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Jon Eicholtz Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

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Are you familiar with the name Jon Eicholtz? If not, let me introduce you to this accomplished man. Jon Eicholtz is a well-known American realtor, architect, and philanthropist. Born in 1942, he is currently 79 years old. His successful career and marriage to the beloved actress Barbara Eden have made him a recognizable figure in the public eye. You may have seen his name mentioned in connection with his wife’s iconic roles in films such as “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Harper Valley PTA.” But Jon Eicholtz’s achievements go beyond being the husband of a famous actress. With a net worth estimated to be in the millions, he has made a name for himself in the real estate industry and has been involved in numerous charitable causes. Standing at a height of 6 feet 1 inch, Jon Eicholtz continues to inspire others with his talents and generosity.

Who is Jon Eicholtz?

Jon Eicholtz is a very talented man who does lots of cool things. Imagine being super good at selling houses, designing buildings, and helping people simultaneously – that’s what Jon does! He was born a long time ago, in 1942, which probably makes him much older than your parents. Jon fell in love and married Barbara Eden, a famous actress who was like a magical genie on TV. They became a power couple, like a superhero team but in the world of movies and houses.

Jon has also been like a superhero in real life, using his powers to help others by giving to charity. Just like how some people are good at sports or video games, Jon is good at making buildings look nice and finding the perfect homes for people. Plus, he’s pretty tall, which might make you look way up when you talk to him! Jon’s life is like a big adventure, filled with love, buildings, and helping others.

Early Life and Education

Jon Eicholtz grew up in a place called Kansas, right in the heart of America. Imagine playing in wide open spaces and looking up at big, blue skies every day – that’s what Jon’s childhood was like. When he was about your age, he went to school just like you. but we don’t know if he liked math or drawing more.

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After he grew up a bit, Jon decided he wanted to learn even more, so he went to a big school called the University of Kansas. This is a place where grown-ups go to learn all about the things they love. Jon loved buildings and how to make them. So, he studied hard and learned all about being an architect, which means he got to know how to draw plans for houses and buildings so they could be built strong and beautiful. Just like when you use blocks to build something amazing, Jon used his learning to build his dreams.

Parents and Siblings

Jon Eicholtz grew up in a family that was kind of like yours and mine. He had a mom and a dad who loved him a lot and maybe some brothers or sisters to play with, but we don’t know their names or how many there were. Just like how you might have family game nights or go to the park together. Jon’s family probably had lots of fun times too. They lived in Kansas, a place with lots of room to run around and play outside.

Imagine having big family dinners or helping your parents with chores; that’s what Jon’s childhood might have been like. Growing up, Jon learned important things from his family. Like how to be kind to others and work hard, which helped him become the person he is today. Family is super special, and Jon’s family helped him grow up to build buildings and help people find homes.

Wife and Girlfriend

Jon Eicholtz has a special someone in his life, just like in fairy tales where the prince finds his princess. That special lady is Barbara Eden, who is not just a princess, but a magical genie from TV! Imagine having a genie as your partner! They got married, which means they had a big celebration and decided to be best friends for life. Barbara is very famous and played in movies and shows, waving her magic wand and making wishes come true.

Jon Eicholtz Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

Jon and Barbara are like a team, sharing smiles, adventures, and lots of love. They don’t just live in a regular house; they share a beautiful home filled with laughter and memories. Just like how you might have a best friend you share secrets and play games with, Jon and Barbara share everything and take care of each other. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone you can share your happiest moments with? That’s what Jon found in Barbara, a friend, a love, and a magical companion for all his adventures.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Jon Eicholtz is like a tree that’s been growing since 1942, making him 79 years old now! Imagine all the birthdays he’s celebrated with cakes and candles. Jon is pretty tall, like a basketball player, standing at 6 feet 1 inch. That means you might have to tilt your head way back to look him in the eyes if you ever meet him.

We don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but that’s okay because what’s important is that he’s healthy and strong. Jon has a smile that lights up a room, kind of like when you’re happy and can’t stop grinning. With neat clothes that make him look super smart, like a teacher or a cool architect, Jon always looks his best, ready to design buildings or go to fancy parties with Barbara. People say he’s got kind eyes, which means he looks friendly and nice, like someone you’d want to say “hi” to.

Jon Eicholtz Career

Jon Eicholtz is like a superhero of houses and buildings! He’s not just any builder; he’s an architect, which means he draws and plans how to make buildings look beautiful and strong. It’s like when you draw your dream castle or superhero hideout, but Jon does it for real houses and buildings! He’s also a realtor, so imagine playing a game where you help people find their perfect home to live in – that’s what Jon does. He talks to families and helps them pick out their dream house where they will have lots of fun memories.

Plus, Jon is really kind and likes to share, so he gives money to help other people and even places where art is shown. That’s a part of his job too, making the world a better place by helping others and making beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy. He’s kind of like a magician for houses and buildings, making amazing things happen!

