and cool weather. Imagine moving to a whole new country when you’re just a kid! Sweden is where Cleo started going to school, just like you.

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School is where we learn to read, write, and make friends. Cleo was probably very curious and loved to draw, even back then. She didn’t go to a special school for tattoo artists; instead, she learned a lot by practicing and being really interested in drawing. It’s like when you learn to play a new game or get better at sports. Cleo showed that if you love doing something, you can learn to do it well, even if you start learning at school or in your backyard.

Parents and Siblings

Cleo Kinnaman comes from a family that is a bit of a mystery, just like a secret garden. We don’t know much about her mom and dad, or even if she has brothers and sisters running around. It’s like Cleo’s family is hidden behind a magical door, and we haven’t found the key yet! Imagine if you had a secret family nobody else knew about – that’s kind of what it’s like when we try to learn about Cleo’s family.

What we do know is that Cleo loves to create beautiful art and share it with the world, no matter where she comes from or who her family is. Just like a flower doesn’t need to tell us where it’s from to be beautiful, Cleo doesn’t need to tell us all about her family to share her amazing tattoos with us.

Husband and Boyfriend

Cleo Kinnaman was once married to a man named Joel Kinnaman. Joel is not just any man; he’s like a hero from the movies. Imagine your favorite superhero or prince from a storybook – that’s kind of what Joel is like because he’s an actor. He acts in movies and TV shows, playing parts where sometimes he saves the day.

Cleo and Joel decided to get married, which is like having a big party where you promise to be best friends forever. But, just like sometimes friends can decide not to play together anymore, Cleo and Joel decided not to be married anymore in 2018. Now, Cleo might have new friends or boyfriends, but she likes to keep it a secret, so it’s like a mystery.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Cleo Kinnaman is a bit of a mystery when it comes to how old she is. She likes to keep her birthday a secret, so people have to guess! Imagine having a birthday that’s a secret, like a special surprise only you know about. She’s not very tall but just the right height to be both a super tattoo artist and a model.

Cleo looks strong like she could easily spend all day making her beautiful tattoos without getting tired. She has cool hair and a smile that shows she loves what she does. Cleo doesn’t talk much about how much she weighs, because that’s not the most important thing about her. What’s special is how she creates art and shares it with the world.

Cleo Kinnaman Career

Cleo Kinnaman is like a super artist but for people’s skin instead of paper. She uses special tools to draw pictures of people that stay there forever, called tattoos. Cleo is famous because she is good at making tattoos that look like they are just black and white, like an old TV show, but much prettier. She started making tattoos when she was very young, almost like when you learn to ride a bike.

People from all over the world want her to give them tattoos because they think her art is very special. Besides drawing on skin, Cleo has also been in magazines, showing off her tattoos and sometimes being a model, which means she poses for photos. She didn’t just wake up one day and was good at this; she practiced a lot, like when you practice writing your name.

Social Media Presence

Cleo Kinnaman is good at using social media, like Instagram. She has lots of people who follow her because they like seeing the beautiful tattoos she makes and parts of her life she shares. Cleo puts up pictures that show her making tattoos, some of the fun places she visits, and sometimes her cute dog too! It’s like when you draw a cool picture and you want all your friends to see it, so you show it to them.

That’s what Cleo does with her art on the internet. She doesn’t just keep her awesome drawings to herself; she lets the whole world see them. And guess what? People from all over the world love her pictures and the stories she tells about them. It’s kind of like having a big online scrapbook that everyone can see and enjoy.

Net Worth and Achievement

Cleo Kinnaman is not just a super cool tattoo artist, she has also done a lot of amazing things! People think she has a lot of money because she’s good at her job. Some people say she might have more than a million dollars! That’s like having a giant mountain of toys, but instead, it’s money because she makes such beautiful tattoos.

Cleo has also been on the cover of magazines because people love her art so much. It’s like when you draw something awesome and everyone in the class wants to see it. That’s how good she is! Plus, she’s known all over the world for her black and grey tattoos, making her even more special. Isn’t that cool?

Cleo Kinnaman: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

Cleo Kinnaman Hobbies

  • Cleo loves to read books. She has many books and always finds new ones to enjoy.
  • Traveling is one of her favorite things to do. She has visited many places around the world.
  • Making tattoos is not just her job, it’s also something she likes to do for fun.
  • Cleo enjoys spending time with her cute dog. They play together and go for walks.
  • Being with her friends is important to her. They have fun, laugh, and make good memories.
  • Learning new things keeps her busy. She likes to know about different stuff, not just tattoos.
  • Taking pictures is a hobby too. She sometimes models but also takes photos of things she likes.

Interesting Facts About Cleo Kinnaman

  • Cleo was born in Belgium but she grew up in Sweden, which is pretty far away.
  • She loves to travel and has seen many cool places around the world.
  • Cleo learned how to make tattoos when she was just a teenager.
  • She can make tattoos that look like real pictures, mostly using black and grey colors.
  • Cleo was once on a magazine cover because people think she’s very good at what she does.
  • She likes animals a lot and has a cute dog she shares pictures of.
  • Even though Cleo is famous, she enjoys simple things like reading and being with friends.
  • She has a big collection of books and loves to learn new things.


Q: How old is Cleo Kinnaman?

A: Cleo keeps her birthday private, so we need to guess her age.

Q: What does Cleo do for work?

A: She makes beautiful tattoos and sometimes models for photos.

Q: Was Cleo married?

A: Yes, she was married to Joel Kinnaman, a movie star, but now they are not married anymore.

Q: Does Cleo have brothers or sisters?

A: It’s not clear if she has siblings, she keeps her family life pretty quiet.

Q: How tall is Cleo?

A: Exact details about her height are not shared much.

Q: What kind of tattoos does Cleo like to make?

A: She loves making tattoos that are in black and grey colors.

Q: Is Cleo on Instagram or Facebook?

A: Yes, Cleo shows her art and parts of her life on social media like Instagram.


In conclusion, Cleo Kinnaman is a super-talented tattoo artist and a model who comes from Sweden. She was once married to a famous actor, Joel Kinnaman, but now they are not together. Cleo is famous for her amazing tattoo work, especially the black-and-grey ones. A lot of people like to see her art and know about her life on social media.

She keeps on being an important person in the tattoo world because she creates beautiful art. Cleo also enjoys doing fun things in her free time and has some interesting stories about her life. If you like art or tattoos, you might find Cleo very cool and inspiring!

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