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Shireen Mula Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Shireen Mula is a talented theatre-maker. She is half-Irish and half-Mauritian. She has a passion for creating new performances. Shireen spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia and has over 12 years of experience in the industry. Shireen loves the stage. It led her to work with theatre companies in both London and Kuala Lumpur. Her work appeals to audiences of all ages and has gained recognition. In her personal life, Shireen has a loving relationship. Her partner is Golda Rosheuvel. They met in the early 2010s at a friend’s party. She has a successful career and a loving family. Her net worth grows as she takes the stage with her creativity and talent. Keep an eye out for Shireen Mula. She will captivate audiences with her unique and inspiring performances.

Who is Shireen Mula?

Shireen Mula is a respected playwright. She has earned a reputation for her innovative and team-based approach to theatre. Shireen has a rich heritage. She is half-Irish and half-Mauritian. Her background influences her creative work. Shireen’s unique upbringing fostered her journey into theatre. She grew up in Saudi Arabia. It gave her a diverse take on storytelling and performance. She has worked for over a decade. She has helped the theatre scene in London and abroad.

Shireen has been instrumental in cross-cultural theatre projects. For example, she worked with Soho Theatre in London. She also worked with CloudBreak theatre company in Kuala Lumpur. She brought diverse stories and voices to the forefront. Shireen’s deep connection with the arts marks her personal life and her work. She shares her life with her partner, Golda Rosheuvel, who is also an actor. Together, they continue to explore the depths of theatrical expression and creativity. Shireen’s story is about passion, diversity, and relentless pursuit. She seeks artistic excellence in the world of theatre.

Early Life and Education

Shireen Mula had a rich tapestry of cultural influences in her early years. Her Irish and Mauritian heritage shaped her views as she grew up in the unique mix of Saudi Arabia. Her cross-cultural upbringing instilled in her an innate appreciation for diverse stories. It also taught her the universal language of storytelling. Shireen’s education journey reflects her eclectic background. She pursued her love for the arts from a young age. Attending international schools exposed her to a wide range of cultures and art. Her early years were full of exploration and creativity. They set the stage for her eventual entry into making theatre and writing plays.

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She went to the UK for college. There, she honed her skills and deepened her knowledge of theater. She dove into London’s vibrant theatre scene. She attended workshops and courses that expanded her understanding of drama and performance. During this time, she began to forge her path as a collaborative theatre-maker. She blended her diverse influences into her work. Her education gave her the technical skills for her craft. It also nurtured her unique voice as a playwright. This set the stage for her future success in theatre.

Parents and Siblings

Shireen Mula has a unique culture. It comes from her diverse family. Her mother is from Ireland and her father is from Mauritius. Her blend of Irish and Mauritian heritage has shaped her views and art. It has enriched her work with many cultural stories and traditions. Growing up in Saudi Arabia added to her global outlook. It shaped her into a versatile and empathetic storyteller.

Details about Shireen’s siblings are not well known. This indicates a possible preference to keep this part of her life private. But her family’s rich cultural tapestry played a big role. It molded her into the creative and innovative theatre-maker she is today. Her parents’ backgrounds and her upbringing helped make her successful. They gave a bad and inclusive perspective that is clear in her work.

Husband and Boyfriend

Shireen Mula is not known to have a husband. Her heart belongs to Golda Rosheuvel. She is a respected actress known for her skill on stage and screen. Their relationship blossomed over a decade ago. A shared love for the performing arts inspired it. The couple’s journey began in the early 2010s. It started with a lucky meeting at a mutual friend’s party.

Since then, their bond has grown. Mutual respect and a deep understanding made it strong. They understand the demands and joys of a life in the theatre. They do this while building a supportive and loving partnership. Their relationship is a testament to their shared values and commitment. They are away from the public eye. Shireen and Golda’s love story had a traditional start. It was personal. It shows the importance of connection and shared passions in making lasting relationships.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

In the performing arts, the focus often leans toward physicality and presence. But, Shireen Mula keeps a dignified stance. But, she keeps her details private. These details include her age, weight, and height. I won’t highlight specific details about her looks. I’ll do this to respect her privacy and focus on her professional achievements. People know Shireen for her dynamic presence and innovative theatre-making. Her talent and creative contributions to the stage often overshadow her physical attributes.

Shireen has not disclosed her age. But, her experiences and work suggest she is a seasoned professional. She has spent over a decade shaping the theatre. Professional platforms celebrate her physical appearance. It’s elegant and expressive, vital traits for a playwright and theatre-maker. They channel creativity into powerful performances. In the arts, a person’s work speaks volumes. Shireen Mula shows that age, weight, and height matter less to one’s legacy. What matters more is the art they create and share.

