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Nieku Manshadi Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Nieku Manshadi may not be a household name, but his recent marriage to actress Elizabeth Lail has put him in the spotlight. However, there is much more to this pediatric dentist than his famous wife. Manshadi earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the prestigious University of the Pacific and has dedicated his career to providing dental care to children and underserved communities. While he may prefer to stay out of the public eye, his connection to Lail has brought some media attention to his personal and professional life. As we enter 2024, many are curious about Nieku Manshadi’s age, career, family, net worth, and height, so let’s take a closer look at this accomplished dentist.

Who is Nieku Manshadi?

Nieku Manshadi is a very kind dentist who helps kids have healthy smiles. He went to a big school to learn all about teeth and how to take care of them. Now, he works as a pediatric dentist, which means he is good at helping children feel comfortable and happy when they visit the dentist. Nieku loves making sure that every child leaves his office with a big, bright smile. He’s not just any dentist; he’s like a superhero for teeth, fighting cavities, and teaching kids how to brush and floss properly. Even though Nieku is married to a famous actress, Elizabeth Lail, he likes to keep his life private and focuses on making trips to the dentist fun and not scary for kids.


NameNieku Manshadi
DOB27th of March 1982
Age42 years
WifeElizabeth Lali
ParentsFarzin Manshadi and Mojgan Manshadi
Height6 feet
Weight68 kg

Early Life and Education

Nieku Manshadi started his journey a long time ago when he was just a kid, probably not much older than you! He grew up with his family, who loved him a lot and helped him learn right from wrong. When he was your age, Nieku went to a school just like you do. He learned to read, write, and so many other cool things.

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But Nieku loved learning about teeth and how to keep them healthy. So, after he finished school where kids go, he decided he wanted to learn even more! That’s why he went to a special school called the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific. There, he worked really hard and learned how to be a super dentist for kids. He learned all about brushing, flossing, and making sure kids have big, bright smiles.

Parents and Siblings

Nieku Manshadi has a family that’s a little bit like yours and mine. He has parents who love him very much. They helped him become the kind dentist he is today, teaching him to care for others and to always do his best. Nieku also has brothers or sisters. Just like you might play games, share secrets, or sometimes argue with your siblings, Nieku did the same with him when he was younger.

Imagine having a brother or sister to share your biggest dreams with or to help you when you’re feeling down. That’s what Nieku’s siblings are for him – a team of cheerleaders and friends. So, even though Nieku helps lots of kids with their teeth now, he started just like you, with a family who loves him and siblings to share life’s adventures.

Wife and Girlfriend

Nieku Manshadi is Elizabeth Lail’s husband. Elizabeth is famous because she acts in cool TV shows like “You,” playing a character named Beck, and in “Once Upon a Time” as Princess Anna. People started knowing about Nieku because Elizabeth is on TV, but Nieku is a dentist for kids, so he doesn’t usually get talked about much. They had a secret wedding party which made fans very excited.

Even though people are curious, Nieku and Elizabeth keep most things about their love story to themselves. They sometimes show small bits of their life on Instagram or when they go out. Their love story is special because it mixes two different worlds: TV shows and taking care of children’s teeth. Nieku shows he is a great husband by being there for Elizabeth while she is a star.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Nieku Manshadi is a grown-up man, but just like you, he has an age, weighs something, and is tall in a certain way. Imagine you’re stacking a bunch of toy blocks, one on top of another—that’s how we measure how tall Nieku is but with a tape measure! Nieku is as tall as when you stretch your arms way up high, trying to reach the sky. He has short hair, and kind eyes that sparkle when he smiles, and he always looks friendly, like someone you’d want to share your snacks with.

Since he works with kids. Nieku makes sure to dress in fun clothes sometimes so that everyone who visits him feels happy and not scared. Remember, it’s not just how tall someone is or what they look like that’s important, but how they make us feel—Nieku makes kids feel safe and smiley with their shiny teeth!

Nieku Manshadi Career

Nieku Manshadi is like a superhero for kids’ teeth! After learning a lot about teeth in a special dentist school, he decided he wanted to be a dentist for kids. This means he works in a place called a dental office. Where he has all sorts of tools to look inside your mouth and make sure your teeth are super strong and healthy.

