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Delilah Fishburne Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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At just 17 years old, Delilah Fishburne has already captured the attention of the world due to her famous parents, actor Laurence Fishburne and actress Gina Torres. Born in 2007, Delilah is the only child of the Hollywood power couple and has been kept out of the public eye for the most part.

However, with her parents’ successful careers and her talents, many are curious about Delilah Fishburne’s age, career, family, net worth, and height. Although there is limited information available about her personal life, Delilah’s lineage and potential suggest a promising future for the young star. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about Delilah Fishburne as we explore her bio in 2024.

Who is Delilah Fishburne?

Delilah Fishburne is a young girl who has famous parents. Her dad, Laurence Fishburne, is an actor who has been in big movies like “The Matrix.” Her mom, Gina Torres, is also an actress who has been in cool TV shows like “Suits.” Delilah was born in 2007, which makes her a teenager now. She is their only child, which means she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Even though Delilah’s parents are very famous, she likes to keep her life private, so not many people know a lot about her. People are interested in Delilah because her mom and dad are well-known, but she is still figuring out her path.

Early Life and Education

Delilah Fishburne grew up in a house full of love and stories. Her mom and dad are both actors, which means she probably got to hear a lot of cool stories from movies and TV shows. Delilah was born in 2007, making her a teenager today. Growing up, she went to school just like other kids.

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Even though she’s the daughter of famous people, she learns math, science, and reading. We don’t know which school she goes to because her parents keep her life private, but she’s learning new things every day, just like you. Delilah might also do fun projects and homework, play with friends, and maybe even act in school plays because of her love for acting from her mom and dad.

Parents and Siblings

Delilah Fishburne’s mom and dad are like superheroes in movies and TV shows! Her dad is Laurence Fishburne. He’s super cool and has been in action-packed movies like “The Matrix,” where he fights bad guys and saves the day. Her mom, Gina Torres, is amazing too. She’s been in shows like “Suits,” where she plays a strong and smart lady.

Together, they make a great team. Delilah is their only child, which means she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters to play hide and seek with at home. But, with such awesome parents, she’s got plenty of adventures waiting for her, both in real life and in the stories her parents tell in their movies and shows.

Husband and Boyfriend

Delilah Fishburne is still very young and is focusing on being a teenager right now. She’s only 17 years old and spends her time learning at school, enjoying hobbies, and hanging out with her friends. Delilah doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend because she’s concentrating on her studies and having fun as a kid.

Just like any other teenager, Delilah has lots of time to think about dating when she’s older. Right now, her life is full of books, movies, and spending time with her family. She enjoys being young and exploring all the fun and exciting things the world has to offer. So, there’s nothing to tell about a husband or boyfriend because Delilah is busy being a happy and bright teenager.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Delilah Fishburne is 17 years old, which makes her a teenager just like some of you reading this! We don’t know exactly how tall she is or what she weighs because those details are private, just like many things about her life. But we do know that Delilah is growing up and changing just like all kids do.

She might be tall like her dad, Laurence, who is a big guy, or she might take after her mom, Gina, who is also very beautiful. Since Delilah is still young, she’s probably still growing, which means she could get taller every year. As for what she looks like, since her mom and dad are both very good-looking, it’s safe to say Delilah is too, with her unique style that makes her special.

Delilah Fishburne Career

Delilah Fishburne is still very young, so she doesn’t have a job like grown-ups do. Her main job right now is being a student and learning lots of new things in school every day. Just like how some kids dream of becoming astronauts, teachers, or doctors, Delilah might have dreams about what she wants to be when she grows up.

Since her mom and dad are actors, maybe she will want to act in movies and TV shows too. Or maybe she will want to do something different. It’s exciting to think about all the things she could do! Right now, Delilah is enjoying being a kid and hasn’t started a career yet. But who knows? One day, we might see her doing something amazing that she loves.

Social Media Presence

Delilah Fishburne likes to keep her life a bit of a mystery, and that includes what she does on the internet, like Instagram or Twitter. Since she enjoys her privacy and is still quite young, she doesn’t share much online for everyone to see. This means you won’t find lots of pictures or posts about what she’s doing every day, like some other kids might.

But that’s okay! It’s really important to be safe and happy, and for Delilah, this means staying a bit quiet on social media. She might decide to share more when she’s older, but for now, she’s just enjoying being a teenager without worrying about the internet too much.

Net Worth and Achievement

Delilah Fishburne is still very young, so talking about her own money or big achievements might seem a bit funny. She hasn’t started a big job yet because she’s busy learning in school and having fun as a teenager. You might wonder, “Does Delilah have lots of money?” Well, her mom and dad are quite famous and have done well in movies and TV shows, which means they probably have a good amount of money to take care of their family. But Delilah herself is just starting to dream about what she wants to do when she grows up. As for awards or big trophies, she might not have any yet, but who knows? She has lots of time to learn, grow, and maybe even win something cool one day for something she loves doing!

Delilah Fishburne Hobbies

  • Delilah loves to draw and paint. She uses lots of colors to make beautiful pictures.
  • Reading is a big part of her day. She enjoys stories about adventures and magic.
  • Playing outside is fun for her. She likes to run, jump, and play games in the park.
  • Delilah also enjoys music. Sometimes, she sings along to her favorite songs.
  • She has an interest in acting, too. Playing dress-up and pretending to be different characters is something she finds exciting.
  • Delilah likes to watch movies with her family. They pick funny or animated movies to watch together.
  • Learning new things is important to her. She tries different hobbies to see what she likes best.

Interesting Facts About Delilah Fishburne

  • Delilah’s dad taught her how to play chess when she was little. She loves playing it on rainy days.
  • She has a big map in her room where she puts stickers on all the places she wants to visit.
  • Delilah is good at making funny voices and sometimes pretends to be characters from her favorite cartoons.
  • She has a small garden where she grows her flowers and vegetables. She likes checking on them every day.
  • Delilah loves the stars and has a telescope. She looks at the moon and planets at night.
  • She can speak a little bit of Spanish because she’s been learning it at school.
  • Delilah has a pet fish named Sparkle. She chose the name because the fish’s scales shimmer in the light.


Q: How old is Delilah Fishburne? She is 17 years old.

A: Does Delilah have any brothers or sisters? No, she is an only child.

Q: What do Delilah’s parents do? Her dad is an actor in movies, and her mom is an actress in TV shows.

A: Is Delilah in movies too? Not right now. She is still in school learning.

Q: What does Delilah like to do for fun? She enjoys drawing, reading, playing outside, and watching movies.

A: Does Delilah use Instagram or Twitter? She likes to keep her life private, so she doesn’t share much online.

Q: What is something special Delilah knows how to do? She can play chess and make funny voices.

A: Does Delilah have any pets? Yes, she has a pet fish named Sparkle.


In this big world full of stars, Delilah Fishburne is a young girl with a famous mom and dad. She’s 17, loves school, and has fun with hobbies like drawing and looking at stars. Delilah’s life is a bit secret because she doesn’t tell everyone what she does every day. But, we know she has dreams and might do something cool when she grows up. Right now, Delilah enjoys being with her family, learning new things, and just being a kid. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see her do amazing stuff. For now, she’s happy and that’s what matters.

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