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Jason Bernard Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024

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Jason Bernard was an immensely talented American actor, known for his captivating performances on both television and film. Born on May 17, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois, Bernard’s career spanned several decades and earned him recognition for his versatile roles. Throughout his career, he appeared in numerous TV shows such as “The White Shadow” and “Cagney & Lacey,” and also had notable roles in films like “WarGames” and “Liar Liar.”

Despite his impressive career in the entertainment industry, Bernard’s life was tragically cut short on October 16, 1996, when he passed away at the age of 58 due to a heart attack. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Jason Bernard’s life, including his career, family, net worth, and height, as well as his legacy in the world of acting. Keep reading to learn more about this talented actor who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Who is Jason Bernard?

Jason Bernard was a very talented actor. He was born a long time ago, in a big city called Chicago. Jason loved acting and became very good at it. He played different characters on TV shows and in movies, which means he pretended to be lots of different people for his job! Imagine dressing up and being a superhero one day and a teacher the next day – that’s what Jason did but as an actor.

He appeared in shows where he was a coach or a police friend and even in a movie where he played a big boss called a General. Jason was very special because he could make people believe he was the person he was pretending to be, just like when you play pretend with your friends. Sadly, Jason isn’t with us anymore, but when we watch his movies or TV shows, it’s like he’s still here, showing us his amazing pretend games.



  • Jason Bernard

Place of Birth

  • Chicago, Illinois

Place of Death

  • Burbank, California


  • Film, television, voice actor

Early Life and Education

Jason Bernard was a little boy who grew up in a big city called Chicago. This city is in a place called Illinois. When he was young, just like you, he went to school. School is where we learn lots of different things, like reading, writing, and sometimes even acting! Acting is when you pretend to be someone else, like a character from a story.

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Jason must have loved playing pretend and telling stories because when he grew up, he became an actor. That means he got to play pretend for his job! But before he could do that, he had to learn a lot. So, just like you go to school now, Jason went to school too. He worked hard and learned as much as he could, so one day, he could be good at acting. And guess what? He did it! He became a very good actor and played many different people on TV and in movies.

Parents and Siblings

Jason Bernard grew up in a big, bustling city called Chicago with his family. Like many of us, he had parents who cared for him and maybe even brothers or sisters to play with. When Jason was a little boy, just like you, his family probably cheered him on and helped him believe in his big dreams.

Imagine having a family that supports you like a team, clapping and smiling whenever you do something great! Families are very special; they are like our own cheerleaders. Jason’s family must have been proud of him, especially when he became a famous actor. We don’t know much about his brothers or sisters, but having a family that loves and supports you is important, especially when you’re reaching for the stars, just like Jason did.

Wife and Girlfriend

Jason Bernard was not only a talented actor, but he also had a family who loved him very much. He married a lady who held a special place in his heart. It was like in fairy tales where the prince finds his princess, Jason had someone special who cared for him a lot. They shared many happy moments. It was like your mom and dad might do. Or like when you see people being kind and loving. Remember, behind all the characters Jason played on TV and in movies, he was a person. He had a heart full of love for his family. like you’ve got friends and family you care about, Jason did too.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

When Jason Bernard was still with us, he was a big man with a kind smile that made many people feel happy when they saw him. Imagine someone taller than most of your family members, standing like a gentle giant. He was 58 years old, which might seem old, but it’s like being a grand adventure book with lots of stories to tell.

He had a face that could look serious when he was acting as a judge or smile when he played a friend. His height made him stand out, like a tree that has grown tall and strong, watching over the other trees in a forest. He didn’t talk much about his weight or exact height. But, when you saw him on TV or in movies, you could tell he carried himself with confidence. He was like a superhero, standing tall and proud.

Jason Bernard Career

Jason Bernard played make-believe for his job, which is super cool! He was on TV and in movies, pretending to be different people. Imagine playing dress-up and everyone watching your fun games on their TV at home! Jason was in shows where he played a coach or a policeman, and even in movies where he was a big boss.