Every day, Nieku puts on his dentist superhero cape (well, not a real cape, but you get the idea!) and helps kids learn the best ways to brush and floss. He makes sure every visit is fun, with no scary moments, so kids can leave with big smiles. Nieku doesn’t just check teeth; he teaches kids how to take care of their smiles for their whole life. That’s his job, and he loves doing it because he gets to help kids every single day!

Social Media Presence

Nieku Manshadi likes to keep things quiet and doesn’t share much online. But sometimes, he pops up in pictures with his wife, Elizabeth Lail, on the internet. Think of it like playing hide and seek, but instead of hiding behind trees. Nieku hides away from the busy online world. He prefers spending time making kids smile at his dentist’s office rather than posting lots of pictures or stories on websites like Instagram or Facebook. So, if you try to find Nieku online to see what he’s up to, you might not find much. But remember, just like in hide and seek, it’s not always about how easy it is to find someone. But knowing they’re having fun, just like Nieku does makes kids happy.

Net Worth and Achievement

Nieku Manshadi has done a lot of amazing things to help kids keep their teeth shiny and healthy. Think of him like a treasure hunter, but instead of looking for gold, he looks for ways to make smiles better. Because he’s such a good dentist for kids, he’s earned some special awards that are like gold stars on your homework. These awards are his way of knowing he’s doing a great job.

Talking about treasure, people are also curious about how much treasure Nieku has saved up from being a dentist. While it’s a bit like trying to guess how many candies are in a big jar at the candy store, some grown-ups think Nieku has saved up a lot of treasure because he’s so good at his job. But remember, the biggest treasure for Nieku isn’t money; it’s seeing kids smile with their sparkling teeth.

Nieku Manshadi Hobbies

  • Nieku Manshadi likes to have fun outside of work too.
  • He loves to go on adventures, kind of like going on a treasure hunt in your backyard.
  • Nieku enjoys riding his bicycle around town. Feeling the wind as he goes fast, just like when you run super fast at the park.
  • He is also a big fan of reading books. Imagine sitting down with a giant book of adventures and getting lost in magical worlds.
  • Cooking is another fun thing Nieku does. He mixes ingredients like a wizard creating potions, making yummy treats that make everyone smile.
  • When it’s sunny, Nieku likes to plant flowers and take care of his garden. It’s like he’s a superhero for plants, helping them grow big and strong.

Interesting Facts About Nieku Manshadi

  • Nieku once dressed up as a tooth fairy for a day at his dentist’s office, making all the kids laugh.
  • He can speak more than one language, which helps him talk to more kids and their families.
  • Nieku has a collection of funny toothbrushes that look like animals and superheroes.
  • Sometimes, he even sings songs to help kids feel less scared when they sit in the dentist’s chair.
  • Nieku loves to learn new things and once took a class just to make better balloon animals for his young patients.
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween because he gets to teach kids how to enjoy candy without hurting their teeth.
  • Nieku has a pet dog that knows tricks and sometimes comes to the office to greet the kids.


Q: How did Nieku become a dentist for kids?

A: Nieku went to a special school to learn how to take care of children’s teeth and make their smiles bright.

Q: Is Nieku married to an actress?

A: Yes, Nieku is married to Elizabeth Lail, who is known for being in TV shows.

Q: Does Nieku like to play games?

A: Yes, Nieku enjoys adventures and fun activities like riding his bicycle and reading big books of magical worlds.

Q: Can Nieku speak different languages?

A: Yes, he can talk in more than one language, helping him chat with lots of kids and families.

Q: What does Nieku do to make kids not scared of the dentist?

A: He dresses up like the tooth fairy, sings songs, and sometimes brings his pet dog to the office to make kids laugh and feel happy.


Nieku Manshadi is like a superhero for kids, making sure their smiles are big and bright. He learned lots about teeth at a special school and decided to become a dentist just for kids. Nieku loves his job because he gets to help children feel brave and happy when they visit him. He’s also married to a famous actress, but he likes to keep his life quiet and fun, just like playing hide and seek.

Nieku enjoys doing lots of things outside of work, like reading and biking. He’s someone who makes going to the dentist a fun adventure, with no scary moments. Remember, Nieku Manshadi is not just any dentist. He’s a dentist superhero, making the world a better place, one smile at a time.

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