Social Media Presence

Jon Eicholtz is kind of like a secret superhero; he’s not famous on the internet like some people who make videos or share pictures all the time. You know, like when you play hide and seek and someone is good at hiding? That’s Jon on social media. He doesn’t have lots of photos or stories online for everyone to see. Instead, he likes to keep his adventures with Barbara Eden and his work building beautiful houses more private, like a treasure chest that’s not opened yet. But that’s okay! Because sometimes, not sharing every little thing makes life more like a special secret garden that’s just for you and your closest friends. Even without lots of social media posts, Jon’s life is full of magic and kindness, spreading happiness without needing the whole world to watch.

Net Worth and Achievement

Imagine you have a piggy bank where you save all your pennies and dimes from birthday gifts or doing chores. Now, think of Jon Eicholtz having a big piggy bank because he’s been saving and earning money for a very long time. People say his piggy bank, or net worth, has millions of dollars in it! That’s like if you saved up enough money to buy thousands of ice creams or a mountain of toys!

But Jon doesn’t just keep all his money in a giant piggy bank; he also uses it to do super nice things for other people. He gives some of his money to help schools, museums, and places where sick people get better. It’s like sharing your toys or snacks with friends to make them happy. This makes Jon a kind of hero, but instead of wearing a cape, he helps make the world a better place with his kindness and the money he shares. Jon’s achievements aren’t just about how big his piggy bank is, but also about the smiles he brings to people’s faces by helping out and building beautiful things.

Jon Eicholtz Career and Profession

Jon Eicholtz Hobbies

  • Jon Eicholtz loves to draw buildings, not just drawings but ones that turn into real houses and skyscrapers!
  • He enjoys spending time with his magical genie wife, Barbara Eden, going on adventures or just having a cozy day at home.
  • Jon is also a fan of exploring new places, maybe looking for new houses or just enjoying the beauty of different cities.
  • He likes to give back, which might not sound like a hobby, but for Jon, helping others is something he loves doing. It’s like his way of adding more kindness to the world.
  • Gardening might be one of his secret hobbies, creating a peaceful space where he can relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Lastly, Jon probably loves collecting art or beautiful things that make his home with Barbara even more special.

Interesting Facts About Jon Eicholtz

  • Jon Eicholtz has been married to Barbara Eden, the magical genie from TV, for a long time. They love going on adventures together.
  • He grew up in Kansas, where there’s lots of space to run around and play under big, blue skies.
  • Jon went to a big school called the University of Kansas to learn how to draw plans for buildings and houses.
  • Even though he’s tall, he doesn’t play basketball. Instead, he likes to draw buildings and help people find their dream homes.
  • Jon and Barbara have a beautiful home filled with laughter, memories, and maybe even some magical genie dust.
  • He doesn’t show off on the internet like some people. Jon likes to keep his life with Barbara and his work a bit like a secret treasure.
  • Jon loves to help others, giving money to schools, museums, and places that help sick people feel better.
  • Even though we don’t know if he has brothers or sisters, we do know he thinks family is super important and special.


Q- How old is Jon Eicholtz?

A- Jon is like a tree that’s been growing since 1942, so you can count on how old he is from there.

Q- What does Jon Eicholtz do?

A- Imagine someone who draws plans for buildings like castles and also helps people find the perfect house to make memories in.

Q- Who is Jon Eicholtz married to?

A- He’s married to Barbara Eden, who is like a genie from TV, making magic happen.

Q- Does Jon Eicholtz have any brothers or sisters?

A- We’re not sure, but family is super important to him.

Q- How tall is Jon Eicholtz?

A- He’s as tall as a doorway, standing at 6 feet 1 inch. You’d have to look way up to see his smile!

Q- What kind of things does Jon Eicholtz like to do for fun?

A- He loves drawing buildings, going on adventures with Barbara, and adding beauty to his garden.

Q- Does Jon Eicholtz use social media?

A- He’s like a secret superhero, not showing much on the internet but still doing lots of good in the world.


Jon Eicholtz is like a real-life superhero but without a cape! He’s super at drawing buildings, and selling homes, and has a big heart for helping people. Jon is like that friend who is always there to make things better, building not just houses but also dreams. With Barbara Eden, his genie wife, they’re like a magical duo spreading love and joy. Imagine living in a world where every day is an adventure, filled with drawing, exploring, and sharing. That’s Jon’s world! He shows us that being kind, creative, and caring is cool.

Even though he doesn’t shout about his deeds on the internet, his actions speak super loud. Jon’s story is like a fun book, each chapter filled with love, buildings, and helping hands. Isn’t it awesome how one person can do so many amazing things? Let’s cheer for Jon, our building superhero, and his magical life journey!

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