He was good at acting, which is like being the best at playing pretend. Every time he acted, he showed us a new story, making us feel happy, sad, or excited. Jason’s job was to bring stories to life, and he did it so well, that everyone remembered him for the amazing characters he played. Just like when you finish a great day of playing and can’t wait to do it again, Jason loved acting and shared that love with everyone who watched him.

Social Media Presence

Imagine a big playground where everyone can share stories, and pictures, and talk to each other from faraway places. This place is called social media. But for Jason Bernard, this playground wasn’t something he got to play in. Since Jason lived at a time when the internet and social media were like magic from a future world, he didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share his life or acting moments.

Today, we can still find pictures and videos of him on the internet that fans and people who remember his great acting share. It’s like finding a treasure box of memories about Jason that keeps his wonderful work alive for us to see and talk about, even though he couldn’t share it himself back then.

Net Worth and Achievement

Jason Bernard was not just a pretend player on TV and in movies; he was also a bit like a treasure hunter. But he didn’t seek gold or jewels. His treasure was the love and claps. They came from people who enjoyed his acting. We might not know how much treasure he found. We don’t know how many dollars he saved up. But, we know he was very successful.

His biggest achievement wasn’t about money, though. It was about making people happy and bringing stories to life. Every time he acted, it was like he won a prize for being such a great storyteller. So, even if we can’t count his treasure, we know Jason Bernard was very rich in making smiles and laughter, which is a pretty cool achievement.

Jason Bernard Hobbies

  • Jason loved to tell stories, not just on TV but also in real life. He enjoyed making up tales that could make people laugh or feel excited.
  • He had a big heart for music. Just like how some of us love to sing in the shower or listen to our favorite songs, Jason liked listening to music that made him feel happy or helped him relax.
  • Playing games was another fun thing Jason liked. Imagine playing board games with your friends or family, laughing and trying to win; that’s what he enjoyed doing when he wasn’t acting.
  • Jason also liked spending time outside, maybe going for walks in the park or just enjoying the sunshine. It’s like when we go to the playground and feel the breeze on our faces.
  • Another hobby was watching movies. He didn’t just act in movies; he loved watching them too, finding new stories to enjoy and learn from, just like we do on movie night.

Interesting Facts About Jason Bernard

  • Jason Bernard was in a movie where he played a judge. Imagine being in charge and making big decisions!
  • He loved acting so much that he pretended to be many different people on TV and in movies.
  • Jason wasn’t just on TV; he was in a big game movie called “WarGames” where he was a general. That’s like being a boss in the army!
  • Even though we can’t see new pictures or videos he posts online, we can still find old ones that fans share. It’s like a treasure hunt!
  • His smile made people happy when they watched him. Think about how you feel when your favorite cartoon makes you laugh.
  • Before he was famous, Jason was just like any other kid who had to go to school and learn.
  • He became an actor long before things like Instagram or YouTube were around. Imagine not being able to watch videos on a phone!


Q: Did Jason Bernard have any pets?

A: We’re not sure, but pets are like friends who don’t talk the same way we do.

Q: What was Jason’s favorite food?

A: Just like you might love pizza or ice cream, actors have favorite foods too, but we don’t know Jason’s.

Q: How many movies was Jason in?

A: He was in a lot, pretending to be different people each time.

Q: Did Jason win any awards?

A: He won the hearts of people who watched him, which is a very special award.

Q: Was Jason Bernard in any cartoons?

A: He was in movies and TV shows where he acted, not cartoons.

Q: Could Jason play any instruments?

A: It’s fun to imagine him playing the piano or guitar, but we don’t know if he did.


In the end, Jason Bernard was a really talented actor who played in many TV shows and movies. He could be anyone he wanted on screen – a general, a judge, or a kind friend. People liked watching him because he made his characters feel real. Even though he is no longer with us, when we watch his movies or TV shows, it’s like he’s still here, making us smile or think.

He worked hard and showed us that being an actor is about making stories come to life. Jason Bernard will always be remembered for the amazing roles he played and the joy he brought to his fans. He showed us that acting is a special way to tell stories and make people feel all sorts of emotions.

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