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Khaza Kamil Gates: Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Khaza Kamil Gates, the son of renowned rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates, is a familiar name to fans of the Gates family. Born on March 10, 2014, Khaza Kamil is currently seven years old and has already captured the hearts of many with his adorable presence. With a famous father like Kevin Gates, it’s no surprise that Khaza Kamil has already become a star in his own right.

As he continues to grow, fans are eager to learn more about his life and what the future holds for him. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Khaza Kamil Gates, his age, family, potential career, net worth, and height as of 2024. Let’s dive in and discover more about this young rising star and his promising future ahead.

Who is Khaza Kamil Gates?

Khaza Kamil Gates is a young boy whose dad, Kevin Gates, is a famous rapper. His mom’s name is Dreka Gates, and she is cool too! Khaza was born when the calendar said March 10, 2014. This means he shares his birthday with lots of people around the world, but his day is special to his family.

Khaza has a sister, and together, they have lots of fun playing and learning new things every day. Even though Khaza is still a kid, many people know who he is because his parents share cute pictures and stories about him and his sister. Khaza likes to smile, play, and spend time with his family. Just like any kid, he’s growing up and might become anything he dreams of in the future!

Early Life and Education

Khaza Kamil Gates is growing up surrounded by love and music. His early years are filled with learning and fun. Because his dad is Kevin Gates, a famous rapper, Khaza might listen to lots of music at home. We don’t know which school Khaza goes to, but he’s at the age when he might be in first or second grade. At school, Khaza would learn to read, write, and do math, just like other kids.

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He probably also gets to play with friends and learn about the world around him. His parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, make sure he has everything he needs to grow up happy and smart. They might even teach him at home sometimes, showing him how to be kind and work hard. Just like any kid, Khaza is learning new things every day, making his early life exciting and full of discovery!

Parents and Siblings

Khaza Kamil Gates is lucky to have cool parents. His dad is Kevin Gates, who sings songs and raps, making music that lots of people enjoy listening to. Kevin shares his feelings and stories through his music. Khaza’s mom, Dreka Gates, is awesome too. She helps Kevin with his music and takes care of their family.

Together, they all have fun and share lots of love. Khaza also has a sister. She and Khaza play together, share toys, and learn new things. They are a happy family who support each other, always sticking together like best friends. Khaza’s family shows us how important it is to care for and help each other every day.

Wife and Girlfriend

Since Khaza Kamil Gates is still very young, being only seven years old, talking about a wife or girlfriend isn’t something that fits with where he is in life right now. At his age, Khaza is more focused on playing, learning at school, and enjoying time with his family and friends. Kids his age love to play games, explore new things, and make new friends. It’s a time for fun and discovery, far from the grown-up topics of marriage or dating. Khaza is at the beginning of his journey, where every day is about learning something exciting, having fun, and just being a kid.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Khaza Kamil Gates is a young boy who is seven years old, which means he’s growing up fast! We don’t have the exact numbers for how much he weighs or how tall he is because kids grow so quickly at his age. What we do know is that Khaza has a big smile that lights up any room he’s in. He has short hair, just like you might see on other kids at the playground.

Khaza looks a lot like his dad, Kevin Gates, especially around the eyes. You can often see him wearing cool and comfortable clothes, perfect for playing and having fun. Just like you, Khaza is growing and changing every day, getting taller and learning new things as he goes.

Khaza Kamil Gates Career

Khaza Kamil Gates is still a little boy, which means he’s too young to have a job like grown-ups do. Right now, his “career” is being a happy and curious kid! He spends his days playing, learning, and exploring the world around him. Just like other kids, Khaza is finding out what he loves to do, whether it’s drawing pictures, playing with toys, or running around in the park.

Sometimes, he might even help his mom and dad by being in pictures or videos that they share with people who like their music and stories. Who knows? One day, Khaza might decide to sing, act, or do something completely different. But for now, he’s enjoying the adventure of being a kid, and that’s the best job for him.

Social Media Presence

Khaza Kamil Gates is a little boy who sometimes appears on the internet, thanks to his mom and dad. His parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, like to share pictures and stories about their family online. This means Khaza can be seen on websites like Instagram and Twitter, where his mom and dad post updates about their adventures together.

Although Khaza is too young to have his own social media accounts, he is no stranger to the digital world. His adorable smiles and fun moments are captured and enjoyed by fans of his family from all over the place. When Khaza’s in photos or videos, it helps people see what life is like for him and his sister, making lots of people smile and feel happy.

Net Worth and Achievement

Khaza Kamil Gates is just seven years old, so talking about his net worth and achievements might seem a little funny. At his age, most kids are learning in school, playing with their toys, and just having a good time with family and friends. Khaza is more into playing games, exploring the world, and enjoying being a kid than earning money.

However, being part of a loving family is a big achievement for anyone, especially when you’re as young as Khaza. His dad and mom are always there to support him, and he learns new things every day. That’s a pretty cool “achievement” for a seven-year-old! So, while we can’t talk about dollars and big awards for Khaza, we can definitely say he’s rich in love and happiness, and that’s worth a lot!

Khaza Kamil Gates Hobbies

  • Playing with toys is something Khaza enjoys a lot, especially when they make cool sounds or move
  • He likes drawing pictures, sometimes of his family or things he sees around him
  • Running around in the park or in his backyard makes him very happy
  • Building things out of blocks or Legos can keep him busy for hours
  • Khaza also loves listening to music, maybe because his dad makes music too
  • When he watches cartoons, he laughs and talks about the adventures
  • Playing games on a tablet or computer is fun for him, but only for a little while
  • He has fun making up stories with his sister, pretending they are on big adventures

Interesting Facts About Khaza Kamil Gates

  • Khaza’s dad is a famous rapper, which means he gets to hear a lot of music
  • He was born on a day that is celebrated by people all over, March 10
  • Khaza has a big sister who plays and learns with him every day
  • Sometimes, Khaza appears in pictures and videos on the internet
  • He loves doing lots of fun activities like drawing and building with blocks
  • Khaza has a big smile that makes everyone around him happy
  • Even though he’s young, he’s known by lots of people because of his family
  • His parents teach him important things like being kind and working hard


Q: How old is Khaza Kamil Gates?

A: He is seven years old.

Q: Who are Khaza’s parents?

A: His dad is rapper Kevin Gates, and his mom is Dreka Gates.

Q: Does Khaza have any brothers or sisters?

A: Yes, he has a sister they play and learn together.

Q: What does Khaza like to do for fun?

A: He enjoys playing with toys, drawing, and running around outside.

Q: Can Khaza be found on social media?

A: He sometimes appears on his parents’ social media accounts.

Q: What kind of music does Khaza like?

A: Since his dad makes music, he probably enjoys listening to lots of different songs.

Q: Does Khaza go to school?

A: He’s at the age to be in first or second grade, learning new things every day.


In the end, Khaza Kamil Gates is a very special little boy because his dad, Kevin Gates, and his mom, Dreka Gates, are famous. They show how much they love him and his sister by sharing their family moments with all of us online. Even though Khaza is still very young, lots of people are excited to see what he will do when he grows up.

Will he sing like his dad or do something totally different? We don’t know yet, but it’s going to be fun to watch. Remember, being kind and working hard is important, just like Khaza’s family teaches him. That’s the end of our story about Khaza Kamil Gates, a kid with a big future ahead!

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