Career of Shireen Mula

Shireen Mula has marked her career in the arts with innovation and collaboration. She began her career in the theatre industry over a decade ago. She established herself as a visionary playwright and theater-maker. In her work, she bridges cultural gaps. She often reflects on her diverse background and the cultures she has been in. Shireen excels at creating compelling stories and delivering engaging performances. This talent has led her to work with esteemed theatre companies worldwide. She had a notable collaboration with Soho Theatre in London.

She also worked with CloudBreak Theater in Kuala Lumpur. It showcased her ability to work across cultural boundaries to create meaningful art. Her projects span from plays for children to complex dramas for adults. They highlight her versatile approach to storytelling. Throughout her career, Shireen has stayed committed. She has pushed the limits of traditional theatre. She has experimented with form and content to reflect modern life and bring new views to the stage.

Social Media Presence

Shireen Mula has a modest profile on social media. She uses them to highlight her latest projects and collaborations. Her accounts offer glimpses into her creative process. They also cover upcoming theatre works and moments from her personal life. This includes her relationship with Golda Rosheuvel. Shireen is not an avid poster. But, her presence on social media links her professional work and her audience. It gives a unique look into the life of a modern theatre-maker. Her social media activity shows her commitment to connecting with communities. She shares inspirations and promotes the arts beyond the stage.

Net Worth and Achievement

Shireen Mula’s net worth is not public. This reflects her wish for financial privacy. Yet, she has had an extensive career in theatre. Over a decade of innovative work marked it. This suggests a successful professional trajectory. Shireen has achieved much in the arts. She has done important cross-cultural collaborations. These have enriched global theater. She has worked with reputable organizations. They include Soho Theatre in London and CloudBreak Theatre company in Kuala Lumpur. This work underscores her as a key figure in making contemporary theatre.

Shireen has also had an impact on the industry beyond financial success. She demonstrates her impact through her commitment to creating inclusive and diverse stories. She celebrates bridging cultural divides through her work. It fosters understanding through the arts. Her work stands as a testament to her achievements. The exact figures about her net worth are private. But, Shireen’s work in theatre and her ongoing projects have been impactful. They show her as an accomplished and influential theatre-maker.

Shireen Mula Hobbies

  • Shireen Mula’s hobbies reflect her creative and innovative spirit. They echo her deep passion for the arts.
  • She enjoys exploring different forms of storytelling.
  • She often looks to literature and cinema for inspiration for her plays.
  • Shireen loves to travel.
  • She seizes chances to immerse herself in other cultures. This enriches her stories and character.
  • She finds comfort in nature. She often spends time outdoors to reconnect and gather thoughts for her next project.
  • Her creative process is also fueled by her love for music.
  • She has a diverse taste that spans many genres. This taste reflects the multicultural influences in her life and work.

Interesting Facts About Shireen Mula

  • Shireen Mula’s artistic journey is full of unique experiences. They show her many sides.
  • An intriguing fact about Shireen is her ability to speak many languages.
  • She honed this skill from her diverse upbringing and her travels. This talent enriches her personal life.
  • It also informs her work. It lets her engage with more stories and work better with foreign artists.
  • She has had significant achievements in the theatre world. But, she has a modest demeanor.
  • She often attributes her success to the teamwork of theatre, not her own talent.
  • She is passionate about theatre. She is also committed to mentorship.
  • She has dedicated part of her career to nurturing emerging talent in the arts.
  • Shireen loves storytelling. Her passion extends beyond the stage.
  • She collects folk tales from around the world. This hobby is a well of inspiration for her plays.


Asked Questions about Shireen Mula:

Q: Has Shireen Mula won any awards for her work in theatre?

A: It does not mention specific awards. But, people have recognized Shireen’s contributions to theatre. They were for her innovative projects and collaborations. This recognition shows that she has a high level of acclaim.

Q: What languages can Shireen Mula speak?

A: Shireen’s multicultural upbringing and travels show her ability to speak many languages. The specific languages are not detailed.

Q: Is Shireen Mula active on social media?

A: Yes, Shireen uses social media. She focuses on her creative projects. Shireen also shares her insights. She tells memorable moments from her life and career.

Q: Does Shireen Mula offer any mentorship or workshops for aspiring theatre-makers?

A: Shireen is passionate about mentorship. She has nurtured emerging talent in the arts. This suggests she may offer mentorship or workshops. But, she does not list specific programs or opportunities.

Q: How does Shireen Mula incorporate her multicultural background into her work?

A: Her diverse heritage influences her storytelling and character development. It lets her create rich, inclusive stories that connect with a wide audience.


Shireen Mula’s journey in the theatre world shows a mix of cultural richness. It also shows creative innovation. She has a unique background. Shireen dedicates herself to storytelling. She continues to make big contributions to the arts. As she moves forward, Shireen remains an inspiration. She inspires those who want to bridge cultures through performance. She partners with Golda Rosheuvel. They both love theater. This shows the harmony that drives her creativity. Shireen’s story is a reminder of the power of diversity. It helps craft stories that resonate with everyone. Diversity promises better experiences for audiences worldwide.

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